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Review #1, by naya_xoxo Love Will Tear Us Apart

12th July 2005: nearly to tears

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Review #2, by ophelia violet Love Will Tear Us Apart

14th June 2005:
Wow, this is so beautiful!

Author's Response: Thank you so much! Cheers for reviewing too.

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Review #3, by LoveSpells Love Will Tear Us Apart

12th June 2005:
Awwww! I don't even know the song but te storie is deep! Forget the banner on the other story i'll make you a banner for this one since the banner place is a bit empty

Author's Response: Really? Oh thanks honey I would love it. Thanks for the review, you need to listen to the song its beautiful.

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Review #4, by PoEtIc_DeCaY Love Will Tear Us Apart

29th May 2005:
*grabbs tissues* I [heart] your story!!!!!!!!!!AAAAAATHAT WAS SO BEAUTIFUL

Author's Response: Thanks so much! Woah didnt think that story was great at all, love the song through. Thanks a lot!

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Review #5, by morough Love Will Tear Us Apart

12th May 2005:
wow...this is the first ficlet I read where draco and hermione had somthing going but draco never actually changed sides...thanks for the new outlook! great way of presenting it. it was full of emotion. good job!!

Author's Response: I never thought Draco would change sides, something about pride..Anyway thanks so much for the review I really appreciate it.

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Review #6, by A_Taste_Of_Blood Love Will Tear Us Apart

25th April 2005:
That was so sad, but I absolutely loved it! You're an amazing writing...or so I have observered from reading the three fics you've composed so far. Keep up the good work! -Bloody Wearwolf-

Author's Response: Woah, thank you so much. Im glad that people have taken the time out to read all of my fictions and i greatly appreciate it! :D

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Review #7, by Danielle Love Will Tear Us Apart

14th April 2005:
My, that was sad. Very well written..

Author's Response: Really? I really didnt know if people liked this, thank you so much.

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Review #8, by Dracozgrrl Love Will Tear Us Apart

2nd April 2005:
OMG OMG OMG THAT WAS SAD!!!!!!!!!! THAT WAS SOOOOOO UBERLY SAD IT'S SCARY!!!! I was on the verge of tears it was sooo sad. Man that was a fantastic story, you wrote it sooooo well!!!!!!!!!!! I loved it!!! ~Babs P.S wut was the song called and who wrote it?

Author's Response: The songs called Love will tear us apart by Joy Division, its quite old

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Review #9, by xXBrokenWings Love Will Tear Us Apart

30th March 2005:
I love the ending!

Author's Response: YAY ANOTHER REVIEW

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Review #10, by FallingAngelDemon Love Will Tear Us Apart

17th February 2005:
Wow, that was...asoundinly deep. I ADORED it! well as your other fics.

Author's Response: Thank you! *phew* thought it was terrible for a moment there, im so happy you liked it :D

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Review #11, by Healer_25 Love Will Tear Us Apart

16th February 2005:
The main problem I have with song fics is that I don't understand the songs, I think I should probably listen to more music. but otherwise its and interesting story.

Author's Response: Cheers, i appreciate you took the time out to write that

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