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Review #1, by Debbie The conversation

3rd January 2006:
This is really good. Please write some more. I cant wait for the next chapter, and the next one, and the next one, ect, ect, ect...

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Review #2, by david featch A New Beginning

13th July 2005:
Great opening story, really enjoyed it, hope the rest is as good!

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Review #3, by GEORGE Going Back

25th May 2005:
Nice Cliffhanger!

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Review #4, by George The "You Know Whats"

25th May 2005:

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Review #5, by rita_skeeter The conversation

21st May 2005:
yAy i luvv it write s'more :haha get it? wow im bad at jokes...:

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Review #6, by JAM The conversation

15th May 2005:
Is he ever going to tell the phrophecy??? I mean he better tell them so they could help him. Post More Soon!

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Review #7, by JAM Going Back

15th May 2005:
Cool!!!!! you are back! I am sorry for harry (not really) about going back to Sirius's house. POst mOre Soon!

Author's Response: u know i think i mite have to make a seperate ending just 4 u so that ull like the story

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Review #8, by dansgrrl The "You Know Whats"

22nd April 2005:
write more soon!

Author's Response: i knoe i knoe im trying it takes FOREVER though lol

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Review #9, by dansgrrl The "You Know Whats"

18th April 2005:
darn you! jk! keep on writing please!

Author's Response: damn strait i will lol

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Review #10, by kj The "You Know Whats"

7th April 2005:
That was really good. I can't wait for the next chapter to come out. Hurry!

Author's Response: thanx i just finished another but its in limbo and junk

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Review #11, by Tanya The "You Know Whats"

3rd April 2005:
Hey thats pretty good! I dont like cliffhangers tho so please post chapter 3! is harry leaving for a good reason or a bad reason? is someone dead? is snape dead (i wish lol) anyway post please! its really good :P

Author's Response: lol thanxs its in limbo so it probally wont take long to post, hopefully

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Review #12, by BadBoy4Life ( The "You Know Whats"

20th March 2005:
Hey dude, a cool begining 4 a good story i presume? Hehe, ok, you doing well, keep up the good work, and startwriting faster so we could read it :))

Author's Response: lol thanxs if u guys want an earier copy just im me addicted3789 it takes forever to post here

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Review #13, by Ashley M The "You Know Whats"

8th March 2005:
Wow. Really good start keep going.

Author's Response: hey thanxs alot

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Review #14, by lavictoryah A New Beginning

2nd March 2005:
hey that was good!!!!!!! We really are in the same line of thoughts about what will happen in Book 6!!!! You've got a very good story! keep up the good work.

Author's Response: wow thank you, i was soo mad i had to completely change chp 3 based on new info by jk lol but its done and coming

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Review #15, by JAM The "You Know Whats"

28th February 2005:
Hey! Ithought this story was already posted!?! Well ne ways good job! I hate cliffhangers! Hope you post more soon!!!!!

Author's Response: yeah sry bout that im trying to add a new chp but everytime i did last time it didnt update so i decided to start all over, i actually have the 3rd chp done so maybe i should post it lol

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