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Review #1, by Lupin's Lady Love We All Have A Cross to Bear

16th June 2005:
This story is so cooool! I couldn't stop laughing at the stupid things Pansy kept saying and doing! JKRowling doesn't talk about Draco's friends much so it was fun to see them in your story. You're a good writer!

Author's Response: Thanks for that! That's really good feedback for me. I always wondered about Pansy and Crabbe and Goyle, not to mention Marcus Flint, as she doesn't mention them much - you're right.

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Review #2, by Phoenix38 We All Have A Cross to Bear

4th June 2005:
This story was just the funniest thing eva! Pansy is such an air head and she doesn't even know it. You have a real flare for comedy, I just laughed right thru. I hope you write something else soon!

Author's Response: Thank you! It's great to receive such positive feedback. I'm glad that you enjoyed it so much. I wasn't sure how it would be received on the site, but so far so good! I'll be sure to post here should I ever finish another story.

Author's Response: Wait... how many 'air-heads' do YOU know that actually KNOW that they are one??? *grin* That's usually the hilarity of them!!

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Review #3, by its_raining_cats We All Have A Cross to Bear

11th April 2005:
Too bad. With movies, they either make uncut versions or deleted scenes for things like that. Can you pleeeeezzzzzeee make an uncut version of this story?

Author's Response: Hey Cats, I am actually doing as my 'bio' says at the moment, and writing some more stories. Presently, I have two on the go. I have eight more in the wings, I've written outlines and just need to finish these two before I start too many more, so maybe after that I'll pick up Pansy and Vinnie again. Thanks for being interested, though. They're my favourite couple!

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Review #4, by its_raining_cats We All Have A Cross to Bear

30th March 2005:
This was really funny, Pansy was so stupid she was practically smart. I love it.

Author's Response: *grin* Yes, well, I cut quite a lot of stuff out because I thought it was pretty irrelevant, but trust me, it TRULY showed exactly how .. uhh.. intelligent Pansy is, or thinks she is! For instance - Pansy and Vincent discussing the difference of fraternal twins, and identical, which Pansy muddled up and CONVINCED Vincent, was called 'Paternal' and 'Maternal' twins. There was plenty of goofy material like that, that now lays on the cutting room floor, alas. *sniff*

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Review #5, by Slytherin Sisters We All Have A Cross to Bear

19th March 2005:
Hiya Faerie_Glitter! Well what can I say to something like that other than, GAWD what a fantastic story! I simply love it. I have to admit, at time there, I was on the verge of toppling off my seat due to Pansy and 'Vinnie's' simply hilarious actions. The the names?! Priceless! Well done again, and rest assured that I will be checking back regularly to see if you've updated! Love Venus

Author's Response: Thanks Venus! Vinnie and Pansy are truly hilarious as a couple as they compliment each other's intellect perfectly, I think! Both as mad as hatters, too! Those names will be the basis for future names of hilarity, I suppose. Let's hope I can think of more like them in the future! Thanks again for the review.

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Review #6, by its_raining_cats We All Have A Cross to Bear

16th March 2005:
Pansy sounds like a Desprate Housewife.

Author's Response: Yes, well that's the angle I wanted to take with her. She's always portrayed as a bit 'desperate' in not only JKR's books, but many a fanfic I've read. Why not do the usual 'thing' and find a good idea to leech off!? Thanx for the review, cat!

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Review #7, by Slytherin Sisters We All Have A Cross to Bear

13th March 2005:
Gawd, Faerie_Glitter where've you been? *grin* This story is abso-bloody-lutely B-E-A-U-tifully written! I LOVE the fact that I was laughing the WHOLE way through it! Leaf, Aphid, Compost, Hyacinth, Hippeastrum and Gardenia?? *falls about laughing* I don't know how you come up with these! I particularly LOVE the last sections from Pansy's and Vinnie's Anniversary onwards! No... wait I lie. I especially loved ALL of it! Percy Weasley??? *topples off chair* What the...? *grin* Of all things I was NOT expecting that!!! I thinks that it's bloody brilliant and I eagerly await future stories! Fantastic job, in one story you've mastered the 'comedy' genre! *grin* Love, Rogue

Author's Response: Well, Rogue, that's very high praise coming from such a talent as yourself! Thank you for quite obviously loving the story! There WILL be future stories, so be on the look-out! I fell back on Pansy's 'floral' name for her Mother and siblings names. You can tell by the time Aphid and Compost were thought of, I was in a VERY comedic mood! I happened to like the option of the little ditty at the end, personally. It told something that I had wanted to put in the story, but really shouldn't have, as Pansy wasn't REALLY spiteful, and wouldn't have broken Vincent's heart by telling him the truth. Not MY version, anyway!

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Review #8, by Ravenclaw Lady We All Have A Cross to Bear

12th March 2005:
What an excellent story! Almost every paragraph cracked me up! I love the way you have taken a couple of relatively obscure characters and given them depth and meaning - not to mention made them very funny. I thoroughly enjoyed this first effort of yours and I will certainly keep checking basck to see what else you come up with in the future. Very well done! Ravenclaw Lady.

Author's Response: Coming from such a well-esteemed, flawless writer such as yourself, I am very humbled to recieve such flattery. Isn't it nice to have such a 'normal' command of the English language, as opposed to Pansy... I could take a leaf out of HER book and just respond, "Gawd, thanks heaps, Miss Claw! That's great!"

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