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Review #1, by plzkthx101 Heirlooms

19th April 2006:
I would tell you how much I adore your stories and how I've enjoyed the characters you've added, but it seems you rarely update ...

Author's Response: Life gets in the way a lot. Thanks anyway, though.

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Review #2, by mia Heirlooms

20th August 2005:
CONTINUE!!!! you always manage to end the story at the most crucial point of the story. *flustered sigh* PLease don't torture me!!! Im too young to die!!!!!

Author's Response: LOL, I find that a lot of authors do that. ^_^ It IS highly frustrating, isn't it? I'll update soon, I promise.

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Review #3, by Elf_ears13 Heirlooms

30th April 2005:
What?? No reviews! PIty, that. Then there was Tybalt. It was hard to describe Tybalt, because he didn’t really have a set personality. He jumped from one emotion to the other with the speed of an Unforgivable aimed right at you. One minute he was being rowdy, loud and funny and the next minute he would walk away glowering and would marinate in his anger for hours.

That had me smiling happily. . .I love the description of him. The names were a little. . .odd, to me at least (but then I'm an American girl, so that may be the cause). Maybe I'll run away screaming after the next chapter is added. . .because it's really not a good idea to judge something based off of the first chapter (unless it really sucked, but this didn't).

ANYwho, yeah. I liked it. Lily's friends seemed very well thought-out, and quite far from being two (or even one)-dimensional. NOW, I shall kick your butt, waiting for you to update! ^_~

Author's Response: Wow, what a great review! Thanks. The names are definitely odd, but that's purely because I refused to call them more normal names such as Jennifer, Dick or Tom. ^_^ That's my prerogitave though.

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