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Review #1, by a rollerball My Daughter

3rd September 2010:
Aw soo happy yet sooo sad, lo e this story xD

Author's Response: Thanks! Glad you liked it!

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Review #2, by hermione2008 My Daughter

17th July 2010:
GREAT STORY!! i can't wait to read the sequel but as its 430 in the morning i must sleep so i will be reading it very soon. Thank you for a such great writing!

Author's Response: Yeah, I recommend sleep. The sequel's fairly short... but 4:30 in the morning requires sleep. Thanks for reading!

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Review #3, by maggiepotterblack Unraveling the Tale

5th June 2010:
I have a twin brother, I couldn't imagine what it would be like to lose him, we even look a lot a like, same hair color, height, eyes and smile. Not to mention I am only two years older than her, it would be horrid

Author's Response: I don't have a twin, so I can only imagine how it would feel. It would be really terrible, though. Thanks for reading!

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Review #4, by fairegirl22 My Daughter

30th December 2009: was so sad i felt like i needed to cry and i felt so bad for Rachael for her bad life. Is there a sequal? Please? Awsome story, i loved it but i hated the fact that the timeline skipped so much.

Author's Response: There is a sequel, it's on my author page, called "Wolfsbane" The timeline did skip, I agree, but honestly there wasn't much that you missed. Thanks for reading!

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Review #5, by Zoe Lovegood My Daughter

21st November 2009:
First let me start by saying what a wonderful story this was. I was laughing crying,and...well laughing. :)

Second I still cannot get over this-“You mean you’re naming her Jamie!" I laughed until I wet my pants.

Third I love the ending. Pure gold! I knew right from the start that Sirus and Racheal would make a good match. Love the book!
Zoe Lovegood!

Author's Response: I just had to put that line in. It sounded just like something James would say! Glad you found it funny too! Sirius and Rachael was never an intended couple until I got to their second year. I saw there was definite chemistry between them and had to run with it. Thanks for reading!

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Review #6, by Zoe Lovegood The Sorting Ceremony

20th November 2009:
I like it! Wait you know in the last chapter where Rachel calls Becky and her friends the 'Three B's' I have a =n idea you could put the 'Queen B's' Just an idea my feelings will not be hurt if you decided that it is stupid *sniff* jk anyway I love the story!

Author's Response: They would definitely qualify as Queen Bs, but to Rachael they're always going to be the Three B's. It's a good name for them though. Thanks for reading!

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Review #7, by Zanny4draco My Daughter

19th September 2009:
Amazing . . . I'm crying!! You are a very powerful writer!! PLEASE write more stories!! Thank you . . . really thank you . . . :)

Author's Response: Wow, thanks! This one has a sequel to it if you want to read that. I personally like this one better, but that sequel's not bad. Thanks for reading!

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Review #8, by Ystarrymoon My Daughter

28th March 2009:
I really enjoyed the beginning of your story. The only suggestion I have for that would be to get a beta as there were a lot of gramatical errors that forced the reader to have to reread sections.

Toward the end I got really lost. There was no transitioning to the "future" and it ends very abruptly. I lost the point of your story. You may want to think about going back to it sometime

Author's Response: Yeah, I had awful grammar when I wrote this. I tried to get some of them, but obviously missed some. It does end abruptly, but there's the sequel to it. I didn't want to write all seven years, but I wanted to get some different takes from other parts of their lives, hence the odd transitions. Thanks for reading!

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Review #9, by Augie_Katherine4Ever My Daughter

15th March 2009:
*crying* That was so beautiful. That last paragraph brought on the waterworks. Anyway, I had a question for you. I was wondering if I could use Lily Black in a one shot that I'm writing. Please reply and let me know! I would still give you credit and everything for the characters!


Author's Response: This fic I used to refer to as my baby because it's the first one I wrote that I was truly proud of. I loved writing the end of it, so everyone could see the reconcilliation between Mrs. Lupin and Rachael. Sure, you can use her. Just as long as, like you said, just credit her. I'd like to see someone else's take on her. Thanks for reading!

