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Review #1, by EmVengeance The Valentine

13th March 2008:
Awww such a sweet storie... I absolutely loved it.. amazing and it was sad sometimes in it but it suited the story well :D

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Review #2, by wereareyou The Valentine

16th August 2007:
That was really sweet. I really think you should make more you/harry stories. Or continue this one. Great work!

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Review #3, by Izzieluv The Valentine

3rd July 2007:
awww these are soo much fun!

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Review #4, by funny_lol The Valentine

6th November 2006:
Oh my gosh!~ I love this type of storyplease make this not only a one shot but a whole story! I LOVE IT SO MUCH!

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Review #5, by summerlove x3 (notloggedin) The Valentine

15th June 2006:
short but sweet

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Review #6, by pricess616 The Valentine

13th June 2006:
that is such a cute story i think you shoulddo a sequel sort of thing that shows the reactions of the seventh year s and wut hapens after that well talk to you later
luv ay all princess616

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Review #7, by Piper The Valentine

6th February 2006:
There's should have been some kissing to, to make the character feel a whole more better. This story is actually prettey good.

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Review #8, by BanglaBuddy The Valentine

9th January 2006:
This was OK.

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Review #9, by JadePotter The Valentine

22nd October 2005:
Ahhh. So sweet!

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Review #10, by emlover The Valentine

27th September 2005:

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Review #11, by Slytherin Goddess The Valentine

9th September 2005:
Aww!! This is the fist time I've read a story in this style, and I really enjoyed it! It was so sweet and very well written!

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Review #12, by Potter_rocks_my_socks The Valentine

14th August 2005:
aww how cute! i loved it!

Author's Response: Aw, thank you! I'm so happy you liked it, even though it's nowhere near Valentine's Day!

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Review #13, by bree The Valentine

1st July 2005:
that is sooo SWEET!!! harry is such a sweetheart. i loved this story!! :)

Author's Response: Harry is a sweetheart, isn't he? I'm glad you liked it; after all, it was my Valentine's Day gift to all my wonderful readers such as yourself. Expect another fluffy one-shot like this and "Luck o' the Irish" soon in celebration of the release of HBP! Thank you for the kind review!

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Review #14, by goodbyetrain The Valentine

24th June 2005:
This story just makes me feel like squealing! Absolutely adorable!! :D Wonderful job!

Author's Response: Lol. Squealing! Thank you very much! Harry is so adorable, isn't he? Definitely squeal worthy. ^__^

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Review #15, by Reiko Shiranagatani The Valentine

21st June 2005:
I love this story... keep writing.. it's getting to the good parts....

Author's Response: This story is a one-shot, so there is no more. The rest, I suppose, is up to your imagination! But anyway, thank you very much for revewing! Your opinion is appreciated! ^__^

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Review #16, by Christine The Valentine

18th April 2005:

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Review #17, by Riddle Wood Lupin The Valentine

16th April 2005:
Everything you write is a masterpiece.

This is completely adorable. Harry's so sweet. I loved his recollection of asking Cho to the Yule Ball. :)

-Riddle Wood Lupin

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Review #18, by Keladry The Valentine

16th April 2005:
i loved how you described the screwed up heart. is something wrong with me? i liked that line cuz it really describes how stuff got screwed up

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Review #19, by NumbxMexSweetly The Valentine

9th April 2005:
brill! ive added it to my favs!

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Review #20, by Lone Wolf Koji The Valentine

29th March 2005:
aww that is so swt! ^^ ~Inu-Chan~

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Review #21, by Darkheart The Valentine

27th March 2005:
Awww... how sweet, and usually I dont read fluffy stories, but I couldnt help myself this time oh well lol great story!

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Review #22, by Sweet Magic The Valentine

21st March 2005:
Sweetiness is your best trait, methinks :) Brilliant work.

~Sweet Magic

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Review #23, by EW4eva The Valentine

21st March 2005:
AWWWW!!!! That was sooo cute!!!! Also, by the way, I don't know if you read my reply, but I am still doing your story! Spring break is next week!

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Review #24, by KawaiiAce2003 The Valentine

17th March 2005:
Wow, that was seriously cute. Great job!!

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Review #25, by punkrockfrog The Valentine

14th March 2005:
ahhhh so cute!

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