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Review #1, by canta_loupe Career Advice Part 2

13th April 2008:
Brilliant! I loved the way that you captured Umbridge's annoying-ness and her feelings toward muggleborns. And I really liked McGonagall's frustration toward the "High Inquisitor."
("I don't care if you are Voldemort himself, GET OUT.")

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Review #2, by Happy Rotter Career Advice Part 2

25th January 2008:
Hm, i read this because i was thinking of reading your other stories, but i wasn't sure about your writing style, seems pretty awesome, i'll read the Lions of Gryffindor series.

hoping you're well,

Happy Rotter

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Review #3, by Dave Career Advice Part 2

28th December 2007:
I love this and admire you as you are one of the top 3 authors over the sites i visit.

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Review #4, by Tempest07 Career Advice Part 2

23rd July 2007:
I really enjoy all your fics. A friend recommended the series to me and I read them all within two days becasue I was unable to stop reading. I hope you continue to write as you have done in the past.

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Review #5, by 8 Career Advice Part 2

10th June 2007:
The establishment of this story is very interesting. I enjoyed it.
Thank you for writing.

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Review #6, by mr & mrs potter Career Advice Part 2

8th January 2007:
this is great r u goin to make another story or leave it at that I would really appreciate if u tried another story

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Review #7, by mrs potter Career Advice Part 2

28th November 2006:
this sounds like an interesting stry keep it oup sorry I made a mistake with the spelling

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Review #8, by mrs potter Career Advice Part 2

28th November 2006:
this sounds like an interesting stry keep it out

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Review #9, by fawkes_lover7 Career Advice Part 2

23rd October 2006:
lol that was funny now on to the next story!!

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Review #10, by GamePotter Career Advice Part 2

11th June 2006:
This story was great. I loved it when McGonagall told off Umbridge, becuase she is a right cow, disrespecting Hermione in front of MCGongall of all people. BIG MISTAKE!

Good work

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Review #11, by bishop555 Career Advice Part 2

25th January 2006:
like i said in my over reveiw all your work is lovely

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Review #12, by BabyLove527 Career Advice Part 2

18th December 2005:
Hilarious, really.

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Review #13, by Red Career Advice Part 2

9th December 2005:
Very interesting. I Liked how it was very much connected to your other stories, plus Iliked how it could have happened, but since Rowling didn't say you took that liberty and did it yourself. great job!

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Review #14, by Toby Black Career Advice Part 2

1st October 2005:
Funny, i've read this story three times now and haven't reviewed. Oh, well, better late then never I guess. I loved the story, it was really good. It would be totally awesome if you continued this a bit and did the other's career advice sessions as well. But that is only if it doesn't cut into your time of writing your other fic.

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Review #15, by PottersPrincess Career Advice Part 2

6th August 2005:
cool - i hate Umbirage she drives me mad! this is very good!

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Review #16, by H B Taylor Career Advice Part 2

4th August 2005:
This is pretty good, it really makes a body want to read Lions of Gryffindor!

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Review #17, by penragonwebsite Career Advice Part 2

31st July 2005:
great story, it is one of my favourites...well, actually almost all stories that are harry/hermione romance are my favourites but i really like this one

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Review #18, by evelyn Career Advice Part 2

8th July 2005:
Umbridge says 'Hem, Hem,' not 'Uh, Hem'.

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Review #19, by Dsterbd_spyder Career Advice Part 2

9th June 2005:
That was a great story. Poor professor having to deal with umbridge all the time. me personally would have tried to kill her

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Review #20, by Meganelf Career Advice Part 2

4th May 2005:
I really like this. Plays well into the story of OotP. Good work.

Author's Response: thnaks

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Review #21, by Peaches and Pie Career Advice Part 2

1st May 2005:
I can't stop laughing. Good story.

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Review #22, by Nedved Career Advice Part 2

27th April 2005:
Cool idea man.... A bit more of hermione's reasoning behind her choice would have made this chapter even better. Good stuff man, And i see your fics are doing great! i need to check em out- but at the moment I'm boged down with trying to get my stories back up..internet time is quite limited these days....


Author's Response: Thanks Nicholas, I really appreciate it, you're one of the people that inspired me to write. I agree, as a stand alone a bit more of Mione's thoughts might have been good, I orginally wrote that as a flashback for Lions so there was more rational there, but then I cut it. ... I'm waiting patiently to see what happens to Harry/Hermione in your universe. I know what happens in mine, but I'm an @#!% to them.....

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Review #23, by dan rad lover Career Advice Part 2

8th April 2005:
gr8 i love it wen mgonigal gets angry, luv sophie

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Review #24, by 00SausageMan Career Advice Part 2

2nd April 2005:
yes i can tell that this comes from your lions seiries, which is THE BEST SERIES in the world please update that story soon!!

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Review #25, by danfan4ever Career Advice Part 2

31st March 2005:
Cute lil short story! Gotta love McGonagall don't ya?????

Author's Response: Yep, I do feel if it came down to it between the school or gryffindor, she's defend her lions

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