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Review #10, by kathryn My Daughter

3rd June 2008:
wow, i REALLY loved reading your story. this is one of the best i have read.

Author's Response: Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it!

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Review #11, by snape_is_good There's No Bright Side

4th April 2008:
Dear Moonylupin, He's moving to America? NO! HE WILL BE GONE! COME BACK MR.LUPIN!!! I wonder how everyone found out? This is really interesting! Can't wait to read the next chappie! Once again this spectacular chapter deserves 1234567890/10! GOOD WORK! :D

Happy Writting,


Author's Response: Yes, Mr. Lupin's moving. Can't say anything about coming back or not, you find that out in a few chapters. Thanks for reading!

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Review #12, by synchroluver Welcome Home

1st March 2008:
i love spit! i have never met anyone who really knows how to play except for the person who taught me how

Author's Response: Yeah, it's a fun game. I'm terrible at it, but it's a lot of fun. Thanks for reading!

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Review #13, by Armadeo My Daughter

16th February 2008:
Amazing story, and beautiful work. Keep up the good work!

Author's Response: Thanks for reading! Glad you liked it!

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Review #14, by iluv_harrypotter My Daughter

8th February 2008:
This is really good and i like the ending !!!

Author's Response: Thanks! Glad you liked it!

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Review #15, by iluv_harrypotter Friends Til The End

7th February 2008:
i think it would be really cool if Rachel became an animagus as well

Author's Response: You know, that thought never even occured to me when I was writing this. That would be have been interesting. Thanks for reading!

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Review #16, by iluv_harrypotter Welcome Home

1st February 2008:
this is so sad i cant belive rachels dad gave in to her mother!

Author's Response: A weak moment on Mr. Lupin's part. Don't worry, he redeems himself later. Thanks for reading!

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Review #17, by iluv_harrypotter The First Full Moon

1st February 2008:
there mum is soo mean to Rachel it really doesn't sem fair the poor girl!

Author's Response: Yes, her mother is mean. Thanks for reading!

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Review #18, by snape_is_good Abuse Of A Different Kind

3rd November 2007:
Dear Moonylupin,

OH MY GOODNESS!!! :0 First off I'd like to apologize for taking so long to read this. I've been REALLY busy and I've got like 8 stories to catch up on, plus my own to write, and plus everything else in life (homeworkloads and tests and family matters) so I'd like to also apologize in advance if it takes a long time for me to read the next chappie!!! Now to the review...

I WANNA CRY!!! *sobs* WHAT AN EVIL JERK SHE IS SUCH A.A.AN EVIL PERSON! GRRR! Poor Rachael! *wails* THIS WAS A GREAT CHAPPIE BUT *blows nose* POOR LUPIN FAMILY (with the exception of the mrs.). I can't wait to read the next chapter, but it might be a while. Your writting is and always has been EXCELENT!!! :D HIGH PERCENTIE! (obviously :P)

Happy Writting,

Kristina :D

Author's Response: You don't have to apolgoize about not having to read! Trust me, I know. I don't have as much time as I'd like to write (evil school plays). I know, poor Lupin Family! Except the demon that is the mother. Thanks for reading!

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Review #19, by snape_is_good A Chance To Explain

9th October 2007:
Aw! That's so sweet!!! :D I LOVE THIS STORY A LOT!!! :D :D :D Sirius is a great friend!!! mrs. Lupin is a jerk, but... and I'm REALLY glad Remus and Rachael are sincerely sorry. THAT'S SO SWEET!!! ^_^ HIGH PERCENTIE!!!

Author's Response: Sirius is the best, isn't he? Why couldn't all guys be like him (at least without all the arogance he had when he was a kid). You're going to REALLY hate Mrs. Lupin after the next chapter. And the Lupin twins are sorry, yay! Thanks for reading!

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Review #20, by snape_is_good A Second Chance

7th October 2007:
Aw! What a sweet ending paragraph!!! I LOVE IT!!! *tear* This chappie is brilliant!!! This is my favorite one so far!!! HIGH PERCENTIE YET AGAIN! :D

Author's Response: Yay! This was one of my favorites in this story too. Thanks for reading!

