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Review #1, by Lady Asphodel Remembering Dumbledore's Army

8th July 2014:

First before I continue to read the story fully, it'd be better if you spaced out the paragraphs. For example, particularly when it comes to dialogue, you must have another line under it... not next to it. It'll help the reader to read this better.

Secondly, reading your summary, I really love the idea that you have Ginny possessing a photo of the Dumbledore's Army! I wish I had thought of it before, but like I said - it's really cool idea of yours.

Onto reading your story -- I see this story was posted way before the last book - The Deathly Hallows - so you named the daughter, Samantha... man shows how time flies!

The way how you have Ginny reminiscing her DA days was really warming and touching! I can actually feel the nostalgia reading from that!

You really did great, taking the time to have Ginny talk and describe practically everyone in the rebellious group!

It was also great how you wrapped it up with the trio coming in at the end.

I think if you took the time to space out the sentences and paragraphs in your story, it'll definitely be much better! Thanks so much for writing this! I really miss the good ole days. ♥

~ House Cup 2014 Review: Event 5

- Asphodel

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Review #2, by nr123 Remembering Dumbledore's Army

31st May 2009:
great story! very well written

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Review #3, by Anony Mouse Remembering Dumbledore's Army

15th September 2006:
Totally agreed-no offense to the authors of other types, but my favorite pairings are H/G and R/Hr and it's always refreshing to read them! Well, anyway, this story was short and sweet.

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Review #4, by harrys_wierd Remembering Dumbledore's Army

15th August 2006:
the swamp was in the 5th year not 4th! but other then that good job!

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Review #5, by Hazelnutter Remembering Dumbledore's Army

25th November 2005:
*sniff* aqwwwwwwwwwww

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Review #6, by me! Remembering Dumbledore's Army

22nd November 2005:
aww sweet!!

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Review #7, by micking Remembering Dumbledore's Army

2nd November 2005:
very sweet. Good to know that everyone survived and started living again.

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Review #8, by ev the phoenix Remembering Dumbledore's Army

4th October 2005:
really well written - I enjoyed it immensly.

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Review #9, by micking Remembering Dumbledore's Army

22nd July 2005:
it is quite nice. It is good to know that Harry and Ginny married and had a little girl and that Ron and Hermoine were together also.

Author's Response: Thank you. I always have preferred H/G over H/Hr. =D

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