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Review #1, by Cassie_Heart Saying Good-Bye

9th March 2009:
GREAT JOB I LOVE THIS STORY! my only complaint is that some of the scenes were a bit rushed but that is only my opinion. i do it too in writing and just wanted to let you kno. OTHERWISE GREAT JOB!

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Review #2, by Queen_of_Two_Worlds Saying Good-Bye

5th March 2009:
I LOVE IT! Anyway, yeah I will eventually have to pretend I am working on my schoolwork and not at all abusing my computer privileges, but your writing is extremely good. Sure, there are a couple OOC things when it comes to Hogwarts grounds but, all in all, I just want to know who the traitor is.

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Review #3, by HP_RP_on_myspace Saying Good-Bye

13th November 2007:
Hey its really good!

haha i really do like it but the fact that it is year five for landan and he "catches up" is ludacris. Honestly even if he was as smart as hermione he would still have trouble. But i like it none the less.


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Review #4, by secrets_in_the_owlery Saying Good-Bye

3rd June 2007:
This story is so good. I hope there is a sequel. I don't have any preferences to a Harry romance, but Landon is my favorite and hopefully he and Dana will stay strong.

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Review #5, by tigerlility Saying Good-Bye

12th February 2007:
i would like to see a h/g relationship but don't focus to much on it please

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Review #6, by tigerlility Eye of the Enemy

11th February 2007:
great so far, by the way the spell hermione uses is 'Bombarda'

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Review #7, by That is mad rad Invasion of Hogwarts Sanctuary

7th December 2006:
This story is fantastic, mate! I jsut have one did Wormtail disappear if you can't apparate within Hogwarts grounds?


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Review #8, by fifty9 Saying Good-Bye

6th September 2006:
hmm.. nice story. have got a good plot. and a sequel with a harry/ginny relationship would be great!

Author's Response: Yes it certainly would. I suppose you'll just have to check out the sequel, One More Memory, for yourself then! Hey, thanks so much for the review- I really appreciate it!

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Review #9, by NeverEnoughWeasley Dana

20th February 2006:
Well that was fun. i was wonderinng when a hot girl was going to come into the picture... its about time

Author's Response: well I can see where your priorities lie... anyway, thanks so much for the review

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Review #10, by NeverEnoughWeasley No Doubt Left

20th February 2006:
whew... you had me worried there for a minute. If Harry had said no, I would have been pissed. Anyway, great story so far- keep it up!

Author's Response: haha... yeah, well i like to leave all of you hanging for a while, lol... just kidding...

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Review #11, by Derek Saying Good-Bye

18th February 2006:
Great story, can't wait for a sequel

Author's Response: I know... It will be coming soon... Kind of... THanks for the review!

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Review #12, by haylie_lupin Saying Good-Bye

23rd January 2006:
OK. I've read the whole story now, so I'm going to review. That has got to be one of the best stories that I've read on this site! I absolutely loved it! I couldn't stop reading it! I'm sad that it's over, but I'm ready for the sequel (need to see if you've posted it). Excellent job - this story had me laughing out loud, on the verge of tears, gripping the edge of my seat, and even screaming in horror! Marvelous! Keep up the good work! haylie_lupin!!

Author's Response: Well, then, I see that you count it as an all-around good story! I'm very glad to hear it! I have not posted the sequel to this story yet, but I will start doing so once I find the time! I'm still not totally hooked on what I'm going to do for the plot line right now... things are still just floating in the air as of now... But, anwyay, thanks a bunch for reviewing!

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Review #13, by haylie_lupin Saying Good-Bye

22nd January 2006:
"Please review as to what you think- there have been several requests for a Harry/Ginny relationship, and since I am not that far into the sequel, there is time for me to add it in. If you would like to see this kind of romance happen, please review and tell me so. If you think I am a prat for making that relationship in the sequel, you may also review and tell me that as well, especially if you have any alternative ideas." That's a smart way of getting people to review. *laughs* I think I'll read the story now... haylie_lupin!!

Author's Response: hehe I know... I'm such a rebel...

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Review #14, by AJ Saying Good-Bye

18th January 2006:
I liked your story! Great Job!

Author's Response: Thank You!

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Review #15, by kin2cats Saying Good-Bye

14th January 2006:
great story! Have you started the sequel yet? What's the title of it????

Author's Response: Thanks for the review! No, I have not started the sequel yet... Once my other two stories start winding down, I'll start posting it, I promise! Meanwhile, if you liked One Last Chance, I would definitely try reading my story, The Prophet of Stars. And please drop a review- they are so much appreciated! Thanks!

