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Review #1, by BOO! Tears

8th July 2006:
GUESS WHO!!! HER NAME STARTS WITH AN S and for some reason she is reffering to herself in the third person and seemed to be stuck in capslock! If you cannot guess my little evvy child i shall have to hurt you! me likeyes this one! which is the one with Misery in it?

Author's Response: the newest one dingbat.. hi steve!

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Review #2, by Noblevyne Tears

31st January 2006:
I love how Tonks is just so determined, she never gives up even though she repsects his wish for distance...though she does mock him from afar for his attitude.

Author's Response: lol! yeah she does seem to mock him from afar for his attitude, but thats just tonks. Tonks is my favourite character by far! and seeing that JK Rowling hasnt really gone into depth with her character it gives me a semi-blank canvas to work on, to create my own ideas and almost my own character! thankyou very much lauren! -evelyn xo

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Review #3, by Anastasia Tears

5th January 2006:
Wow, this story is pretty good! I loved it! It flowed naturally and it wasn't pretentious...great! By the way, Evelyn, could you make a banner for my story?

Author's Response: hey there! if you want a banner, you'll have to email me with all the details.. you can find them all on my website! :P -iced

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Review #4, by lunalovegood616 Tears

27th October 2005:
That. was. so. darn. good.

Author's Response: you think so? thanx. very. much!

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Review #5, by emily43212 Tears

21st October 2005:
Great remus/tonks story!!!!

Author's Response: :D :D

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Review #6, by Paloma Patil Tears

11th October 2005:
Lovely. Bang-on. Well done.

Author's Response: wow, thanx!

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Review #7, by Harry4Ever Tears

13th September 2005:
Aww! This story was so cute! Is there a sequel in the works??? Anyway, just two VERY minor grammatical things on which I picked up. One of them is to not end a sentence with a preposition. You had a sentence ending with something like "...set on." It would have been better to say "on which it was set." No biggie! Also, I think you had "had grew" instead of " had grown" in one sentence as well. Other than that, I thought it was awesome. If you have time, I would love your honest opinion about my stories (I have 4). A bit of a warning...I write LONG chapters. Your descriptions are lovely and I adore Tonks/Remus together. It just fits. Keep up the awesome writing and I'll be back to R/R your other stories. Have an awesome day! - Harry4Ever :)

Author's Response: thanx soo much for the extra long review! your awesome! I love Tonks and Remus together as well!, and isnt it amazing that i wrote this whole story and a bit on them.. well not based around them.. but you know what i mean.. and then JK writes it in her story! it makes me feel so special!

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Review #8, by Nicole_jameslily4ever Tears

7th September 2005:
I like the writing style, only thing I was confused with the flashback...but lovely writing!!!

Author's Response: dont worry.. its a part from my other big story Harry Potter and the Army of Decendants..

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Review #9, by Mystick613_Annie2 Tears

26th August 2005:
wow... that was.... GOOD! =^.^=

Author's Response: thanx heaps!!

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Review #10, by OliviaWeasley Tears

24th July 2005:
great one-shot. loved it!! to bad its the last chapter, but it was still realyl good!

Author's Response: lol thanx!

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Review #11, by MoonWolf Tears

17th July 2005:
Sweet! Great banner, by the way. I like that picture of Remus.

Author's Response: thanx!

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Review #12, by RavenMaiden Tears

17th June 2005:
awww *sob* so sad. Heartrenching *sob* so sad *sniffel*

Author's Response: :D yay! i am so gald you liked it.. yoou did.. didnt you? lol it its sad..

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Review #13, by whitecat1000 Tears

16th June 2005:
tat was really boring. if you read thhe army of decendants you would know al tat already.

Author's Response: gee thanx alot *rolls eyes*

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Review #14, by Keladry Tears

2nd June 2005:
That lovely... wait scratch that, that was beautiful

Author's Response: wow, thankyou! :D

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Review #15, by KitKat Tears

30th May 2005:
Well.....someone shure does sound sure of herself (Tonks, i mean). There is a fine line between confidence and boasting......j.k.!! I loved the story and Remus happens to be one of my favorite charictors. I'm starting to like Tonks more and more. She's always so funny and clumsy (though not in your story, and thats a good thing!). Anywho....i liked it and hope you write another soon! ~BYZies!!

Author's Response: aww thankies!! lol, I love both Tonks and Remus! they are the best characters i think!! lol anyways thanx again! lotsa love Iced_Cherriez

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Review #16, by Dakota Tears

3rd May 2005:
hiya evelyn sorry i havnt spoke to you ina while. hows u ne ways. im making a wkd story its called urban legend and im doing it for my drama we have to write a play and im doing it only changed a bit. ttyl Koti

Author's Response: thats really kewl!

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Review #17, by Lady Kat Tears

10th April 2005:
lovely story!!

Author's Response: thankyoU!

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Review #18, by MagGrrl Tears

4th April 2005:
I didn't realize that you made this a one shot! You should really make this into a story...I think you could do a lot with it!!!!

Author's Response: it sort of is a story, its part of my Army of Decendants.. this is just a section that was in it that i elaborated on a read the other one!

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Review #19, by MagGrrl Tears

4th April 2005:
Ev~ This was wonderful! I loved how you began it...making it a memory! Lupin and Tonks belong together and you made it fit perfectly. I can't wait to read the rest! :-) Moe

Author's Response: the rest?? lol i know what i mean.. lol read Army of Decendants, it has WAY more of this in it.. i think its better! :P

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Review #20, by Fredslover Tears

3rd April 2005:
Awww, i adore this story!! I love Nymphadora she's so awsome!!

Author's Response: OMG, so do I! she is my favourite character!

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Review #21, by ev the phoenix Tears

12th March 2005:

Author's Response: :P thankyoU!

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Review #22, by Healer_25 Tears

20th February 2005:
again a silly little spelling thing, I'm sorry if I rag but heh, its always nice to be told the different things, instead of dripping you wrote tripping, though its a really funny image of a tear tripping down someones face, heh maybe I'll write a little one shot about the tear that trips. another little thing is there, its supposed to be their, as in their pain. Your writing has improved since the first story I read. I enjoy how you've enhanced the descriptive text, it makes a story so much more believable. Its a very sweet one shot. I like how you made Tonks less of a ditz and more of a person. In the books shes a barely mentioned character, and it gives her depth.

Author's Response: yeah i know.. i didnt like the sound of a ditz.. but i started out with one so people could get to know her character better. i will fix the mistaks right away. thanx! :P

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Review #23, by Xavier JX Tears

19th February 2005:
Excellent piece of writing Evelyn! It is a very sweat scene with lots of warm snuggles. I assume this is an off shoot from Harry Potter and the Army of Decendants. Cheers! John.

Author's Response: yeah you got it in one! i wrote this because i was bored and it is from one of my favourite scenes in HPAD.. hehehe :P

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Review #24, by Rowena Ravenclaw Tears

19th February 2005:
awww, this is so sweet!

Author's Response: thankyou! :P

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Review #25, by jendarran Tears

18th February 2005:
this is such a cool story!

Author's Response: aw thankyou!

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