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Review #1, by Nicodude... The Transfer Student

1st March 2008:
hahahaa.akram you're gr8 maan!! :D

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Review #2, by Queen and Princess Potter Surprise Revelations

13th April 2007:
I love it! update very soon!1

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Review #3, by Queen and princess Potter The Transfer Student

13th April 2007:
We love classic stories (except Lord of the Rings)

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Review #4, by Queen and Princess Potter The Transfer Student

13th April 2007:
Great Story!!! I love

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Review #5, by em Surprise Revelations

2nd July 2005:
WRITE MORE!!!!!! i want to now about the wepons!

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Review #6, by Order The Transfer Student

16th April 2005:
Hey What happned to your other story

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Review #7, by Jayne The Transfer Student

28th March 2005:
I love king Athur and I love harry potter they go great together

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Review #8, by damn Surprise Revelations

25th March 2005:
Nice story you got in here

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Review #9, by PGHammer Surprise Revelations

22nd March 2005:
Poor Minerva! Once again, she sees her favorites getting ready for battle (and wishes they didn't have to). Methinks *somebody* better tell Minerva about that thrice-cursed Prophecy (obviously she doesn't know yet).

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Review #10, by srin The Transfer Student

18th March 2005:
pretty good story. India seems pretty different, but the idea is quite good.

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Review #11, by Grints Girl The Transfer Student

12th March 2005:
Good Start!! Update soon!

Author's Response: Thanks a lot! You are one of the few reviewing this story. I appreciate that. I have posted the second chapter.

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Review #12, by Rocky The Transfer Student

11th March 2005:
Man, what kind of a story is this? I would never have thought of a guy who got the Order of Merlin at 16 years. You rule! Continue the story!

Author's Response: Thanks a lot! I will try my best. Right now, I am having some server glitches.

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Review #13, by Rakshit The Transfer Student

10th March 2005:
Story's nice! I admire the writing skill! Continue the story and beat J.K.Rowling!Bye!

Author's Response: I honestly think that J.K.Rowling is thousands of steps above me! Anyway thanks!

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Review #14, by jessika_storm101 The Transfer Student

6th March 2005:
kewl beans. This is looking pretty awesome. I really hope you continue!! That's awesome! so young and so many accomplishements! pretty good character you've created there. New Delhi in India... did u watch Master of disques lately? lol, anywayz.. really great! that joe sounds like quite the person to befriend..... oh one thing though.. this part ["“And finally,” said Professor McGonagall, folding the parchment “Razor, Joe!” Peter walked slowly and sat on the stool. "] just thought i'd let you know incase u missed that... anywayz great job and i'm adding you to my favorites! YAY!

Author's Response: Thanks a lot! And I will make the correction rightaway! BTW, I have finished the second chapter. So I will post it by latest 13th of March! Lol! R&R!

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