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Review #1, by Bama Finally .. Something Good!

20th March 2006:
Ah! Love it! Please update soon. I must read more.

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Review #2, by Stephanie Finally .. Something Good!

16th September 2005:
the story is BRILLIANT i cant wait for the next chap (there is a next chap right?) is dpressing but brilliant

Author's Response: Thank you! There should be another chapter sooner or later, once I get some of the clutter out of my head. I know it's been awhile, but business mixed with writer's block isn't a good combination to be writing with. I'll start working on it as soon as I can.

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Review #3, by Rebecca Black Finally .. Something Good!

3rd July 2005:
Hey I just finished reading all the chapters of this story and I think that it's awesome! Are you still writing this story? I hope so, and if you are, update soon!-N

Author's Response: Thank you! Like I said, I'm going to start trying to finish this story up soon, because I've been getting back into the writing groove after a couple months off.

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Review #4, by patti Finally .. Something Good!

30th June 2005:
I love it! Keep it comming!

Author's Response: Thanks! And I'm trying. =D

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Review #5, by angel13 Finally .. Something Good!

17th May 2005:
I know, it was horrible when we found out. It musnt have been that serious (maybe someone found her before she got that bad) coz she 's back a school now. Shes under 24 hour supervision. Turns out it wasnt the first time shes done it, everyone thinks it a plea for attantion, since her parents divorced and none really wanted her to live with them...

Author's Response: Eek! I'm so sorry. Well at least she's better .. for now at least. <33

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Review #6, by angel13 Finally .. Something Good!

16th May 2005:
Oh yes, i forgot...a friend of mine tried to commit suicide last week...really reminded me of this story...she said she hated her life, and no matter how much we tried to convince her her life wasnt that bad she insisted it was...

Author's Response: Oh my gosh .. I'm so sorry! That's horrible! I hope she's okay now! My best wishes go out to her, and I hope she recovers nicely. <33

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Review #7, by angel13 Halfway House

14th May 2005:
I love it. I've reviewed all the other chapters, just not this one. Funny. :)

Author's Response: xP lol. Thanks! <33

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Review #8, by angel13 Finally .. Something Good!

11th May 2005:
Yay! You updated! Lucky Kora, things are finally turning out right for her...

Author's Response: yeah .. for now anyways. =P. that's all I'm going to say .. <33

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Review #9, by Dweia Finally .. Something Good!

11th May 2005:
*giggles* as always dear, fantastic, i love it. of course i did beta it so i think i'm supposed to like it :P

Author's Response: hehe .. thanks sweetie. You've really no clue how much you help me sometimes .. <33

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Review #10, by EW4eva Ruining Halloween

7th May 2005:
Aww, I like this so far, update soon

Author's Response: hehe, thanks. I actually just added the next chapter, and it's in limbo .. so it shouldn't be too long now! <33

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Review #11, by angel13 Living Hell

1st May 2005:
ugh. i cannot imagine blaise as female. i can only picture the hottie as a guy.

Author's Response: Haha yeah .. me too .. xP <33

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Review #12, by angel13 Living Hell

23rd April 2005:
*sigh* think what you like but no ones going to convince me that blaise is evil! if he is. i really hope he's mentioned in book 6 and 7 or else im gonna be really sad...

Author's Response: That is what I like about lesser-known characters .. everyone can have their own idea about them. You can have them think and act however you want. I know some people who would rather like to think Blaise is a girl. <33

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Review #13, by angel13 Living Hell

21st April 2005:
i picture him to be good looking, nice, funny, friendly, un slytherin like, cute, good grades, sorta like remus but more funny and jokey and cooler. i also think of him as generall popular, malfoys friend of course, but not evil.

Author's Response: Well I have a couple different versions of him up in my head. In this one, he's a bratty, snobby, bastard. lol. In one of my other stories, he's a little nicer and quiet, kind of like what you described. <33

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Review #14, by angel13 Ruining Halloween

18th April 2005:
YES! go out with Kora!

Author's Response: =P We'll you'll just have to wait to find out what happens, eh? No worries though, I've got the next installment at least halfway finished. I think it's going to be longer than the others. <33

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Review #15, by angel13 Living Hell

18th April 2005:
I know exactly how kora feels...when i was at my friends house a few years ago, someone "accidently" moved the chair and i ended up sitting on the ground. it hurt. my so called frinds could not stop laughing. but only a few weeks ago, i did that to i girl i dont was so funny, the whole class was laughing (she deserved it, she was mean to me). AND BLAISE IS NOT ONE OF THE WORST SLYTHERIN 7 YEAR BOYS!!!! HE'S ONE OF THE NICEST AND UN SLYTHERIN LIKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author's Response: haha yeah, that happened to me sooo many times, and I do it to my friends as well. lol. And as for Blaise, everyone has their own ideas of him, because he's not really seen much in the books, and this is just how i picture him to be. At least for this story. lol <33

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Review #16, by angel13 "Goodnight Kora"

18th April 2005:
so sad...i feel sorry for kora (even though she isnt real)

Author's Response: aww .. lol. I promise you .. things'll start to look up sooner or later. Probably later. =P <33

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Review #17, by angel13 The Arrival

18th April 2005:
thats sad...kora has no friends, and spending a year in st mungos does not help either,

Author's Response: Yeah .. things'll hopefully start to look up for her. I know if they will or not, as for you, you'll have to wait and find out, wont you? lol! <33

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Review #18, by Josh Living Hell

18th March 2005:
NICE! Keep them coming Lynn!

Author's Response: no need to worry about that. I've got the next chappie pretty much finished. Just have to touch it up, and then type it, and it'll be on here as soon as you know it. <33

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Review #19, by Josh "Goodnight Kora"

28th February 2005:
This is starting to get depressing....good though.

Author's Response: Again, thanks! =D <33

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Review #20, by Josh The Arrival

28th February 2005:
Great Chapter, will keep reading.

Author's Response: Thanks! =D <33

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Review #21, by Josh Halfway House

28th February 2005:
Whoa! Way creepy. It's funny, I like violence but there's just something about suicide that gets me. Great First chapter, I'll keep reading.

Author's Response: aww .. hehe, thanks Joshy! <33

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Review #22, by yo The Arrival

24th February 2005:
i think that you can get a lot of people to read this story its really good

Author's Response: aw .. thanks! Just to let everyone know, I've got the third chapter written, I just need to type it up, so it won't be too long now. <33

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Review #23, by Normione Halfway House

21st February 2005:
Interesing story so far and very good. Update soon!

Author's Response: thanks! I'm really liking this story so far .. so I'm going to try and write as much as I can today! =D <33

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Review #24, by harrypotterlover93 Halfway House

20th February 2005:
Love it love it love it. When will you update another one? Anywayz...all the best to you

Author's Response: hehe thanks. I've already got the second part well underway. I'd say about half done. Since tomorrow is a weekend, I'd say expect it out sometime tonight or tomorrow. Monday at the very latest. <33

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Review #25, by Healer_25 Halfway House

19th February 2005:
Crazy old man he just doesn't get it does he. I wonder if she'll think about Harry noticing her, or is she only interested in girls.

Author's Response: umm .. no Kora is not interested in girls. and as for your comment on Harry, well .. you'll just have to wait, wont you? =P <33

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