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Review #1, by brookehpfanfiction Us

10th October 2005:
Great Story!!! I LOVE peter pan.. love the mix! I might just have to go watch the movie now! haha

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Review #2, by Sofia Us

8th August 2005:
Good Job! Keep writing.

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Review #3, by ksrli Information for her

1st July 2005:
I love this story. Peter Pan is one of my faveroite fairytales and its great that you mix that with Harry Potter. Keep up the good work.

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Review #4, by L A Information for her

21st June 2005:
I would hope that it is common knowledge that Harry is not a pureblood. Lilly was a muggleborn as it is clearly stated in the books.

Author's Response: i fixed it happy?

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Review #5, by Your cousin Us

20th May 2005:
Hey Amber, I just want to say good work. Keep it up, I expect to read more in the near future. Well talk to you later. Love you, Kias.

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Review #6, by furelais equipaje Chapter 2

12th May 2005:
This is a good story. Peter Pan is one of my fave fairy tales, and you have found a way to make it better. good job!

Author's Response: Thank u for the review. I'll write more if u want to read the rest. If u have any stories please tell me. Amber

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Review #7, by Kristen Chapter 2

11th May 2005:
You really need to write longer chapters!!!! Anyway, nice story and I hope you'll be updating soon!!

Author's Response: Hey thanks Kristen for the reviews and your right I do need to right more been so busy haven't had the time to sit down an write the next chapter. amber p.s. THANK YOU!!!!!

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Review #8, by Kristen Us

11th May 2005:
Hey, thanx 4 your review. See, I'm reading your story (sorry if I haven't logged in). It's quite a nice story but the chapter is way 2 short!!

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Review #9, by NIKKI Us

10th March 2005:
Pretty good chica keep it up.....

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Review #10, by 841537948 Us

26th February 2005:
That was a little wierd. It was almost like the Peter Pan story but Harry Potter style. Cool.

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Review #11, by Stae Us

22nd February 2005:
Not bad. I'd like to read more if you would post more than a freaking paragraph.

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