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Reading Reviews for Prisoner of War
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Review #1, by Syous Chapter 1: Emerald and Gold

30th December 2011:
I am likiing the story so far, but I am finding myself a little lost. In your story, are you branching off the "original universe" and not maintaining the events that happened in the book? Ginny has graduated, yet Charlie is the one that died.. Albus is still alive? I will continue to read and piece it together, but it would have been nice to know exactly where in the story you started from or which events we can omit.. Thank you again. I feel that I am going to enjoy reading your story...

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Review #2, by cannis_lupus Epilogue

20th September 2007:
Good story. Your storyline was sound and well thought out. Good job.

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Review #3, by SmileLikeUMeanIt Epilogue

18th August 2007:
great story!!! but i thought harry would have had more of a reaction to malfoys death if not right after it happened when he was in the hospital waiting for ginny. but i still loved it so. good job.

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Review #4, by danradsangel Epilogue

17th July 2006:
i liked it! it was reallyyy good, but shouldnt have killed draco if he was good...lucius would've been better to kill!

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Review #5, by jlwitch Chapter Five: Blood

20th April 2006:
uhhh wow your good

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Review #6, by jlwitch Chapter Four: Tears and Fears

19th April 2006:
this whole thing is truly a fascinating story, your a talented author, but how might I ask did Remus Lupin die? It said nothing about that, atleast not yet atleast. I didn't even know he was dead until it was thrown in there, in the first couple 'lists' of their loved ones dead, he wasn't listed, until you said he ... oh duh... never mind... I just remembered, until you said he jumped in front of a killing curse to save Tonks, okay yeah.. duh.. keep up the good work. lmao

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Review #7, by jlwitch Prisoner of War

19th April 2006:
This is very interesting, and it grabs a person's attention, you've certainly got mine.

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Review #8, by xxPadfoot_Printsxx Epilogue

9th April 2006:
Brilliant. Thats all I can say... Just plain bloody brilliant. Well done! Oh yeah, please do not do a sequel to this story! I'm not being mean or anything but it really would spoil the whole story if you did... Please think about it! Don't spoil you story... Best wishes, love Tillie x x x x x x x

P.S/ GRRRRREAT STORY!!!!!!!!! I loved it! x x x x x x x

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Review #9, by xxPadfoot_Printsxx Chapter Eight: Safe and Sound?

9th April 2006:
How old are you because you can't be less than 20 years old?! THIS STORY IS AMAZING, DUDE! So far, its made me feel excited, so happy, sad, even depressed, then back to excitment and then to a happy/sad emotion... Do you know what I mean? Well, I am very tired as it is 02:56am! I blame your story for keeping me up this long because its so exsilerating! I can't wait to read the next chapter but if I read it now, I won't have anything to keep me away from the flowing stream bordness when I wake up tomorrow. Well, today I spose as its the moring! LoL! Please tell me where you got fantasic ideas from! Their so passionate yet so sad at the same time! Please, whatever you do, do not stop writing! If you are under 20 years of age (and I'd be very surprised if you are!) then I reckon you could have a future career in writing... I'm not joking or trying to be complimentative either. You serioulsy are a brilliant writer. Well, its 03:01am now and my fingers are acking LoL! Please write another story! Your fabulous! Write back to me please! I want to write a story myself but I have no idea of where I can get my ideas from and if I could get some hints from you, my story will be nearly as frilling and stirring as yours! GREAT STORY! I love it! Lots of best wishes on your next novel, love from Tillie (this is my real name! I mean, how mean would my parents be if they named me Padfoot Prints?! LOL!) Bye O mighty Author LOL! x x x x x x x

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Review #10, by 3_ltl_elves Epilogue

5th December 2005:
i like how you ended it, with ginny almost being better and all. I LOVED THIS STORY!!

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Review #11, by 3_ltl_elves Chapter Seven: Midnight Flight

5th December 2005:
OMG you killed DRACO!!! OMG i cant believe it!!! **Tear*** i was in total shock when harry killed him, and yet the story still is good, your amazing!! lol

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Review #12, by NOBUSH!! Chapter 1: Emerald and Gold

25th July 2005:
yahooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!O that so friggin had to happen!!! i would be so sososososososossos sad if she was kidnapped before he could propose!!!!!!!!!! yayayayayyayayayayyayayayayayayayayayayyaayyaayyayayyyayyayayayayayayyayyayayayay!!!!

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Review #13, by NOBUSH!! Prisoner of War

25th July 2005:
wow . . . good beginning. and you can actually spell!!! which not a lot of people can! they misspelll the simplest words and it seriously pisses me off. i am like, get an effin dictionary you moron! but anyyway . . . yeah really good beginning and yeah, but i noticed that they did not mention harry potter in joining the fght against death eaters but anyway

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Review #14, by Paige Epilogue

19th July 2005:
A wonderful and haunting story. Full of agsnt and suspense. I love it!

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Review #15, by hermioneatheart Chapter 1: Emerald and Gold

8th July 2005:
That's so sweet!! I'm glad this isn't the end. ; )

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Review #16, by terralynn Epilogue

10th June 2005:
Awww, it's over. Good story.

Author's Response: Cheers

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Review #17, by Cody Epilogue

5th June 2005:
Wonderful, loved it.

Author's Response: Thank you

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Review #18, by Lily Evans Epilogue

5th June 2005:
Good job. Excellent job. This story was so beautiful. You had me nearly in tears by the end of this story. I was listening to the Harry Potter soundtrack during this story and was bearly even listening to the music. lol Anyways good job. I loved this and this will be going to my favorites.

Author's Response: Thank you very much and I hope your tears are now gone.

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Review #19, by Beth Chapter Eight: Safe and Sound?

22nd April 2005:
I love the fluff and the fun loving Ginny, great ending?

Author's Response: I love fun loving Ginny too.

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Review #20, by Kayleigh Chapter Seven: Midnight Flight

20th April 2005:
Did you just? No you couldn't have? How could you kill of Draco? Or even worse Ginny if the curse misses. You need to get back here and sort it out. Once again, wonderful writing and descriptions.

Author's Response: Hint Ginny, hmm, there a thought, and I'm not saying anything.

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Review #21, by terralynn Chapter Seven: Midnight Flight

19th April 2005:
What??? No! You can't stop there!!! Ack! By the way, I'm incredibly impressed at the length of this chapter.

Author's Response: ah it was always going to be the longest chapter, but the one in for validation at the moment isn't far behind it.

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Review #22, by Beth Chapter Seven: Midnight Flight

17th April 2005:
Wow. One of the best chapters I've read in a long time. Excellent descriptions. Huge levels of tension thoughout it. But an evil, evil cliffhanger.

Author's Response: evil cliffhanger, hey, who told you I was nice?

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Review #23, by Abear Chapter Seven: Midnight Flight

16th April 2005:
WHAT? You can't kill off Draco now I was just beginning to like him. I hope you write soon.

Author's Response: Well we wouldn't want to dent that my making him do something to change his mind, so maybe this is for the best.

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Review #24, by Louise Chapter Six: A Death Eaterís Son

6th April 2005:
I was recommended this by a friend, and I've just read it from start to finish none stop. And all I can say is wow, and please, please, please update soon.

Author's Response: Thank you, the update is in for clearance now.

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Review #25, by Hmmmmm Chapter Six: A Death Eaterís Son

20th March 2005:
So is Draco Dumbledore spy? Excellent story by the way.

Author's Response: That would be telling.

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