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Review #1, by HermyLuna2 Rape/Sexual Assault Reference Tutorial

23rd June 2015:
Wow, this is beautiful! At first it made you believe that Sirius was the rapist, then you're confronted with your own prejudice. Great oneshot.

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Review #2, by Jet LaBarge Rape/Sexual Assault Reference Tutorial

21st March 2014:
Excellent tutorial. I know I push the limits sometimes. I really am not trying to go over your boundaries. This helps.

Jet LaBarge

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Review #3, by AniaSelTay1DHP Rape/Sexual Assault Reference Tutorial

30th October 2013:
It's an amazing story!:) You're a really great writer:)

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Review #4, by gottalovem Rape/Sexual Assault Reference Tutorial

30th July 2013:
Is it alright if it isn't a reference? Say the level of description is about the same but it isn't a reference? As in, it's happening then in the story.

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Review #5, by kacey Rape/Sexual Assault Reference Tutorial

11th April 2011:
hi, i'm not sure if this is the right place to write this...
but i am in the midst of planning and slowly beginning to write a story...

i was wondering if it must reference the past as it is something that happens to the girl as she grows up, and she is one of the main characters that the story revolves around...
it will not be of graphic nature, just when she is confronted and cornered, and the scene will skip to her emotions and feelings after wards when she is alone.would that violate any rules?

thank-you for the many tutorials by the way, it's helped me realize what is and what isn't appropriate.

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Review #6, by harry4eva Rape/Sexual Assault Reference Tutorial

22nd March 2010:
I have a question: I was thinking about writing this story about how a girl gets raped by her boyfriend. I wouldn't go into specific details, but would that type of story be okay?

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Review #7, by SlytherinRebelGurl Rape/Sexual Assault Reference Tutorial

24th September 2009:
wow that was kinda depressing but it helped me with my story thats for sure

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Review #8, by Fireball Nymph Rape/Sexual Assault Reference Tutorial

3rd May 2009:
This was so sweet ad sad I felt like killing Bret. Even though he's a fictional character. I love Sirius's sweet, sensitive side. And I felt so bad for Dorcas. And when she called herself a Mudblood, I don't think she should have said that. Well, this was sad and I felt like crying while I read it. It's wonderful.

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Review #9, by MidnightAwakening Rape/Sexual Assault Reference Tutorial

8th October 2007:
Good example but I still have one question...I am currently working on a story in which the main character (a female) has fallen madly in love with Harry. They've been going out for a while and Harry wants to become more...initmate...but she is uneasy about the fact because when she was younger (like age 15/16) she was violently raped by a man (character is to be detemined) who she thought she loved. She has nightmares about it and eventually tells Harry. The nightmares will gradually become more graphic each time she has them...I was wondering if having slightly graphic details in her nightmare's would be alright, along with the ratings of Mature, Scences of Strong Violence/Sexual Nature, etc... Please let me know...Thanks much and your example was truly entertaining to read... :-D

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Review #10, by mankytoes Rape/Sexual Assault Reference Tutorial

19th August 2007:
Brilliantly written, i've got to say that is one of the best things i've read.

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Review #11, by Fallen Angel Rape/Sexual Assault Reference Tutorial

13th August 2007:
Oh my god. ='( Made me so touched.

Here I was, checking if my scenes were allowed. XD
Whoever the writer is, this made me cry! Kudos!


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Review #12, by Ms_Malfoy Rape/Sexual Assault Reference Tutorial

12th August 2007:
i know it was just meant to be an example for the guidelines, but it was fantastically written, i only aspire to be as good of a writer as the author of this. very very good example of a story with rape/abuse

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Review #13, by chd1026 Rape/Sexual Assault Reference Tutorial

21st May 2007:
I know that this is just an example, but I think that it is absolutely amazing. Sad and touching, you use just the right amount of description...really well written. Great job!
Also, I loved this line, "Anger burned inside Sirius. He’d find him, he’d make him pay in ways only a wizard could. The boy wouldn’t know what hit him and he’d never know who to tell if an unforgivable curse had been used on him. Something inside him spoke sharply in his mind. This isn’t about you, Sirius. This isn’t about how you feel."
It is almost exactly like what happened after the Potter's murder. If only that something inside him had been there then...
Well done!

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Review #14, by musicgirlhp14 Rape/Sexual Assault Reference Tutorial

23rd March 2007:
Wow, I just came on here to see how others wrote Mature rape scenes, to see if mine was in any way okay. But I was really touched by this, and I think who ever wrote it has brilliant writing. It was worded very well.

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Review #15, by dragonlovesh2o4eva Rape/Sexual Assault Reference Tutorial

23rd January 2007:

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Review #16, by Anony_Mouse Rape/Sexual Assault Reference Tutorial

13th January 2007:
I never thought I'd be so touched by a tutorial! Great job. *sniff* Great job!!! I'm glad that it wasn't either Dorcas or Sirius who did the raping...I am now shipping their relationship! Sirius was so sweet in this too.

Yes, I know it's only a tutorial, but it touched me anyway, okay?


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Review #17, by Islander Rape/Sexual Assault Reference Tutorial

10th August 2006:
Whoa, this story could easily get a 15+/Teen/PG-13/another equivalent rating on another site. The same goes for if it appeared in a movie. But I guess you guys have the power to make rules the way you want them. I guess if "A Clockwork Orange" was a fanfiction, you'd kick it out into the streets. . . lol

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Review #18, by DracoLvr49 Rape/Sexual Assault Reference Tutorial

14th July 2005:
*tear tear* that was very powerful-- not gross or anything, but it made me sympathize with a fictional character!

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Review #19, by Blackhearted Rape/Sexual Assault Reference Tutorial

14th July 2005:
Great story.. fabulously worded. <3

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Review #20, by mor10sen_luv Rape/Sexual Assault Reference Tutorial

14th March 2005:
aww..this is so sad. Great writing though!

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