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Review #1, by sinwillys822 Epilogue

19th July 2010:
aww this was a sweet story.

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Review #2, by mione P45342 Epilogue

3rd March 2010:
I loved the story!! I think i've read this before. Though I did not remember to review. My apologies. I have a bunch of stories to read and reread and review. Then I'm looking at all my favorite author's and the author's of my fav. stories. Other stories they've written.

Author's Response: Thank you for reviewing, I'm glad you enjoyed my little story. I only have one other story and it's a one-shot, you might enjoy it as well though it's a HP/GW shipper.

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Review #3, by Concused_Duck Why now?

2nd March 2010:
I've been trying to find this story since I first read it in 2005! I reckon I've read pretty much every H/HR story on this site (15+ and above) and I remember the ones over the last 5 years which I liked best and re-read them but this one I could never find again! Finally, after ike 4 years of searching I've found it again! Yayyy =] Anyway, just wanted to say thanks because I had began to think you had deleted it or something! I must have read this just before I became a member so it was never part of my favourites, just added it to it now =]

Author's Response: Thank you for reviewing, it makes me happy that you enjoyed my story. Also thank you for adding it to your favorites. With the last book I pretty much lost my ambition to continue writing potter fiction, so I'm unsure if there will be any other stories,

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Review #4, by echo The Final Battle (Part 3: The End of The End!)

3rd June 2009:
I honestly have to say that that was very hard to read, the pacing was all off, every interesting thing that happened you glossed over it or went off into wild tangents about nothing. Yet the most mundane things you would write whole chapters on.

The angst was driving me crazy, i almost didn't want them to get together in the end. Coming from an avid Harmony lover this was hard to read.

Harry was way ooc, he basically took over Albus' character. Way too much authority and regimented for one so young. I thought he may have had them marching and saluting before it was over.

Author's Response: I'm glad that you did finish the whole thing and I'm sorry that it was not to your liking. I have to say that it was my first attempt at any kind of writing, but thank you for leaving me some feedback...even if it was not stating that you enjoied my story. A critque of anykind is always appreicated.

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Review #5, by Armand Epilogue

19th September 2007:
wonderful story, very well written, thought out and planned piece of literature. even tho i am mainly a H/G, R/Hr shipper, this way would be the other way i thought should have turned out in JK's potter verse. i always saw Ginny with Neville if it wasn't with Harry and the same thing for the other's. i always thought Luna was made for Ron, if not for Hermione. all in all wonderful work!

Author's Response: Thank You very much, I also wrote a much shorter one shot that may be more to your normal relationship pairings.

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Review #6, by Beautifully Broken Epilogue

28th August 2007:
This was a really great story! I hope you write another one

Author's Response: Thanks, I did write another(much shorter) story. I also am working on 2 or 3 more...but life seems to have a way of getting in the way of my writting.

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Review #7, by Midnight Moirai Valentine’s Day

10th August 2007:
beautiful chapter...I love Tim McGraw and Faith Hill! Faith is an amazing vocalist. That was the perfect song to choose! great job!

Author's Response: Thank you, I really thought that song fit perfectly in the scenario. Hope you enjoy the rest of the story.

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Review #8, by confused Epilogue

18th July 2007:
who is his Author character?

Author's Response: My Author character, was the Megan character. I hope that you enjoied my lil story

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Review #9, by PotterHead Epilogue

16th July 2007:
Wow! that was pretty cool. I'm actually speechless, that's why I'm typing instead of speaking. *laughs* Great job there mate, I really like it. Very well written and the plot is great, too. *smiles*

10/10 for you!

Author's Response: Thank you for your kind words, I am very thankful that you were kind enough to leave me a review.

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Review #10, by A_Red_Headed_Weasley Epilogue

4th July 2007:
You left me wondering at the end of every chapter, i started reading at 11:00 and now it's 4:30, I just couldn't stop reading!! Thanks for keeping me occupied on a boring night!!

Author's Response: You are very welcome, I am glad that I was able to keep your attention and intrege you to read on.

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Review #11, by Joey Mission Complete

15th June 2007:
If your nice its Hermione. If your horrible its Cho.

Author's Response: You will just have to read on and see.

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Review #12, by FinnishGirl.. Epilogue

26th September 2006:
I love it.. I just love this story.. It's wonderful. And this really is a one of the greatests fanfcis I've read.. And i've read them a lot.. ;)

Author's Response: Thank you very much, and thank you for your wonderful compliment.

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Review #13, by Annomyous Why now?

2nd September 2006:
Yeah....I really like your story. It plays a little out of character now and then, but other than that it is a great read!

Author's Response: Thanks, I am glad that you like it.

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Review #14, by Blyieau Why me?

2nd September 2006:
You know this is actually an intriguing story.....I am really enjoying it!!!

Author's Response: Thank you very much I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoied writting it.

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Review #15, by THX1138 The Talk!

8th August 2006:
Arthurs name ist not Author! You should correct this.

Author's Response: Sorry about that, I will look into correcting that. Thanks for reading.

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Review #16, by Bringhimup Christmas

8th August 2006:
It's getting to much drama! NOBODY IS THIS STUPID!!!!

Author's Response: It seemed to be good in my had, I am sorry that it is not to your liking.

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Review #17, by potter68 Epilogue

12th July 2006:
please write a sequel if you haven't already done so PLEASE!!! i would give a 14 even though the scale is only from 1 to 10!!

Author's Response: Thank you for your kind words, alas there will be no sequel to this story, but I am working on one that is a 2 parter, but life is getting in the way. I am so happy that you liked my little and first attempt at fan fiction. ~LATER DAYS~

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Review #18, by potter68 Valentine’s Day

12th July 2006:
lol the end was very funny with Tonks and Remus this is a very good story, keep going

Author's Response: yeah a friend of mine inspired that ending. Glad you liked it. ~LATER DAYS~

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Review #19, by potter68 Bidding War!

10th July 2006:
very good so far I like it. Why didn't you have Hermione win at the auction, you said she could take out all the money she needed out of Harry's vault?

Author's Response: Ahh yes I did say that, but she didn't want Harry to think she was a gold digger. Glad you liked it. ~LATER DAYS~

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Review #20, by hluvsc Epilogue

25th June 2006:
Bloody Brilliant.

Author's Response: Thanks, glad you liked it.

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Review #21, by Rake Mission Complete

23rd April 2006:
The order of the Eagle???....yep....whatever....and I'm prety sure you've seen Matrix too many times...the ideea of seven minutes in heaven was great tough...

Author's Response: Nope not seen the matrix but once, I got the idea for the The Order of the Eagle from Order of the Pheniox. Glad you liked it.

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Review #22, by Leap of Faith (unofficially) Epilogue

15th April 2006:
aww...that was so: cute/amazing/awesome/cool/chocolate/good/great/sad/heart-warming/ lovely/sweet/I loved it!

Author's Response: thanks, glad that you liked it.

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Review #23, by Concused_Duck Epilogue

16th January 2006:
awwwwww nice endin :P is there a sequel?

Author's Response: Glad that you liked it, but alas there is noe sequal, and from the looks of my life there are going to be no more stories from me for awhile. ~LATER DAYS~

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Review #24, by Concused_Duck The Final Battle (Part 1: The Giants)

16th January 2006:
nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo NOT GRAWP!!!!

Author's Response: In the end it was best for him, now he can be with his mum. ~LATER DAYS~

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Review #25, by Concused_Duck Valentine’s Day

16th January 2006:
lol on tonks :P

Author's Response: I do belive everyone thought that was cute/funny, and it sounded like something her charactor would do. ~LATER DAYS~

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