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Reading Reviews for Blinded Perception
16 Reviews Found

Review #1, by jb Oy! You little...

10th August 2010:
retard! jamesand sirius dont meet until they are on the hogwarts express, and lily doesnt meet them till after that. other than that and lily swearing, good story dude or dudette, not really sure

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Review #2, by kiwi anonymouse Oy! You little...

14th July 2009:
Im 10 and I can yell like that at my arch-enemy aka Aaron

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Review #3, by w00t Oy! You little...

16th July 2007:
Lily's gettin feisty!

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Review #4, by Bob78166 Oy! You little...

14th May 2007:
I'm 12 and I can yell like that. lol

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Review #5, by princessavg Oy! You little...

4th June 2004:
That was good and Lily really does have a temper!

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Review #6, by Moony15 Oy! You little...

29th November 2003:
I like it. although i am a little confused. but its really good!

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Review #7, by Daisy Oy! You little...

3rd July 2003:
Your story met my standerds. P.S. I did not lower my standerds so you could meet them. You really met my standerds. So give yourself a pat on the back. P.S.S. I got internet July second.

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Review #8, by Chicky Oy! You little...

12th June 2003:
Yeh, dis story iz good, but wat\'s dis about no one cares bout transfers? Dats like you\'re dissin others stories, and that aint on. How\'d u like it if people said your story waz unoriginal? Dat no one gave a crap about it? Think before u write dat crap, alright? Chicky

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Review #9, by Vera Oy! You little...

4th June 2003:
Very nice. Very creative but where did lily go???

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Review #10, by Nell Oy! You little...

29th May 2003:
I like the plot!

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Review #11, by SilverMirror Oy! You little...

25th May 2003:
Haha! Lilly is so temperamental! Very good. A little confused about the Slytherin house joke at the end though. It was a joke right? Anyway please keep writing. I really liked it. PS. Could you please review my story? It\'s called Unexpected fifth Year. Thanks.

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Review #12, by Nancy Oy! You little...

3rd April 2003:
Awesome story please write more!

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Review #13, by Gwen Oy! You little...

27th March 2003:
I love your fanfic please write more!

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Review #14, by Kaydee Oy! You little...

21st March 2003:
Okay, it\'s different. I\'ll read on. Kaydee

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Review #15, by Kaydee Oy! You little...

21st March 2003:
Ummmmmm.... uhhhhhhhhhh.... I\'m confused?? Kaydee

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Review #16, by Stevie Oy! You little...

18th March 2003:
Cute begining!

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