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Review #1, by Pigsfly Twenty-four

9th November 2016:
I loved this series and your other works. Good writer. I would love an epilogue. As with every good story, you want it to go on and on.

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Review #2, by SevSnape13 Two

11th March 2012:
Super awesome! :) Its really good

Author's Response: Thank you, you're very kind.

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Review #3, by Traveler94 Twenty-four

29th September 2009:
This can't be the END! I NEED more!!!

Author's Response: My deepest apologies, there is no more. I have tried for a very long time now to write a Snape story, but it just won't work for me. As for Harry and Grainne, there's nothing more to say. Thank you so very much for leaving a comment, one that demonstrates obvious enjoyment. I am grateful!

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Review #4, by KMDMVR Twenty-four

29th August 2009:
I finished reading Grainne and Surviving to Live. I just wanted you to know it was a pleasure reading your story. It is probably the best HP one I've ever read. You obviously have a talent. Your work was so far beyond the average quality. I'm deeply satisfied with your work. I loved it so much I printed the entire two stories, had them bound like actual books, and added them to my literature collection. Absolutley marvelous. I will check periodically for new additions to your repitore. Well done. :) Never quit. :) Sincerely, KMDMVR

Author's Response: Thank you, both for reading all the way through and for leaving encouraging words in return. While I have continued writing many other things, I've reached a bit of a block in the HP universe. However, this is the first place I'll post if I ever finish anything new. I'm extremely flattered that you bound my stories for your own personal use. That's never happened to me before!

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Review #5, by hermione granger 358 Twenty-four

16th February 2009:
i love your story this is the third time i have read it

Author's Response: Thanks! You've probably read it more than I have since I posted it here! (^_^) No, really, I'm grateful. I haven't been able to write much since these were finished, and nothing worth posting, so it's especially nice to know my previous work still works.

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Review #6, by velcroman Twenty-four

29th May 2008:
Perfect ending to the story. Hope to read more great stuff or maybe (fingers crossed) a third installment.

Author's Response: Thank you! I hope someday my inspiration will re-ignite, too. So far it's not looking too good. But I'll post here first if\when it does.

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Review #7, by choir_monkey Twenty-four

7th January 2008:
oh man oh man
this story was amazing
i cant belive its over
sad sad sad
i wish there was more
it was great
and i loved it
i fell in love with Grainne
as i said this story is amazing

Author's Response: Thank you very much. There is a sequel, by the way....

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Review #8, by Omaha Twenty-four

29th October 2007:
i've read this story about 3 times now and the one before this even more your an amazing author, will there be a sequel and if so will it be on this site or another?

Author's Response: Thank you for your compliments and your re-reads! While I have been toying with s spin-off for Snape, he is proving very uncooperative. I should just suck it up and write him out of character. So the long answer is, yes--no--well, maybe. I'll probably post it here first, and perhaps later on

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Review #9, by Gubb Twenty-four

20th September 2007:
Started reading theese two stories three days ago, they're really great and should you make a sequel I would definately read it. You're awsome! :D

Author's Response: Thou art intrepid! Thank you for reviewing. I wrote the two spin-offs, but Snape won't behave Snapily, and I can't seem to tell anyone else's story until his is told. So I'm kind of stuck. But I'll post here first. Probably.

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Review #10, by cannis_lupus Twenty-four

13th September 2007:
Excellent. 10/10. Thank you for a good series.

Author's Response: And thank you for an encouraging review. I appreciate the high rating!

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Review #11, by Armand Twenty-four

5th September 2007:
i loved it! wonderful ending! very much so. loved your oc from the first part when she was first introduced. and i'm so very glad you didn't make Ginny into a whiny...well you most Harry/OC fics i've read. was very pleased to see that. wonderful stuff.

Author's Response: And thank you again! I'm glad you liked Grainne. I tend to think of her as Mary Sue-ish now, but perhaps that's the reason I chose for her to go off the deep end in the first place. As for Ginny, I liked her too well to make her less than she is. As the youngest girl in a family, and several brothers as well as eleven years between me and my nearest sister, I could relate very strongly to Ginny. I couldn't do her dirt.

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Review #12, by Fallstar Twenty-four

4th July 2007:
You gave a story that followed Aristotle's principles in philosophy and poetry. I admire that.

Author's Response: Wow! Thank you!

