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Review #1, by rowenaravenclaw94 Black, I am

26th August 2007:
that was good! i was so sad when sirius died(all 5 times i read the order of the pheonix and when i saw the movie!) i also thought that ur banner was cool and i was wondering if you could tell me how to make one...pleaze? oh yeah...10/10 for your rhyme scheme!

Author's Response: sorry this reply is So late, but I can still make you a banner if you want! haha.. thanks for the fantastic review!

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Review #2, by Boo! A Werewolf's Destiny

8th July 2006:
I have understandings now they is songfics! Ah je comprend! Je pense que c'est tres bon ou bein je ne sais pas! Basically I think it is very good! BOO!

Author's Response: you know I didnt understand a word of that! oh well.. my fault for quitting french..

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Review #3, by Boo! Black, I am

8th July 2006:
Just before I even read this one question ... how can you have a one-shot with two chapters ... it's a tad paradoxical don't you think? Mind you this first chapter is excellent... I can't spell! Oh wait ... um I had something intelligent to say ... nope gone ... me likey!

Author's Response: i think you already worked this one out.. all by yourself! well done!

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Review #4, by Green_Raven A Werewolf's Destiny

25th February 2006:
Ive read most of your atories but whenever i saw this one i skipped over which was a big mistake, great story

Author's Response: thanks!! :o)

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Review #5, by emily43212 A Werewolf's Destiny

21st October 2005:
Can't wait for the next one

Author's Response: :D

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Review #6, by emily43212 Black, I am

21st October 2005:
Great song!!!

Author's Response: thanx!

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Review #7, by XxDamageControlXx A Werewolf's Destiny

30th July 2005:
Both of them were awesome. I loved the Sirius Black poem. You wrote that, I think that's what you said lol I have a bad memory. Anyways keep up the great work.

Author's Response: yeah.. well i wrote them both! lol thanx!

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Review #8, by Sheshe Black, I am

29th July 2005:
Ah, muy bueno y descriptivo con palabras. Tengo eso decir que ese intruiging y causó que yo me piense acerca del aspecto de caracteres en una relación y la vida. ¡Veneré la manera todo intereacted con todo que era genio apenas puro! ¡Desee que tuviera que en mi escritura pero fuera apenas un cuento encantador, y si estaba a mí yo lo denominaría como un cuento de reccomended! Bien de todos modos continúe por favor porque soy interesado muy. ¡Adiós!

Author's Response: ¡gracias mucho!

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Review #9, by Dakota Black, I am

19th April 2005:
hola hehe im on the spanish version ofthe site.soz i aint tlked to u in ages, hows things. i started trying to make my own banners lol buh how do u make blends im so crap at making things.ttyl Koti

Author's Response: hmmm. well lol, i just muck around on the program and stuff, seeing what looks good. I dont actualy have a way of jsut makig things blend.. but the push or the smudge tools work the best.. hehe we shouldnt chat on reviews, because we can get into trouble, so just send me an email or something if you want.

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Review #10, by November Falls A Werewolf's Destiny

2nd April 2005:
I like this. Insight is great. Hope you do more. Brandy

Author's Response: thankyou! will try!

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Review #11, by Dakota Black, I am

29th March 2005:
oh okay sorry. ill email you. hey i have a new story ya wanna read it. lvs ya Koti

Author's Response: :P kewl! cant wait!

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Review #12, by Dakota Black, I am

28th March 2005:
sorry im not signed in its not letting me, i wish itd stop changing my passwords. wat r sosces are they like i have gsce's oh well anyway thanx for saying youll helpm i suck at this sort stuff, im surprised i finished the site! lvs ya Koti

Author's Response: lol. you need to stop talking on here.. there is a new thing on the homepage.. and it says that if you chat in reviews, your accounts can get deleted... so better just drop me an email instead!

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Review #13, by Viridis Incendia Black, I am

28th March 2005:
WOOOOKAY sorry for buggin you so much but i just cannot seem to figure this out, I signed up for photobucket and i but in the url from the picture you sent me but it said it was in the wrong form or something like that??? I am so confused HELP HELP HELP

Author's Response: huh? wrong form??hmm... maybe you should open the pic up and then save it again, as a gifor a jpeg... then try again!? i dont know what to do? its never happened to me before.. eek.. i'm sorry!

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Review #14, by Dakota Black, I am

27th March 2005:
okay they'd be really kool hey sound GREAT!!!! um well the site is called Dakota Fiction and so a graphic for that'd be good and for my other stroeis, like A Spoonful of Jam, the tagline is 'The future is about to become the past,' and the main charcters are Desiray and Daveigh and its set in Salem, MA in the witch killing times, im doing a play called the crible in school and i play john proctor, hes really hard tio play and in the scene were doing i really cant act him :s buh yeah anyhoo, thanx so mcuh for helping me do this site and it wood be great if the banners/grpahics were flashing. thanx so much. Dakota

Author's Response: lol, of coure! just give me a few days or so, because school work is calling.. dam i hate SOSE.. lol then i will try my hardest!

