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Review #1, by Seraph The Spoon

8th January 2006:
Hey There! Now that was soo funny! I loved it because it wasn't fake funny, it was a fic that seemed like it could be realistic and was still funny. It was refreshing to read something like this. Thanks for taking your time to write it, can't wait for the next part! Keep it up.

Author's Response: Thank you for reviewing, The next part is posted and just waiting for validation, i hope you enjoy the second chapter as much as you did the first!

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Review #2, by Blonde Bubbles The Spoon

14th March 2005:
wonderful story, i can't wait till you update, i'm not usally into this kind of fic, but yours is really really good, soo until next time... Bubbles~

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Review #3, by bob The Spoon

8th March 2005:
Personally, i dont think snape is that mean! My poor snapey-poo, you jerk! i think you urt his feelings! now say sorry to my poor Snapey! Not that he will accept the apology you meanie!

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Review #4, by Dinedhel The Spoon

5th March 2005:
*grins like a mental patient* Flaming, you have no idea how much this has improved my weekend. LOVE LOVE LOVE the spoon! Eat spoon Malfoy! The pants are awesome too, and, well, what can I say.. you know how much I love it. --- “A spoon, Granger?” Draco seemed very amused, “I’m supposed to be scared of a spoon?” Hermione shook her head and smiled like a mental patient. “Not of the spoon,” she replied, “But of me, holding the spoon.” --- Still my favorite part. Nothing can beat that. Now, I really hope you get a ton of reviews so the next chapter will be posted soon. *waves torch* An orange belonging to a certain B who won't be named *coughsixteencough* is being held hostage until you write more... -Dinedhel (aka. Rilaisseth, aka. Milky Orange) PS. Congrats on being on people's favorites lists on the demon-site! ^_^

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Review #5, by Igraine The Spoon

2nd March 2005:
I like it very much so far. You write the character's personalities very well and I found this to be a very entertaining read as well as a much needed distraction from homework! ;-)

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Review #6, by _cupidz_arrow_ The Spoon

1st March 2005:
update!!!! I vdont care if you are lazy

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