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Reading Reviews for You're Still The One
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Review #1, by bellatrix You're Still The One

10th December 2005:
hmm....interesting ship...not one i would have thought of.cool

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Review #2, by andrea You're Still The One

13th January 2005:
awsome song to put in there a story about charlie and hermione oh ya they would have about a million problems but useing shinia's song was briliant

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Review #3, by LilyNichols You're Still The One

8th August 2004:
quite funny

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Review #4, by kirby_felton You're Still The One

27th July 2004:
that was so beautiful-the ending was like perfect!

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Review #5, by chelseychang You're Still The One

22nd July 2004:
This was great! Who wouldv'e thought about Hermione and Charlie together? Awesome.

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Review #6, by EllieBellie You're Still The One

23rd November 2003:
You should do another one for the song by shania twain ummm.... well just do another one that one was cool as!!!

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Review #7, by Your Slyth Pal Muggly You're Still The One

23rd November 2003:
Good work, keep writing!

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Review #8, by SilverMirror You're Still The One

13th July 2003:
Interesting pair, I can believe it. Nice job too.

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Review #9, by mel You're Still The One

11th July 2003:
OMG this is ssoooooooooooooooooooooooooooo sweet. I love it!! hmmmmmmmm makes me think of calum luv mel

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Review #10, by Anon You're Still The One

19th June 2003:
That was great!! It\'s the best that I\'ve read so far. You should write more!!

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Review #11, by Anon You're Still The One

18th June 2003:
random fanfic

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Review #12, by Kayla You're Still The One

21st May 2003:
Good job! *stands up and claps*

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Review #13, by Erin You're Still The One

6th April 2003:
Actually, I love this pairing quite a bit, as they are very realistic (Hermione being mature enough for Charlie, him being the more settled-down type that she needs, etc), and this song was beautiful for the two of them. Instead of putting **Flashback**, you might want to do it in a word document and put the flashbacks as italics. It makes for easier reading, sometimes. Very, very nice- I\'d love to see another C/Hr fic from you! If you have time, could you drop by \"Sketches\" and review it? Thanks!

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Review #14, by lola You're Still The One

29th March 2003:
very well written.write more ps:please read and review some of my stories

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