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Review #1, by lily flower From you Secret Admirer

10th April 2008:
A A A A A A A A W W W W W W W ! ! ! ! ! ! !

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Review #2, by SadForSirius From you Secret Admirer

15th July 2007:
Aww! So adorable. : )
Great job. And I mean that.

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Review #3, by msbigbad From you Secret Admirer

7th March 2006:
Yet again another masterpiece!!! My question you should know by now.

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Review #4, by musicsetsmefree From you Secret Admirer

5th December 2005:
That was ADORABLE. I can't stand how cute Ron/Hermione is... I think the only one that passes it is Luna/Neville. I love your stories, you most definitely need to get a new one up soon <3

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Review #5, by gabzi27 From you Secret Admirer

8th October 2005:
so cute

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Review #6, by JSafari From you Secret Admirer

1st August 2005:
That was great!!! Really liked it!!! I LOVE Ron/Hermione!!!

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Review #7, by scabbers_weasly (too lazy to log in) From you Secret Admirer

31st July 2005:
Another brilliant peice of work!!

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Review #8, by moonlight_singer From you Secret Admirer

29th July 2005:
awww, thats so sweet : )

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Review #9, by futureJKR From you Secret Admirer

22nd June 2005:
*wipes away tears* that was beautiful!

Author's Response: awww hehe thanks a lot!

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Review #10, by kt From you Secret Admirer

15th June 2005:
i reeeely liked ur story, it rocked!

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Review #11, by katie From you Secret Admirer

14th May 2005:
u really do like ron/hermione stories don't you lol :-P

Author's Response: LOL, you've noticed!

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Review #12, by I_love_padfoot From you Secret Admirer

6th May 2005:
yes this would be nice 2

Author's Response: LOL, i'm glad you like it!

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Review #13, by CandyCane From you Secret Admirer

25th April 2005:
thats SSSSOOO sweet! :)

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Review #14, by pretty in pink From you Secret Admirer

19th April 2005:
just a hunch, but im guessin ur a ron/hermine shipper then? (been browsing ur author's page). well, this fic was so lovely, it really was. aw, gives me a nice warm fuzzy feeling.

Author's Response: a ron/Hermione shipper! what gave you that idea? LOL!!!! of course I am! they have such wonderful character dynamic and chemistry!!! No one can argue like that and NOT have sexual tension!!!! I'm really glad that I have a great reviewer like you. thank you for being supportive and reading my junk:)

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Review #15, by Sam From you Secret Admirer

9th March 2005:

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Review #16, by roolusies From you Secret Admirer

18th February 2005:
very cute story!

Author's Response: Thank you very very much

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Review #17, by Annalise From you Secret Admirer

15th February 2005:
awww!! write lots more!! love it!! (srry for the super ditzy comment, but i'm a hopeless romantic!!)

Author's Response: LOL it wasn't ditzy!!! ok maybe a little but it was cute! thsnk you

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Review #18, by Healer_25 From you Secret Admirer

15th February 2005:
You need to add more descriptive text, I'll probably harp this on eveyone but to make it excellent it needs to show their feelings, emotions, everytime they say something theres a reaction behind it. Good work though.

Author's Response: healer, as I stated in my authors not, this was a quick simple fic. I did it in an hour and for fun. I realize I need to show feelings as i have done in my other fics. This was just for fun, and wasn't meant to be deep.

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Review #19, by monkeyluv92 From you Secret Admirer

15th February 2005:
AWWWW! i liked it alot oh and happpy late valentines day to you! well i loved it! XOXOXOXOXO~lyly~

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Review #20, by swirling_vortex From you Secret Admirer

14th February 2005:
Happy Valentine's Day! This was cute and really sweet.

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