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Review #1, by captian mop Escape from the Dursleys

12th October 2005:
Next chapter! I'm interested to see how this works out.

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Review #2, by TakeMeAway Escape from the Dursleys

5th August 2005:
Brill fic! You're a great writer, great talent! Carry on! Plz review my fic! thanx

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Review #3, by merlyna One's enough

16th May 2005:
The Dragon Lord.... Draco having his own plans for power not including being a servant of Vold....... so far liking this fic.... hope you update soon!

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Review #4, by Brownsugar Dinner at the Malfoys

24th April 2005:
EXCELLENT. I simply love it, the way you write and the words and plot...all of it. The way you portray the characters is amazing. I'm in admiration and I can't wait for the next chapter. I hope it's coming very soon :)

Author's Response: *giggles and blushes red* hehehe. gald u like it!! Your definitely one of my favorite reveiwers! lol...nah i luv all of u! xxxxx

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Review #5, by potterandmalfoysgirl Dinner at the Malfoys

4th April 2005:
i love it. please keep going when you update, email me at

Author's Response: thanx!! i will do, its so nice 2 no that ppl like my story! yey!

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Review #6, by Ronny's_gurl Dinner at the Malfoys

3rd April 2005:
I luv this story!! u show great talent in ur writing and its soo detailed. hhhmmm, however, u really need to speed up the process by getting them to Hogwarts. and FAST!! lol yea so keep updating, i look forward to it. thnx!

Author's Response: yer i no i will try n get dem dere in the next chapter!! thanx 4 da reviiew

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Review #7, by valerie Dealing with Draco

31st March 2005:
the oly thing that was bad in this story so far is the fact that you spelled spoiled wrong its not spoilt and i do wonder why hermione did only okay on her owl's it is odd but i guese that you havee your reasons and i am waiting for you to update

Author's Response: ahhh wel one spelling mistake out of 8000 words aint that bad!

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Review #8, by bellgirl Dealing with Draco

28th March 2005:
great chapter update soon!!!

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Review #9, by finawater OWL results

23rd March 2005:
i really like it!! update soon!!

Author's Response: thanx! hav jst posted a new chapter so watch this space!

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Review #10, by finawater Escape from the Dursleys

23rd March 2005:
like it moving on to chapter 2!

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Review #11, by bellgirl OWL results

17th March 2005:
great chapter!!!

Author's Response: thanks! damn only got 3 reveiws!!! *cries*

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Review #12, by rubberducky2009 Escape from the Dursleys

16th March 2005:
LOVED IT!! Keep writing! I really love your style, the boy who just wont die was GREAT!!

Author's Response: thanks, its gd 2 hav encouragement! hav posted more, so keep reading!!!

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Review #13, by bellgirl Escape from the Dursleys

16th March 2005:
great start can't wait for more!!!!

Author's Response: thanks, im posting new chapters now!

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