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Review #16, by Evanesco123 Saying Good-Bye

24th December 2005:
Nice story! It was very entertaining and I enjoyed it immensely. It is evident that you put a lot of hard work into it. Keep up the great work.

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm glad to hear you enjoyed my story, seeing as it was my first fan fic ever... I enjoy the feedback! Best Wishes!

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Review #17, by wand_of_willow Dana

12th November 2005:
te he he.. I'M BACK! LOL. and guess where i decided to review first. ha.. right at the love chapter...! what can i say? i'm a true romantic! ha.. and about that leonardo DiCaprio... mmhhmm.. ;)

Author's Response: It's about time! Just kidding, I love you... Did u finish that one story you were reading? Did u absolutely love it? tehehe... thanks for reviewing! **I"M GROUNDED FROM THE COMPUTER FOR THREE WEEKS, BUT AFTER THAT, THERE WILL BE ANOTHER SHORT STORY POSTED! I AM ALSO WORKING ON A THIRD STORY, BUT I ONLY HAVE THREE CHAPTERS, AND I WANT TO GIVE YOU A WHOLE TON WHEN I POST! I"LL UPDATE ASAP!!

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Review #18, by Ollie Fighting Back

31st October 2005:
ok, him insulting draco wasnt the best insult, harry had already used it on him before....maybe thats why it hurt? i dont even know if this is pre hbp or anything...oh bother, good story though

Author's Response: yeah, i know... I just reread it and it did seem rather lousy. Yes, I did write this story before reading HBP, as with my next few stories. I suppose I'll have to touch up on my dramatic insults in my further writings... Thanks for the tip!

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Review #19, by Ollie Dana

31st October 2005:
that is so unbelievably cute, i loved it, first i wasnt going to finish it, cause it was just random flirting, thought i'd seen it all, but then i read more and it was so adorable!

Author's Response: tehe... well, I'm glad to hear that my random flirting is more interesting than the average love story! Thank you so much for the review! It's great to hear feedback even after I've finished the story! Best of Wishes!

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Review #20, by hptrump Saying Good-Bye

22nd October 2005:
good story. Could of used a littel romance for Harry with Ginny maybe? Since the Power Harry is suppose to have is powered by LOVE. Let us know what the sequel is.

Author's Response: Yes, that is a very good point. I am seriously considering that kind of romance to bloom, but I haven't gotten that far yet. To tell you the truth, I've not the biggest fan of Harry/Ginny relationships- I just don't like the fact that Harry would be dating his best friends' sister. But then again, Ron was okay with it in the sixth book... I don't know... we'll see when we get to that part of the story. If that's what my readers want, I will certainly do so.

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Review #21, by Lizzie A Rare Letter

19th October 2005:
Personal problems. I hope everything is okay. I'll be watching for the update.

Author's Response: Thankfor the review- and the concern. I'll be updating soon- I just have so much f**ing homework! (I'm such a rebel) Check back soon!

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Review #22, by Fay Ideas... and Intruders

19th October 2005:
Hi great story. Just to let you know did not like book 6 didnt cry at the end but was a bit upset. I cryed when sirius died in book 5

Author's Response: I cried in that book too, sadly. Thanks for the review- I really appreciate it!

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Review #23, by Lizzie Saying Good-Bye

15th October 2005:
That was great. I really want to find out how the summer goes. Keep writting your stories their wonderful.

Author's Response: Why thank you! I knwo, I'm gonna start writing the sequel, so keep checking back! I'm having some personal problems at home, so just be patient!

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Review #24, by Kyleigh Saying Good-Bye

13th October 2005:
Yay! Finished! Whopeee! It must feel good. Nice job!

Author's Response: yeah, it does feel good to be done, but now that im not in the sync of writing, i cant seem to think of a good plot for the sequel... IDEAS?...

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Review #25, by Katie27 Saying Good-Bye

12th October 2005:
Over! Its over! Nooooooo! It can't be! Hurry up and get writting! This is a great story! I want more....I need*blinks eyes at a rapid pace* please. Wonderful ending even if it did kinda, sorta just CUT OFF! Lol....i meant it when I said you better be writinga sequel.....SOON! -Katie

Author's Response: LOL. *narrows eyebrows in shock* wow... I guess I'll have to get moving! I'm starting another story that has different characters and is not related to teh story with Landon, but perhaps I should put that one off for a bit??? I'll think about it! i promise i will be starting the sequel SOON!

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