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Review #1, by Alex Life Goes On

6th January 2007:
well, the ending wasnt too good, like you rushed it or something.
maybe you could do it again, but longer.

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Review #2, by Nicky Life Goes On

5th January 2006:
This was a very interesting story, but i think you should watch your grammar and punctuation, because sometimes it's hard to read and understand... oh, and you should go over the story to check things, because sometimes you get redundant... and i don't really understand... i thought Dumbledore died in the beginning...

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Review #3, by weasleytwins529 Life Goes On

8th September 2005:
I thought that it was really good... really sad... and the ending was pretty quick, but it was a good way to end it!

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Review #4, by ikiuuyyu Life Goes On

24th July 2005:
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Review #5, by Darkheart Life Goes On

25th April 2005:
cute but sad at the same time I think you did a great job...hopefully if you have time maybe you can check out my stories :) I have several lol I hope you write another story soon because I think you did a great job on this one!

Author's Response: thank you so much! that means so much to me! ive already got some ideas in mind for the one this summer...ive decided i am gonna write it now lol I'll try to read your stories if i got time, it may not be this week though, cus i have a lot of tests....but mayb it will be who! thanks again~Brit

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Review #6, by CrystalClear Life Goes On

20th April 2005:
I know I just bugged you about my other one-shot, but actually I already have another one up (it's been done for weeks, I've just been waiting for a banner) ^_^ It's from Voldemort's POV during the final battle and his attack on Godric's Hollow. It's not my best work, but still decently interesting, if you want to read it. Hope to read more of your wonderful story soon! ^_^

Author's Response: i will read it wheni get back from my run, i just thoguht i would go check on the reviews before i i will read it when i get back!

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Review #7, by CrystalClear Life Goes On

18th April 2005:
Just wanted to let you know that I put up a new one-shot and it's validated! It's called "A Deep, But Dazzling Darkness" and I think it's my best fic yet, so feel free to read it! I'd appreciate it! ^_^

Author's Response: okey dokey..ill go read it now i was looking fo r somthing to read anyway....SENCE NOBDOYS UPDATED *hint*hint* lol.

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Review #8, by Aristocrat Life Goes On

2nd April 2005:
It's a bit scattered. But I liked it.

Author's Response: was a fisrt time thing so i figured it wouldnt be the greatest. ~brit

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Review #9, by pink daisys Life Goes On

29th March 2005:
Hi! That was a really good story! :) Sad, but cute at the same time... lol... it sucks that everybody died except Harry.... :( Anyway, it was really good! You should keep writing! :) And thanks for reading my stories!! =)

Author's Response: aww thanks your to kind! i htinkim gonna write a fic this summer when i have more ya ill udate ya wheni get it out! andd i love reading your stories there so good! ~brit

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Review #10, by cody Life Goes On

18th March 2005:
HEY BABE! WHERE AM I?! *sniffle* i feel the love!

Author's Response: sry u or anz aint in it! ~brit

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Review #11, by CrystalClear Life Goes On

17th March 2005:
Hey! k, i read your one-shot and I really liked the ideas and thoughts you put into it. the ending conclusion was a little rushed and there was a lot of spelling and grammatical errors, but i believe that you can work them out, and i encourage you to keep writing, for i think you could become really great! =) just get a beta or someone to read over to spelling and grammatical errors and you'll be fine! =)

Author's Response: Thanks! i like that you liked the ideas! You sound like my teachers, there always saying i need to fix my spelling a grammatical errors, i am the worst at spelling. But, thanks ill work on that some more, im thinking about doing a fic this summer when schools out! i hope i can get that done! ~Britt

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Review #12, by Moonlight Life Goes On

16th March 2005:
I thought it was really cute ^___^. I liked it! How sad, but it was funny how James and Clarissa got together. A Malfoy and a Potter, classic ^.^

Author's Response: Thanks! it means alot! i know me too, i mean wheres the love between those two familes i mean oppisites attrack right! lol ~brtt

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