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Review #1, by somefink_wicked A Random Year

26th July 2006:
vry vry vry vry vry vry vry vry vry vry vry vry vry weird! lol! is Harry havin sum kind of weird dream?

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Review #2, by Programmer Diagonal Alley!!

5th January 2006:
Hey Dwell! It's The_Riddler. I told you I'd read your stories and I did, and I can't wait for the next chapter! this story is one of the funniest ones that I have ever read! I like your little intros as well. awesome. Keep up the good work! ~Programmer/ The_Riddler~

Author's Response: aww! thanks so so so much! :D

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Review #3, by floomasters Diagonal Alley!!

1st August 2005:
o dear dear dear me urshie. lol. how random!

Author's Response: cool hey!

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Review #4, by play girl 7 A Random Year

30th July 2005:
sorry to say but i didnt like this story

Author's Response: that's alright, not many ppl do! It's a bit to random for some ppls taste.. myn too really but I'm gonna keep it there 4 fun! lol

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Review #5, by play girl 7 A Random Year

4th July 2005:
blaa this crazy

Author's Response: of course :D ~urshie

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Review #6, by firebolt15892 Diagonal Alley!!

9th May 2005:
oo yeah i forgot that i need people to keep lookin for my story it's called The Possessed Child. i know it sux but please read it!!! I'M DESPERATE!!!!!!!!'s still in limbo now but it will be posted soon!!!!!

Author's Response: I'll go take a look

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Review #7, by firebolt15892 Diagonal Alley!!

9th May 2005:
omg what is with harry wanting to get it on with draco's mom????

Author's Response: oh he doesn't want to

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Review #8, by firebolt15892 A Random Year

9th May 2005:
i love random stuff!!!!YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author's Response: Yay!!!

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Review #9, by MagGrrl Diagonal Alley!!

3rd May 2005:
Urshie you are outta your friggin MIND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But it's fun and I love it! :-) Moe

Author's Response: YAY! out of my mind!!

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Review #10, by MagGrrl A Random Year

3rd May 2005:
Hey Urshie~ You are outta your mind...but I knew that already...what is it with you, Shell and pies??? And the rubbing of the chin I not in on the joke? Anyway random events yes! I loved the part about Duds leaving his butt behind! If I ever need a laugh I know I can always get one from you or Shell! :-) Moe

Author's Response: hahaha really? I don't have a thing with pie's it was only once lol, I just really like pie though :D MWAHAHHAHAHA anywho I tried to take things more literally and I did!

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Review #11, by evvy A Random Year

21st March 2005:
urshie why arent u on msn!? i am lonely!! :P

Author's Response: u poor little buggy, I was probably at house plays? Love Dwelling

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Review #12, by Albus Riddle Diagonal Alley!!

12th March 2005:
I love random stories! They're so funny, but I got lost in so many places I couldn't list them out. I think you mad a mistake in the first chapter - it says Harry is turning 16 and then he's singing 16 turning 17. anyway, UPDATE SOON!

Author's Response: he was singing it cos he was then 16 years old! so he could sing it cos it meant he was turning 17 :D

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Review #13, by Dwell_Eternally_ Diagonal Alley!!

8th March 2005:
hi there, need more reviews... yes...

Author's Response: yes I agree... hmmm

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Review #14, by Fred Fan Diagonal Alley!!

5th March 2005:
That was--interesting. I didn't understand parts of it though, maybe some more detail......

Author's Response: yes fred fan I truely agree, I am starting to tone it down! doooon't worry!

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Review #15, by Suicide and Murder Diagonal Alley!!

4th March 2005:
I think your CRAZY! This is a good thing.


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Review #16, by MiraWithershade Diagonal Alley!!

2nd March 2005:
omg, this is HELL FUNNY! ROFL! U GO GIRL!

Author's Response: lol thanks deary I quite enjoy the art of being funny lol well TRYING to be funny! some people call me a try hard lol

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Review #17, by Iced_Cherriez A Random Year

26th February 2005:
the last reviwer said she was on a plane.. can u get interernet on a plane??? how iteresting.. anyways I wanted to know when the next update was..

Author's Response: it's in a while, I'm really busy!

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Review #18, by A Lonley Blue Faerie Diagonal Alley!!

25th February 2005:
this made me laugh so hard I almost had to go to the bathroom. Than god i didnt though cause i am on a plane and i hate lavatory thingys

Author's Response: oh thankyou! I'm glad u like it! :D !!! *runs around the room*

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Review #19, by oh dear! A Random Year

25th February 2005:
haha.. u know we can get deleted for having chats on here like this.. luckily i am not logged in.. HAHA

Author's Response: u can?! that sucs man!

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Review #20, by baby butts can smell A Random Year

25th February 2005:
yes they can.. 'This... is... a... review....!'

Author's Response: huh?

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Review #21, by baby butt A Random Year

25th February 2005:
hmmm.... it now says SANE on my hand.. do u think that is enough for me to be sane??

Author's Response: ur always sane!

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Review #22, by MEEEEEEEEEEP! A Random Year

25th February 2005:
ummm.... ummm.... ummm... (I am singing a song).. oh dam.. i will neva be as random as you guys.. i quote from shell.. I AM THE SANE ONE... actually i really think i am at the moment.. i think i will have to actually write sane on my hand to be sane.. now where is the pen! lotsa love meep

Author's Response: u are?... singing a song...?

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Review #23, by random chick A Random Year

25th February 2005:
ladida nice story very funny... pies are weird!

Author's Response: suuuuuure

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Review #24, by ME AGAIN AGAIN AGAIN! HAHHA (evvy moosh) A Random Year

25th February 2005:
umm.. u need more reviews.. haha

Author's Response: true

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Review #25, by ME AGAIN!! MWAHAHA (Evvy) A Random Year

25th February 2005:
(quote> try not writing, like, sideways all across two pages or whatever like that. it's annoying. umm.. how are you writing across 2 pages??? this is really random!! really really weird.. maybe she means all the chapters?? really weird person! HAHAHAA

Author's Response: I know! weird hey!

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