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Review #1, by x Lost Cause x Chapter 1

23rd December 2005:
I seem to understand the story very well actually. I think you're a great writer and you really should continue it. Update soon please? ~ Crystal

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Review #2, by aboveaverage7979 Chapter 1

30th October 2005:
excuse me misskitty i would like u to know that i am very upset...where have you gone?! please dont leave me?! i need your stories please where are you!!!!!!!!!?????????? much much love Laura

Author's Response: eeekkk im sorry ive really lost all inspiration in creating stories now.

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Review #3, by Shara Chapter 1

24th July 2005:
I like it!! But make it end happily ever after.. Draco and Hermoine have been through enough now! :) Update soon!

Author's Response: ill do my best

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Review #4, by cheerbrat Chapter 1

22nd May 2005:
Plz tell me u have a chapter in limbo right nowi want to no what happens!

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Review #5, by SeriouslySirius Chapter 1

19th May 2005:
Wow. Hermione has changed a lot! Draco actually seems like a normal guy, instead of a really mean one. I like it!

Author's Response: ME 2

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Review #6, by omg! Chapter 1

11th May 2005:
thank you thank you thank you! for making ur new story this is already good weird though cuz my fav. colors are black and green lol creepy but i cant wait to see wat happens! u r sooo good at writing!

Author's Response: THANKS

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Review #7, by Anonymous Chapter 1

8th April 2005:
One thing: Hermione smokes?! Are you out of your MIND?! Why in the world would a Granger smoke?! Ugh. Never mind. You don't know anything about her anyways.

Author's Response: well mister or misses if you read the damn story you might figure out why she smokes!

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Review #8, by Candy Chapter 1

5th April 2005:
just read ur first story and then started this one!! I'm ereally likeing it!! GreaT JOB!!!

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Review #9, by candy Chapter 1

29th March 2005:
wow! i just read both your other story and then i started this one! its pretty interesting....i cant wait until ur next update....your story is really intersting and unconventional..i mean the way u write it..i like how u show both points of view....update soon..please!!!

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Review #10, by slyswn180 Chapter 1

20th March 2005:
My my that was a fine way to start of a sequel! rock on!

Author's Response: thank you very berry much

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Review #11, by Larissa James (not signed in) Chapter 1

20th March 2005:
Good start!!!

Author's Response: thanks

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Review #12, by VietxInxSikeston Chapter 1

19th March 2005:
hm...that's interesting. Very good. ~Tieu Ni

Author's Response: hopefully it will get more intresting... : )

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