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Review #13, by Valarie7505 Twenty-four

21st May 2007:
i love this story and the prequel and maybe a sequal to this? 10-10

Author's Response: Thank you. Unfortunately, the characters will not behave themselves for a sequel. It's really Snape's turn, in the Grainne and Harry universe, but I can't seem to make him stay mean and cranky. I'm still working on it, though. Thanks for your review!

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Review #14, by anonymous Twenty-four

1st March 2007:
Amazing story! I recognized some of the names you used in the last chapter, are they borrowed from the Elizabeth Peter's books by any chance?

Author's Response: Elizabeth Peters is one of my favorite authors. I suppose I did borrow rather heavily on her for Egyptian names, having very little experience there myself. I assumed they were common. The characters in my story are not meant to mimic hers in any way.

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Review #15, by Dragon_of_Ice Twenty-four

28th February 2007:
Not sure if this counts as a critque, but I really enjoyed both stories in this series. I am a big fan of stories that are long enough and well written enough to be intersting and tell a good story and both of these do.

Author's Response: Thank you, that's very kind of you to say. I appreciate that you took the time to leave an encouraging review.

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Review #16, by wheee Twenty-four

9th January 2007:
Harry's getting laid, Harry's getting laid, Harry's getting laid!

Author's Response: Well, yes, that often happens on one's wedding night. Not always, but usually.

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Review #17, by Zylaxyma Twenty-four

7th October 2006:
At first, I was a bit bitter about the ending of the first story Grainne. After reading and completing this sequel, I've grown to love the wonderful work you've done! Hoping to hear future stories that fall in the same timeline with the same charachters.. hopefully about the future Potter family ;)

Author's Response: Thank you. I appreciate the review. I have toyed with some ideas about their children, but I can't promise anything.

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Review #18, by emenem10 Twenty-four

13th September 2006:
And what I meant was - have you sent it to Fish and Bird, doesn't he give you advice and ideas for your writing?? Much Love, Emily

Author's Response: I can't remember if he's seen the Snape stuff. He did help with Lesser Houses. Steve34 and Trixytonks as well. But no, no one's seen the post-Surviving to Live stuff.

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Review #19, by emenem10 Twenty-four

12th September 2006:
10, 12, still WAY too many for me. back writing of pages and pages... Do you have fish and Bird on it? :D Much Love, Emily

Author's Response: I beta for Fish and Bird. He hasn't sent me his chapter--still recovering from "holiday" I think, British chap you know. I meant pages and pages of back-story for the Grainne universe.

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Review #20, by emenem10 Twenty-four

6th September 2006:
that's the END?! Could I beg you enough to write me an epilouge? Common, you MUST have thought about it. Something like they lived a happy life with 12 kids, as predicted, and G taught for years next to Harry who did whatever he did... :D You're BRILLIANT, although, truth be told, I think I liked the other one better. Don't know why... Fantabulous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Much Love, Emily

Author's Response: Ten kids, actually. No, while I've been playing with ideas for another story, so far it hasn't amounted to anything. I have marvelous back-writing for it, pages and pages, but nothing's worth posting yet. It'll show here first, if it ever congeals, I promise.

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Review #21, by emenem10 Twenty-four

6th September 2006:
attract trouble..intresting. lol. GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Much Love, Emily

Author's Response: Hm, apparently my answers were lost in the last switch. Yes, they attract trouble.

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Review #22, by emenem10 Twenty-three

6th September 2006:
for something so long awaited...Wasn't it a bit-rushed? Seriously, you wrote two paragraphs on the wedding. Most people can write two or three chapters! Not one of your best... Much Love, Emily

Author's Response: Well, frankly I think reading the same old same old about weddings is boring. And writing it gets a little dull, too. It was a wedding. They did the traditional things. Some kid spilled punch on the dance floor, but it didn't get sticky because someone could cast a quick Scourgify, and all is well. Besides, I firmly believe in leaving some things to the reader's imagination.

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Review #23, by emenem10 Twenty-two

6th September 2006:
*laughs* 'as your dad' lol... Fabulous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Much Love, Emily

Author's Response: (^_^)

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Review #24, by emenem10 Twenty-one

6th September 2006:
Magnificent!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I still say they need a plus button on this. Much Love, Emily

Author's Response: If I knew what that was, I'd know how to respond.

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Review #25, by emenem10 Twenty

6th September 2006:
*sighs* God, I'm such a girl... Seriously, what self respecting female wouldn't just love to be called family of the...of Harry. lol. Stupendous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Much Love, Emily

Author's Response: Melts everything, doesn't it? (^_^)

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