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Review #1, by sirius_jamie The letter and first class

3rd January 2006:
i friggin love this chapter! a whole lot, too... especially the letter part. said jamie.

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Review #2, by Alex W Night time is, complicated

9th September 2005:
I hope this could (eventually) end up HarryPagan. I mean like it many, many more chapters. (she's a vamp, so age is nothing to her)

Author's Response: Thanks, just wait and see cause, i don't like revealing stuff. Thanks for ranting kadie

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Review #3, by pornoypornowy Flashback

5th July 2005:
sum hardcore hard fast sex plz

Author's Response: as seeing your screen name is PORN i see why you want sex, but there are others to do stuff like that. i try to keep it legal. thanks

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Review #4, by MisUndrStood18 Night time is, complicated

1st June 2005:
Update soon

Author's Response: ok, i'll try

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Review #5, by play girl 7 HER part 1

24th April 2005:
cool. but umm could u please read the story Evans and Black please

Author's Response: ok

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Review #6, by WeridPhyscoChik Flashback

5th April 2005:
I like it. Could you please check my story out? I don`t have any reviews *sobs*. I make really sucky summaries...I`ll have to change it. ANYWAYS....i like your story please keep writing and ROCK ON!!!! ((p.s. my account has locked me out and my penname is WeridPhyscoChik))

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Review #7, by Luna Lovegood(not signed in) HER part 1

18th March 2005:
hola perona! love the story so far and i'll keep reading but try making a entirely new line for a different responce. ex "Hola" "Hey!" it makes it easyer to read and it makes it look wayyyyyyy longer. lol. keep up the great work.

Author's Response: thanks it helps to know that people like it kadie

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Review #8, by hidden soul The letter and first class

17th March 2005:
i love your story! when will the next chapter be out?

Author's Response: thanks, and im working on it kadie

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Review #9, by Ringo HER part 1

15th March 2005:
P.S., if that sounded rude, sorry! you're doing great; this doesn't make sense simply because it's the first chapter. that's all i meant.

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Review #10, by Ringo HER part 1

15th March 2005:
Uhhh.... so far, not much sense..... Another thing: start new paragraphs when a new person speaks. It makes it easier to keep track.... kee on writing so i get the story right!

Author's Response: sorry, but this is all comin out of my head at once, so sorry if its all messed up, but im working on it kadie

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Review #11, by punk princess HER part 1

13th March 2005:
Ah I guess I'm the first reviewer. Go me. Seems you've got a good little fic here. It made me picture her looking like a female character in an Aliens VS Predator books named Naguchi. This story send that kind of vibe to me and I like it. Though I would suggest rbushing up on your grammer and making more paragraphs to make it easier on the eyes. I like the way the story is narrated and the pace of the story is excellent. Though I wish the first chapter was a little longer you started it off great. Keep updating because I want to see where this goes.

Author's Response: thanks, i was nervous about posting on here, but you made me feel better. Thank you. kadie

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