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Review #1, by Nina_wife_of _Fres Chapter Six: Farewell Voldie and Epilogue

6th July 2005:
I read it and loved it as much as the last time....this story ruled and continues to rule =D Ok so Amy I reviewed the Epilogue like you asked now off you trot and post 'Angels' like a good girl.......=D well why are you still reading this run along and post it!!! lolness chat to you soon *Nina* =D

Author's Response: lolness? hmm interesting word. now since you were a good littel person and reviewed i shall post Angels. and hopfully i'll get more than just you and emily reviewing...

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Review #2, by Nina_wife_of_Fres(not signed in at the mo) Chapter Six: Farewell Voldie and Epilogue

12th June 2005:
Awesome =D loved this chapter again. twas brill. Enjoyed re-reading about the mischief caused by Alyson lol. I do believe it is only the epilouge now and then you can post Angels lol. *Nina*

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Review #3, by Nina_wife_of _Fres Chapter Five: Christmas Break

10th June 2005:
LOL loved it asmuch as last time =D glad you got it working again looking forward to reading the rest again lol *Nina*

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Review #4, by Nina_wife_of _Fres Chapter One: Alyson

7th June 2005:
Hey Amy just to let you know I am happy dnacing because you got your account working again ... also cant wait for you to post Angels over here cause that was a really great start and I cant wait to read more =D loadsa love *Nina*

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Review #5, by Nina_wife_of _Fres Chapter Four: A Trip Through the Veil

16th April 2005:
Dear God woman why have you still not updated.....are you trying to kill me? LOL so anyway i just needed my moment ...... pwease update soon

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Review #6, by Nina_wife_of _Fres Chapter Four: A Trip Through the Veil

4th April 2005:
yay you brought him back :-D ::hugs amy:: i'm so glad sirius is AWESOME i sooooo can't believe that jk killed him!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and the whole cinderlla deal with james and lilly also rules!! go u!! well update soon ::waves:: bye bye **Nina**

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Review #7, by Nina_wife_of _Fres Chapter Three: Alyson's Secret

2nd April 2005:
YAY i knew it Muuuuhaaahaaaahaaaaa ::looks around shocked:: god i have no idea where that came from!!!!!!! great chapter ....... Bring back Sirius Plllllllleeeleeeeease ::makes puppy dog eyes:: Sirius RULES!!!!! :-D ::pouts and shows puuppy dog eyes again:: the attempt should be successful **Nina**

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Review #8, by Bubblechimes Chapter One: Alyson

1st April 2005:
OH WONDERFUL! I odn't usually read stuff like this; that was good!

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Review #9, by Nina_wife_of _Fres Chapter Two: Letters and Lessons

31st March 2005:
ok so i'm reviewing again .... hopefully this will get the reveiws up to 10 altogther coz i need to read chapter 3 ..... lol **Nina**

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Review #10, by Bubblechimes Chapter Two: Letters and Lessons

22nd March 2005:
Wow, that was cool!

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Review #11, by pottergurl3 Chapter Two: Letters and Lessons

20th March 2005:
okay so i can leave a longer review this time. so i saw a Few mistakes that needed to be fixed but i didn't write them down... oops. ANyway, great start! do my two reviews count as two or one? Not that i care becasue i get to read it (usually) before she posts it. I'm not hyper, which is amazing considering the fact i just ate apple pie with ice cream (yum) and i'm currently eating those Robin eggs from "whoppers" so yeah... goign to go try and work on my story, or talk to Mary or check on osme stroes on mugglenet. And Peeps, she told me that she's not doing slash! yay! i hate slash, it just bugs me for some reason unless it's this one pair... not H/D (barfs) it's a diffrent pair the thought of H/D together revolts me (no offese to those who like it) but it's just goves me the wigglys! SO goginto heck that one story... *coughs*

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Review #12, by pottergurl3 Chapter One: Alyson

18th March 2005:
uh dada wants me to get off so this will be really short! love your story of what i read (not in the site yet) and now i gotta go before dad gets really mad at me! read your story later i promise!

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Review #13, by Nina_wife_of _Fres Chapter Two: Letters and Lessons

15th March 2005:
i really like this story it's great!!!!!! is Alyson Harry's sister .... her describtion kinda reminds me of Lilly...! i also have a story on here it's called hermione's grief have a look if u get a chance and let me know wot u think

Author's Response: Yay!finaaly a review here! now the total is up to four. People really need to start reviewing. but thanks for reviewing and i wont say ANYTHING about Alyson yet. and i will check out you story soon, i just dont have time right now...

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