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Review #1, by severus_lover By the Light of the Moon

4th October 2007:
o_o wow i cant believe u havrnt gotten more reveiws for this!!! this was so beautiful and intense i could see him there just pondering these things.i think this was amazing!! ill recomend it to get more exposure for it ^_^ cheers

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Review #2, by Ollie By the Light of the Moon

18th October 2005:
wow this is really intense stuff, fantastic work!

Author's Response: Thanks! :D

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Review #3, by forget_me_not By the Light of the Moon

25th May 2005:
Amazing and insightful, you are a brilliant writer, makes me ashamed of my own (but they weren't really that good anyway) bye: )

Author's Response: :o ! What??!! You must be joking. Yours must be better than that! And definitely not worse than my own! Don't put yourself down like that, you'll make me feel bad :( Thanks for the review though :)

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Review #4, by dark_side_of_the_moon By the Light of the Moon

11th February 2005:
This is great! I wholly agree that Remus Lupin would cherish the simple feeling of being alive more than most people. Interesting, too, the references to nature (oh dear, I sound like I'm in an english lesson!!), because I've always thought that Remus, being such a down to earth kind of guy, would identify with nature more than with the material world humans have built. AND, since he's a werewolf, there's an element of nature from the beast within him! Great story! I'll shut up now before I get too involved and start reading into every sentence as if I AM in an english lesson! You should write more, haven't checked what else you have written, but have you thought about doing one for Severus Snape?

Author's Response: Wow - what a gret review! Thanks so much! I completely agree with you about the earthy kind of guy I think Remus would be and how he would have closer ties with nature than he would with other material possessions. And don't worry, I always sound like I'm in the throes of a violent English lesson ^_^ And no, it's never occurred to me to do Severus Snape, but now that you've suggested it I might just have to :D

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