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Reading Reviews for The Summer That Was
112 Reviews Found

Review #1, by Catty411 Portkeys and Quidditch

10th January 2007:
It never says where Hermione is. Only in the Banner.

Author's Response: She's.. on vacation.. in another country. I honestly haven't thought about it. -_-

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Review #2, by Italy19 Portkeys and Quidditch

13th August 2006:
I thought you said it wont take you two months this time!! It has already been 11 months!!

Author's Response: hmm.. I actually wasn't planning on updating this story.. :/ sorry..

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Review #3, by mrsronweasley Wanting To Know

23rd May 2006:
another cliff omg what shall we do about this lol om bi xx oh p.s. loved the story lol bi xx

Author's Response: haha, i love it! :D sorry ^^; glad you like it ! .^^.

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Review #4, by mrsronweasley Somethings Are Never Fair

23rd May 2006:
WOW! omom how r u the story is sooo kool i cant believe she might have to quit thats so sad :'( bi xx

Author's Response: thanks. [: no worries, it's all good. :D thank youu.

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Review #5, by mrsronweasley The Waiting Visitor

22nd May 2006:
hey not one of your best chapters but its kool when will we see ron in the story again ?? lol bi xx

Author's Response: HAHA. well.. that's alright, i guess. LOL. i have no idea, and thanks for reading. [:

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Review #6, by mrsronweasley An Unexpected Warning

22nd May 2006:
evil evil cliff hanger lol great start to the sequel lol bi xx

Author's Response: you know i love it. ^__^ thank youu.

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Review #7, by Daniel Portkeys and Quidditch

14th March 2006:
Umm... arent you going to update this story...??

Author's Response: ahhh... i'm not sure about this one. :/

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Review #8, by emenem10 An Unexpected Warning

10th March 2006:
Okay, so I found the sequal to this and it referred me back here. Only problem is- this one isn't finished! How am I POSSIBLY going to read the next one if this one isn't finished! lol. sorry. :D Good start! ~Emily

Author's Response: Well, you can keep reading on to the other ones. I'm pretty sure this one is done. :]

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Review #9, by Ruth Portkeys and Quidditch

29th November 2005:
This is an ace story looking forward to reading more! Thank you so much for writing it!

Author's Response: Thank you ! Love that adjective, 'ace'. Hehe. Oh dear, thank you so much for reading it ! :D

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Review #10, by Ollie An Unexpected Warning

1st October 2005:
ooh! what'll hjappen next? i have to read more!!!!!!!!!!

Author's Response: ^_______^ Lol. Well, go on then! I wont stop ya. lol. Thanks for reading and reviewing! <33

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Review #11, by lucille266 Wanting To Know

22nd August 2005:

Author's Response: ^___^ Thanks for the review! <33

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Review #12, by lucille266 Somethings Are Never Fair

22nd August 2005:
gd v gd

Author's Response: ^_^ Thank you! I'm glad you're enjoying it! <33

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Review #13, by lucille266 The Waiting Visitor

22nd August 2005:
who is waiting who is waiting!

Author's Response: ^^; Hehe. I can't tell you that! lol. Thanks so much for reading and reviewing, it realy means a lot. <33

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Review #14, by lucille266 An Unexpected Warning

22nd August 2005:
OH warn u bout what.

Author's Response: ^___^ You'll just have to see... lol. Thanks so much for taking the time to read and review! <33

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Review #15, by Elizabeth A Mirror's Secrets

19th August 2005:
I love all your stories! I'm curious, does Megan still have the Dark Mark?

Author's Response: Thanks so much for taking the time to read them all! ^__^ But this story came before We Will Become Silhouettes...lol. Thanks for the review! <33

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Review #16, by stoneycrisp Portkeys and Quidditch

18th August 2005:
thats a hell of a clifhanger please hurry up i love ur stories...lol

Author's Response: lmao. I know, I know. I'm absolutely terrible with my cliffhangers ^^; I will try my best to update this one soon. :) I'm so glad you like my stories, it means a lot. Thanks for reading and thanks for the review! <33

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Review #17, by Adhar Portkeys and Quidditch

9th August 2005:
great chapter! about time u updated!

Author's Response: I'm glad you liked it! LMAO! Yeah, I know. ^^; Thanks for the review! <3

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Review #18, by Wierd_Sisters Portkeys and Quidditch

7th August 2005:
BRILLIANT!!!!!! ohh....I'd die to go to a quidditch match....espesially a Kenmare one! *grins and imagines a quidditch match between the Tornadoes and Kenmare* ~WS~

Author's Response: Thanks! Yeah...if only Harry Potter were real...I could SO die happy :] Ahh...I'd like an Arrows match against...the Harpies! x] Thanks for the review! <3

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Review #19, by Anonymous Somethings Are Never Fair

5th August 2005:
I'm reading all your stories now.....I'm new to this site, but loving your stuff.

Author's Response: Thank you so much, it really means a lot. Welcome to the site! I know you'll love it. [I'm obsessed ^^;] I'm glad you like my stories. Thanks for the review! <3

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Review #20, by Wierd_Sisters A Mirror's Secrets

5th August 2005:
BRILLIANT!!!! alright......wtf is with the "secret boxes" ?! O.o; lol, wonderful, as usual. ^^; ~WS~

Author's Response: Thanks! lmao! Don't worry, you'll find out about the boxes in due time. All I need to do is force myself to write the next chapter of this story! lol. Thanks, I'm glad you liked it. :)

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Review #21, by Wierd_Sisters Secrets Only The Past Can Hold

5th August 2005:
BRILLIANT!!!!! ohhh...my favorite chapter as well! reading about her life storywas so.....hooking i guess you could call it x_x; it hooked me fromthe begining and ijust loved the whole auto-biography sorta thing ^^; ~WS~

Author's Response: Thanks! Ah, I LOVED writing this one! It was nice to get all that stuff out of my mind and into the story. Eh...yeah :D lmao, don't worry, I get what you mean ;) thanks for the review! <3

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Review #22, by Wierd_Sisters Wanting To Know

5th August 2005:
BRILLIANT!!! aha...sigh....a remembrance of Ron...*sighs dreamily* *~WS~

Author's Response: Thanks! Ron :] yesss...lol. thanks for the review! <3

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Review #23, by Wierd_Sisters Somethings Are Never Fair

5th August 2005:
BRILLIANT!!!! ARGH! HONESTLY! who ever put Fudgey in the minister positon was obviously suited for the nut house! the loony bin! they should be locked upin azkaban! bloody lunatics.....~WS~

Author's Response: Thanks! I totally agree with you. I was soo glad when he was sacked. Although killing him would have been a tad bit better...Curse Jo... Thanks for the review! <3

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Review #24, by Wierd_Sisters The Waiting Visitor

5th August 2005:
BRILLIANT!!!! reviewing is my specialty, and besides, Manda was catching up with me so I needed to start reading again and do less writing ;) Loved it, as usual. ~WS~

Author's Response: Thanks! Ahh...I see. lol. That's cool with me! Yah, Mands reviews a whole lot. lmao. But still write too! lol. Thanks, I'm glad you liked it. :]

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Review #25, by Wierd_Sisters An Unexpected Warning

4th August 2005:
BRILLIANT!!! and just to clear things up....I'm suposed to read this before WWBS, right? O.o; if not, oh well *shrugs and continues to the next chapter* ~WS~

Author's Response: Thanks! Well, you don't really have to read this one...except chapter five, because that one's important. And seriously! Thanks for all the reviews! :D

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