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Review #1, by space333 New Student

1st March 2005:
Great chapter! A lot of things have happened all of a sudden... wow. I loved knowing about what everyone was doing; Ed and the others like Ron and Harry and Hermione... Now great idea to sort Ed into Gryffindor... I bet that will lead to some interesting discussions!
Btw for your lines, they still come out weirdly... maybe you should try making a copy/paste from a writing pad if that's not what you did... but pressing the enter button should work fine. Uhn. I wonder why it's wrong... anyway it's still perfectly readable, just... original lol.

Author's Response: thanks a lot and i hope u enjoy the nest chapters... =)

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Review #2, by space333 Arrival

20th February 2005:
Ok really nice cliffhanger there... I really hope you update soon!
Just wondering: what did you use to skip lines? It's doing something weird... anyway very nice again.

Author's Response: thanks for ur review, i´m glad u enjoy this chapter and i´ll update soon. i don´t know what to do to skip lines, the tag doesn´t seem to work so i just push the enter button. How do u do it?

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Review #3, by Daenerys Ed Melliot

18th February 2005:
to tell you the truth I don't find your story terribly interesting. Buuuuuuuuuttttttttt, The guy you have as Remus on your banner is much better than the one in the movie

Author's Response: don´t worry it will get a lot better... this is just at the beginning cause i needed to introduce a new character... keep reading and maybe u´ll like it... just let me know.... i prefer this remus too.... thanks for reviewing

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Review #4, by space333 Ed Melliot

14th February 2005:
sounds interesting... you should put lines in between sentences though it would be easier to read!

Author's Response: i am glad u liked it and i'll do as u say from now on. keep reading it, it'll be worth it

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Review #5, by SiRiUs_BlAcK Ed Melliot

13th February 2005:
i am very curious to known what are the lost prophecies... please update. It seems a great story

Author's Response: thanks. i will uptade soon.

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