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Review #21, by snape_is_good Friends Til The End

5th October 2007:
HI AGAIN!!! Sorry it's been a while, this week has been UTTER CHAOS!!! So, onto the review...
AWESOME!!! I LOVE THIS CHAPPIE!!! Rachael is getting rebellious, that's rather sad... *sobs* But I REALLY wish I read this story BEFORE the Wolfsbane one, cuz then I wouldn't know that Rachael wouldn't succeed in her werewolf plan, or stop or something...but it'll still be VERY interesting to read I'm sure!!! :) The descriptions were great, again! And I LOVE the subplots you add into this!!! They're quite fun! ^_^ And, yay! Remus and James quit fighting!!! :D THIS IS BRILLIANT!!! I CAN'T WAIT TO READ MORE!!! HIGH HIGH HIGH HIGH HIGH PERCENTEE!!! :D:D:D:D:D:D:D

Author's Response: Utter chaos is a very good reason for not reading. Yeah, Rachael's getting a bit rebellious. It does stink sometimes to read the sequel before the prequel (I watched the 2nd Lord of the Rings before the first, I was very confused), but it makes it interesting to see how and why things played out. Subplots are so much fun, I always find them more interesting than the actual plot. And yes, James and Remus are friends again! Thanks for reading!

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Review #22, by snape_is_good A Punch for an Insult

24th September 2007:
YAY!!! I LOVE puppy faces!!! :D And I LOVE the giant squid thingy with the slytherins!!! LOL!!! :P But...WOW!!! That arguement REALLY got heated up!!! I have never had a fight like that with any of my pals!!! That's sad! I wanna cry! :( Poor Remus!!! I never thought I'd say it but, James DID deserve that punch!!! How could anybody be that horrible; especially to a friend?! That's just something myself and the rest of the world will never understand. POOR REMUS!!! Anywho, I LOVED THIS CHAPPIE!!! A gazillion trillion million out of ten!!! :)

Author's Response: I have a lot of fun picturing the puppy faces that Rachael and Sirius do. Yeah, James is being a top-notch git. And he definitely deserved that unexpected (but sooo much fun to write) punch. It's hard to understand those kinds of fights, and you're lucky you've never had one (I never really had either, only with bullies, but it was typical girl stuff, gum-in-hair). Thanks for reading!!

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Review #23, by snape_is_good First Day Back And Already Problems

22nd September 2007:
WHAT?! Gee, James needs to get a grip on himself!!! I liked the events in this chappie, from the incident with Sevvy on the train to Remus' and James' row. FANTASTIC WORK!!! :D Good job!!! HIGH PERCENTIEE!!

Author's Response: *Sigh* James and that inflated ego of his. Yay, you liked the chapter! Thanks for reading!

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Review #24, by snape_is_good Down in Diagon

20th September 2007:
Cool!!! I liked the chappie! Rachael is sort of like me in a way, just the way that I won't sing in front of someone just because they want me to! I love singing! I love this chapter! Good job creating Sirius, he is really realistic in your story!!! GOOD WORK! HIGH PERCENTILE!!! And yeah, I'm MORE than halfway through! :)

Author's Response: Oooh, the review thing is all new and fancy. Rachael is like me in that way too. Like I'm singing right now, but no one's home to hear it. Yay for realistic Sirius! It annoys me whenever people portray him as a playboy-type. Thanks for reading!

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Review #25, by snape_is_good I Don't Like Mondays

19th September 2007:
Aw! Cool!! :) I'm glad Rachael did great in the talent show!!! Yay!! Poor Remus though. The people there don't let them use the rods because of how sick he looks. That's just mean! *scowls* Anyhow, brilliant chapter, yet again! :D HIGH PERCENTILE!!! :P

Author's Response: Yeah, Rachael did great, and sounded better in comparison than Brenda and Brandy *gags* They destroyed a perfectly good song. Poor Remus... evil fisherman dude... they suck. Thanks for reading! And... you're now MORE than halfway through!

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