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Review #1, by hypercell The Unwanted Relative

26th January 2008:
That was very good, but I feel I must make a small corection. sirius wasnot in Jail until a little while later. Hagrid had his motorcycle, and I think it happend later on.

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Review #2, by amy The Unwanted Relative

24th July 2005:
awww poor cute harry. That was well done and the ending was sad but i really liked it.

Author's Response: -thanx*

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Review #3, by Kahia The Unwanted Relative

3rd April 2005:
Awww!! Poor baby!! *hugs him*

Author's Response: Awww!! Great review!! *hugs you*

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Review #4, by minniemcmouse The Unwanted Relative

31st March 2005:
I don't know whether or not I could walk or run at that age... maybe I was a stupid baby and as to the site just get on the forums, it's all on there now :o)

Author's Response: hehe, stupid baby! I don't think you were if you could write stories like you do! (I love alternate ending!) I LOVE FRED AND GEORGE! So the site is ok I guess!

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Review #5, by minniemcmouse The Unwanted Relative

31st March 2005:
Hey! Nice one shot type thing but why was it bearing the G in the crest? Great first reactions of Petunia: "get him out of the yard, the neighbours might see!" lol.

Didn't the Potters die when Harry was about one though and I know little of children but can they walk and talk at that age and sit on a broom? I thought his crying for everyone was very saddening as well and the ending was simply devine, lol. Seriously, great chaptery type story thing! Loved it! :o)

Author's Response: Hey, thanks you a lot! Really, I don't know if kids can ride a broom at one, but I could walk and run when I was that age! I dunno, maybe I'm just a freak! -*thanx (this new site is kinda cool isn't it? I wonder what happened to Jay though)

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Review #6, by HP Fan The Unwanted Relative

31st March 2005:
wow that was so sad i hope you continue the storie i guess i should check if it is finished or not but i liked the story

Author's Response: thank you for reviewing, I don't know if I will continue it, if I do it might be some of the things that happen during his childhood, like some of the things that we don't really know about from the hp books. -*thanx

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Review #7, by nicecupoftea1107 The Unwanted Relative

31st March 2005:
omg that was soo good! altho i'm pretty sure that in the 1st book it says that petunia finds harry as she puts out the milk bottles for the milk man and the ending was very very good ^^

Author's Response: lol, I don't know if she actually found Harry like that. I guess if she did, then I'm imagining it a different way! :o) -*thanx

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Review #8, by mellie The Unwanted Relative

22nd March 2005:
sniff, sob, bad bad author... no one...sob...good angst...sad

Author's Response: sigh,cry,good good reviewer...some my..story!

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Review #9, by The Satin Angel The Unwanted Relative

17th March 2005:
Interesting. I've never seen or read a story about this. You did a great job, except you kind of made Harry sound a little older than he really is. He sounds much too intelligent to be a toddler and remember all of that. But great job otherwise. I really enjoyed it. P.S. Thanks for reviewing Protecting Love!

Author's Response: you're welcome for the review, it was good. I don't know if Harry could remember that, but still...-*thanx :o)

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