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Review #1, by Quiddy England Independent...

31st January 2012:
I LOVE it! Are you ever going to finish it?

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Review #2, by halla England Independent...

1st January 2010:
really good wheres the rest ? xx

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Review #3, by DanceWithMe England Independent...

13th February 2008:
hurry i wanna kno wats next!!!

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Review #4, by Emily England Independent...

3rd January 2008:
i really dont think i can wait much longer for you to finish it. and i started the first one this morning!! please please please please please please please please finish it fast! i understand with school and everything, but honestly, which is more important? harry potter, or school? haha only joking with you... kinda =]

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Review #5, by musicmakesmewannadance England Independent...

24th September 2007:
You can't stop there! I think it's a great story *sigh* I love it!

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Review #6, by soulsaver England Independent...

12th August 2007:

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Review #7, by [(baybiee)] ~~..Lc..! England Independent...

27th July 2007:
wen r u goin tuu update. i luff this fic. plz update soon x

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Review #8, by SlytherinSheek England Independent...

25th July 2007:
It's been 2 years...How much time do you need?


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Review #9, by i_love_lucas [3]Just Another Day in Paradise...

3rd July 2007:
happy late bday, katie looks mean but pretty lol shes not that prettty

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Review #10, by SomthingCyco England Independent...

22nd April 2007:
Hurry your ass up.Just teasen'.Even if I kinda ment it.But I'm more addicted to this fanfic than I am 2 chocolate.and if you know me *cough**Stalker**cough**I don't even know you**cough* that makes it a HUGE deal.Y0U RU1E!

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Review #11, by SomthingCyco Meet the Parents

22nd April 2007:
Did you have 2 add the comment that your hampster farted RIGHT before you made Oliver wink?LOL anyway.You freak you.Just like me.And my friends.And family.Everyone is a freak,you and I are just more upfront about it

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Review #12, by SomthingCyco That's one Promise Kept

22nd April 2007:
oh I'm a Kentuky fan 2! AND I love Day's of our lives!and you HPFF!I RULE!

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Review #13, by miillii England Independent...

18th December 2006:
I love the story can't wait for the next chapter.

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Review #14, by marie England Independent...

3rd October 2006:
i've been waiting and waiting for you to add a new chapter!! are you ever going to finish this series?? i really hope so!!!!!!

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Review #15, by Ravenclaw_girl England Independent...

21st August 2006:
hey will you make a baner for me ?? for December???


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Review #16, by ilove_oliver England Independent...

6th July 2006:
omfg hurry up i kno its flint!!! lol

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Review #17, by ILOVE_oliver Meet the Parents

5th July 2006:
the only thing i noticed through the hole thing was:

(I think my hamster just farted -_-)


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Review #18, by bballroxs England Independent...

2nd July 2006:
this is really good i wish you would update soon.

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Review #19, by BrassRing184 England Independent...

5th June 2006:
You should soo have Adrian Pucy come back into your fic! make him the secret admirer! He did play Quiddich at Hogwarts so it would make sence to have him on a team. I don know, Just an idea! Keep Writing!

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Review #20, by BrassRing184 England Independent...

5th June 2006:
Ohh You so have to update soooon!!!!!! Im guna die not knowing who it is!!!!!!! Update soon!

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Review #21, by Kimberly England Independent...

23rd May 2006:

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Review #22, by GryffindorGoddess711 England Independent...

20th May 2006:
ok, actually signed in now! pleaseeeeee update! i feel real mean 4 telling u 2 "hurry ur ass up" earlier .... but plz do update!!!!!! its a reallyyyy good story! and i can tell by the 60 reviews on this chapter alone (WOW!!!) that im not the only person who wants to know what happens!!! ... btw im thinking its flint .... or OMG could it be adrian pucey? we havn heard from him in some time huh! not since the prequel if im right! well anyway ... update soon plz! xXx

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Review #23, by GryffindorGoddess711(again 2 lazy 2 sign in!!!) England Independent...

19th May 2006:
omg this is BEAUTIFUL! its so cute! and you cant leave it now! you HAVE to carry it on!!!!! pleaseeeee update!! pwetty plz .... and im hoping this review will "hurry ur arse up" as you put it!!!! PLZ keep writing! xXx

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Review #24, by annmarie England Independent...

12th April 2006:
I have really enjoyed this story!! I really hope the next chapter comes out soon!!

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Review #25, by Sea_Spritz England Independent...

29th March 2006:
soooo good please update soon!!!!

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