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Review #1, by C. Sardothien Reflections of Duty

18th May 2007:

I like it!

Could you possible email me when you update? (

Although I wonder how the child's Harry's. You just said that...

"It was one year and three days since Harry Potter had arrived on the ‘A’ block that something completely strange happed."

And a woman carries a child for 10 months. Not a year.

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Review #2, by Kyle Law Reflections of Duty

5th October 2005:
You have completely turned the Harry Potter Universe upside down. I love it. Good Luck!

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Review #3, by kmj Reflections of Duty

6th September 2005:
Great story. This is just another message like all the rest, but...yeah, that's life. Very good, very good.

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Review #4, by Freyja Reflections of Duty

24th May 2005:
Nice, nice so far... really, keep up the good work... ;) And even though I am not fond of the idea that the magic shall be destroyed, it's Harry's wish for vengeance that makes the whole story... interesting...

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Review #5, by Freyja Karma

24th May 2005:
Woah... I mean ...woah... that's a story that I would call original... far more interesting than some of those where Harry is still the good little boy... hope chapter two will be as good as I imagine it to be..

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Review #6, by Firefly Phoenix Reflections of Duty

13th May 2005:
Oh, I've been waiting for this! Another wonderfully great chapter, and I'm anxiously waiting for the next chapter! Please, I want to know how Harry reacts and what he does. It seems so grand.

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Review #7, by Vox Deo Reflections of Duty

12th May 2005:
Exalent stuff, carn't wait for harry to get his revenge! 10/10 next chapter please!

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Review #8, by SuileanDubh Karma

24th March 2005:
whoaa..... OMG! I NO WHY HE FREAKED OUT AT THE BUMBLE BEE!! it's wat dumbledore's name means!!! Haha... wat Harry said to Hermione was cruel, but amusing. hehehe...Great story, Update soon!

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Review #9, by CMTgal Karma

21st March 2005:
OMG! how cool! Interesting!! is this a one-shot? oh i hope not!

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Review #10, by Firefly Phoenix Karma

13th March 2005:
okay... I know I already reviewed once.. but I just had a question: Why did Harry have such an odd reaction to the bees? The only thing I can think of is that "Dumbledore" means bumblebee or something... Am I even remotely correct? Anyways, as I said before, very freaky, but very good. Hope more comes soon!

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Review #11, by Vox Deo Karma

12th March 2005:
You better write faster! This is exalent!!!!!!!!!!!

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Review #12, by Ariesette Karma

9th March 2005:
Oooh. I like, very good. Keep going!

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Review #13, by Firefly Phoenix Karma

9th March 2005:
Freaky... but really good. I hope you get more out soon!

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