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Review #15, by Dakota Black, I am

26th March 2005:
thanx, what dyu mean graphics, like wat flahing things sorry im really stupid, i have to use that template for the site coz its free buh i can also make pages them upload them so i cood use graphics on that probably. thanx. Luv Dakota

Author's Response: yeah graffics are like pics that i have made, you know? like the banners they are graffics. so if you need anything made for you site like that, just tell me! :P lotsa love Evelyn

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Review #16, by Dakota Black, I am

26th March 2005:
I was just wondering if its okay, i have made a site and i have put my stories there i have put up the banners you have made for me and credited you as iced_cherriez from is that okay. p.s when you have time i was wondering if you could check out the site and maybe make some banners for me for the site and two stories wen you have dun your studying and list. thanx. Dakota

Author's Response: wow! of course! your site sounds really kewl! I am checking it our right now! oh and if you ever need any graffics for it, jsut ask! lotsa love Evelyn

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Review #17, by Viridis Incendia Black, I am

26th March 2005:
THANKS SO MUCH for the banner now how do i put it up???? I tried lotsa stuff but it doesn't seem to work. ANyway thanks SO MUCH AGAIN

Author's Response: ah, yes I will emails you that!.. actually i can jsut tell you on here.. lol

I can tell you how to do it, but you need to be ready to make an account for something. If you look up it will come up with a picture hosting site. you can make an account on there for free. You only get a specific amount of space, so don't use it up too quickly! After you have made an account and stuff, you can upload the images to the net, which you have to do so that everyone can see them. Once you have done that, the images and three codes will appear below the uploading bar (Which says browse for image or something like that) If you copy the second code, the one in the middle and place it onto your summary on HPFF you will have your banner! I hope that helped!

ta ta! lotsa love iced_Cherriez (Evelyn)

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Review #18, by Dakota Black, I am

25th March 2005:
i thought it was dakota, wow, is it her eyes too on freak like me, they are stunning eyes, my friend has a pic of my eyes as her screensaver on her fone coz we dun all scary makeup n they dun my eyes and they looked wicked so she took a picture. good luck studying for your exams, they are exams right. ne ways, tlk to ya l8ers. Dakota

Author's Response: not exactly exams, but they count, lol! those pics sound interesting! gotta go, its like 11pm here and i am not meant to be online! lotsa love Evelyn

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Review #19, by Viridis Incendia Black, I am

25th March 2005:
NOOOOOOOO just I was getting so excited about my banner. I think you said it was done though already so maybe I can still get it up soon ya? And when you do get it to me, which can be as late as you want I totally understand that you have a life, can you teach me how to get it on my story? Thanks so much for your help buh bye ~Kenny

Author's Response: oops i must have forgotten to send it! I AM SOOOOO SORRY!!! i really love this banner, and i have sent it again, so i relaly hope you like it! :P

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Review #20, by Dakota Black, I am

24th March 2005:
hiya, i was just wondering, ya know the amazing hide and seek banner you did for me, the girl you used on there, who is she, and whose eyes did you use on freak like me, just wondering. cya. dakota

Author's Response: hha, guess who? its dakota fanning. i used a real pic from the movie, and just changed it a lot.. lol :P

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Review #21, by Dakota Black, I am

21st March 2005:
omg omg omg thank you so much they are mazing, thanx a lot, luvs ya Dakota

Author's Response: thankyou alot! i am glad you liked them:P

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Review #22, by Viridis Incendia Black, I am

20th March 2005:
Hello there I was wondering if you could make me a banner for my story. It is called Stone Tears if that will help, and it's about a girl with strange powers that allow her to, basicly, draw vines and tree's from the earth whenever she loses her temper. She has a very mysterious past and Harry and her have a really strong connection. Hermione is jealous of their relationship. She also fell in love with a nymph and now has his family and village attempting to make her their queen. I don't know if that is enough information for you to make a banner so if you need anymore info just let me know. As far as the banner goes surprise me! Thanx for your time, ~Viridis Incendia

Author's Response: of course! if you could just send all that to my email, and what the girl looks like etc, so i can put it on the banner, lotsa love Iced_Cherriez

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Review #23, by Dakota Black, I am

18th March 2005:
hiya iced_cherriez, i was wondering could you make me a banner for two of my stories. one is hide and seek and basically like the movie but i would like it if it had flashing on it like moving writing or something and then one for my other story freak like me, it is about a blonde haired girl who is abused and beaten and she keeps it a secret, and the tagline is some secrets are suppossed to be told, and some are kept from us. thank you for your help, and could you help me with how to put one up i dont know how people have tried to explain but its failed. thanx. Dakota

Author's Response: yes of course I will make you a banner, but you will have to contact me on my email. also you will have to explain a bit more about your stories, becuase i am not sure i understand the whole consept of them both! :P lotsa love Iced_Cherriez

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Review #24, by ev the phoenix Black, I am

14th March 2005:
hey could you possiby make another banner for me???! I know it's a big ask, and if you don't want to I totally understand, but I've just put up another short story, and I'd love it if it had a banner. If you do want to make me another banner, just contact me, and I'll tell you what the story's about. Thanks

Author's Response: hey thats not a big ask!! i make banners all the time now! haha lol okay i wilL!

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Review #25, by SiriuslyLupin A Werewolf's Destiny

13th March 2005:
This chapter was excellent, but that's probably because I'm a sucker for werewolf!Remus stuff :P I loved it, and again, the poems were done very well. I'm adding this to my favorites :)

Author's Response: oh thankyou! this poem was something i did in this middle of the night.. it wasnt meant to be a poem, but lol oh well! thanx!

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