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Review #1, by GhettoGur_4real 16 Sins Of The Father

29th December 2008:
yea, the title is quite intriguing, but it was kind of ignorant to post the title but not the actual chapter

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Review #2, by socrgrl2010 16 Sins Of The Father

20th April 2007:
I do like the chapter title. I think that it is about what Riddle/Voldemort did to Katrina when he left her with the Malfoys.

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Review #3, by _Cinderella_ 16 Sins Of The Father

14th February 2007:
Hurry up and post it!

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Review #4, by im2mch4u2handle 15 Leaving

5th December 2006:
yes i like the title now write the story

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Review #5, by  16 Sins Of The Father

3rd November 2006:

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Review #6, by Mouser Mousey 16 Sins Of The Father

30th October 2006:
I have no idea

Put it up

i'm getting angry

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Review #7, by tezerz 16 Sins Of The Father

7th October 2006:
i love dis story its class rite more n soon im growin impatient


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Review #8, by dance10191 16 Sins Of The Father

15th August 2006:
its a great story
post some more

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Review #9, by im2mch4u2handle 16 Sins Of The Father

24th March 2006:
you need to fix 16 theres like nothing there and for a story about DRACO'S sister, there's not very much Draco in it

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Review #10, by sweetredrose 7 A Lesson Of Swordplay

22nd July 2005:
omg! what was going on there? *is bewildered* yippeeeeeee! you used the word 'anyways'!!! do you know what that makes you? that makes you a crazy loony from da looneybin like moi!!!

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Review #11, by sweetredrose 6 Late

22nd July 2005:
tut tut naughty ickle ronnie kins! *puts moving and talking posters around hogwarts which consist of this chapter* Do you think the Royal Mail are cool? Some of the mailmen are annoying because they trample over my mum's plants. AND MY plants which I planted myself!

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Review #12, by sweetredrose 5 The Club

22nd July 2005:
I've come to a conclusion that I don't like mango ice cream. It makes me sick and according to my dad iut has no milk in it. I much prefer mint choc chip ice cream or raspberry ripple. Thank You for your time. So anyways, that was sweet. =] aww I knew he would have to kiss her at some point! =] People think I'm a bit random or crazy or weird ir whatever when I review. I'm random, crazy + weird all the time though. And I make reviews more fun to read! =] x

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Review #13, by sweetredrose 4 The Invitation

22nd July 2005:
Their outfits sound nice. What shall they do with their hair? hmm ... I wonder ... I like ketchup ...

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Review #14, by sweetredrose 3 Gringotts

22nd July 2005:
I wanna be explained to. I'm so misunderstood.

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Review #15, by sweetredrose 2 Diagon Alley

22nd July 2005:
ahh lovely. =] x

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Review #16, by sweetredrose 1 The Discovery

22nd July 2005:
aww. Me likes Hedwig.

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Review #17, by Parisha Patil 16 Sins Of The Father

15th April 2005:
Sure it will be about the sins of Voldie Baby

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Review #18, by No one 16 Sins Of The Father

27th March 2005:
Update soon pls. Luv the title too!

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Review #19, by grh 16 Sins Of The Father

18th March 2005:
For havens sake, PUT THE CHAPPIE UP! >:P

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Review #20, by SamEvens 16 Sins Of The Father

9th March 2005:
I loved your story 's so farPlease keeping writing I do know that yours is WAY better then mine.(I know that I dont have it up yet..but soon.) sam evens

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Review #21, by Boffins 7 A Lesson Of Swordplay

25th February 2005:
Absoulty Spiffing! :P

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Review #22, by Lucinda Karaway 16 Sins Of The Father

30th September 2004:
I've always thought that Draco was so much more interesting than Harry, but Katrina is even better! I love the conflict with Voldemort as her father, and the bewitched sorting hat. God Lucius is so evil! Anyways, I love your story, you have to keep on writing... This rating is for the whole story so far, which is bloody brilliant! Lucinda

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Review #23, by erm 1 The Discovery

25th September 2004:
Emily Strange is THE best. "Get Lost." Heh.

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Review #24, by E-sa 16 Sins Of The Father

28th June 2004:
PLEASE, THE CLIFF HANGER IS KILLING ME!!!!!!!!!! *CRYING* I WANT IT TO MAKE Sense! Please! Ur writing is good, but i little confusing, so please finish! Thanks a lot!

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Review #25, by Hiei 16 Sins Of The Father

18th May 2004:
Yess i like the chapter title. Please put it up! I hate cliff hangers! Please. ( whimpers,) Ur story is good. I like ur ideas. Bye

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