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Review #1, by FullSilverMoon  I was in broom closet!

21st March 2007:
aww, lookit, im number 12 reviewer, please update! 10/10

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Review #2, by Lady Delacore  I was in broom closet!

3rd March 2007:
good. i like. sirius is an idiot though.

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Review #3, by irish_dorcas  I was in broom closet!

2nd March 2007:
does it count if i review five times.i like this story ALOT!its really good.please update soon.pretty pretty

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Review #4, by Dobby_da_house_elf  I was in broom closet!

27th February 2007:
I luv dis story!!! Plz update 9/10!

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Review #5, by donuts?  I was in broom closet!

26th February 2007:

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Review #6, by  I was in broom closet!

17th March 2006:
okay, here's a review, please update!

Author's Response: Still thinking about it... But, working on Chapter 3

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Review #7, by I_love_Sirius  I was in broom closet!

13th November 2005:
Hey this is a great story so far I really hope you update soon.

Author's Response: hey thanks! but no,sorry, not gonna update. It sorta sux. but...good news is, that I will write a new story!! yes!! thanks for the review!!~FL277

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Review #8, by gwtw  I was in broom closet!

3rd October 2005:
really good! now write another one please!

Author's Response: Thanks for the compliments, you guys....but it seems I'm not getting as many reads and reviews as I would like. So I'm quitting this story. BUT DON'T DISPAIR! I'm starting another which hopefully will be better.

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Review #9, by Jenny  I was in broom closet!

1st September 2005:
This is great, keep going

Author's Response: Thank you.

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Review #10, by mikki  I was in broom closet!

23rd July 2005:
Cool chapter i can't wait for ther next.

Author's Response: Thax....

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Review #11, by Jillian  I was in broom closet!

8th June 2005:
I throughly enjoyed the pure adoreableness of this story! Please update soon! Thank you for taking the time and energy to write stories for people like me! ~Jilly Vaughn

Author's Response: Thanks Soooooooo much!!!!!! I'll totally update soon!

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Review #12, by charmedstargazer  I was in broom closet!

29th March 2005:
great story!!!...sophie's pretty tough isn't she??

Author's Response: She had to be tough. Otherwise she'd thought she would have gotten used by Sirius.

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Review #13, by Stephania Lizards

17th March 2005:
ooooh.... that was soooo well written!!!

Author's Response: thanks! Ch 2 is up!

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