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Review #1, by lizziebobizzi168 The Case of the Fluorescent Pink Hair

2nd June 2011:
This was a really cute story.
Keep writing! :)

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Review #2, by girly1393 The Case of the Fluorescent Pink Hair

4th April 2009:
I love this. It's so cute. Funny how things happen this way, isn't it? Plans never quite work out the way you'd like. I thank you, PhoenixStorm, for writing this. I do. It goes to show that nothing goes quite the way you wanted.

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Review #3, by charlotte The Case of the Fluorescent Pink Hair

15th March 2008:
ADORABLE! no offence but the summary was absolute crap..story was very good though! original, good writing cute. great job!

Author's Response: lol, well thanks for reviewing and am glad you liked the story even if the summary left something to be desired :) .

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Review #4, by Nymphie Lupin The Case of the Fluorescent Pink Hair

8th January 2008:
This is so cute! I really enjoyed reading such a fantastic fan fic! :) :) :) Have a cookie for doing such a great job!!!

Author's Response: lol, thank you :D I'm glad you enjoyed reading it.

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Review #5, by abcdefg The Case of the Fluorescent Pink Hair

12th August 2007:
cute stuff. loving it!

Author's Response: Thanks, glad you enjoyed it :D .

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Review #6, by sophie_is_a_cutie The Case of the Fluorescent Pink Hair

15th March 2007:
awww! that really was so cute! and the rest was history as they say... lol. that was great!

Author's Response: lol, yes this is easily the fluffiest story I have ever written. I'm glad you enjoyed reading it and thanks for your review! :)

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Review #7, by brighteyesx3 The Case of the Fluorescent Pink Hair

7th October 2006:
So good! There are so many amazing writers on this site, you included!

Author's Response: Well thanks :D . There are a lot of talented writers on this site :) , thanks for your review!

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Review #8, by GryffindorGoddess711 The Case of the Fluorescent Pink Hair

6th May 2006:
one word - WOW!!!!! keep writing! xXx

Author's Response: well thank you :) , I'm glad you liked it and I intend to :D

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Review #9, by alex The Case of the Fluorescent Pink Hair

25th March 2006:
sooo cute!!!

Author's Response: thank you for taking the time to review :)

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Review #10, by Lyn Midnight The Case of the Fluorescent Pink Hair

23rd March 2006:
Ha, I loved it! Those two are so funny, they cannot stay apart, always playing cat and mouse games. Honestly, you made me laugh with that "Plan" of his and her teasing... Ok, here goes... I noticed that there are quite a few commas missing... Like in tag questions, after "oh", before of course and when you are referring to someone. Before I thought there were not so many commas in this language but it turned out that they should be used quite often, almost everywhere, sometimes before but, and, etc... So if you find it hard to spot these places, you should get a Beta... Also some words should be written in capital letters, like transfiguration, Marauders... There is a place in the beginning where you have used two identical questions one after the other... "So, ... then?" You overuse tag questions /do not forget to put the comma in place, for example... "He is the one, isn't he?"/ This is very important! Also it should be "but then AGAIN she had always be strong"... So I guess the most amusing part /and thus the title/ was when you mixed the unmixable! GREEN AND PINK! It makes me laugh when I picture Snape with a wild pink MANE :P As for, James, I thought that it would have been easier if he just listened to Remus, Anyways, I enjoyed reading this fic and I hope you will write more about the infamous couple... hint*hint* Have a nice day! :) ~LM~

Author's Response: *giggles* do you know how many times I've advised people to get a beta/beta'd for people? Sorry, the irony made me laugh :D. But you are right, this story was written a long time ago and was never beta'd at the time, it more than likely needs the usual once over :). I promise my grammar and punctuation is a lot better now; I do, for instance, know where to use commas the majority of the time :D. But thank you for explaining that, very thoughtful of you :).

lol, I'm glad you liked the humour in this story. The pink hair is rather overused now in pranks (I'm more imaginative now too ;) ), but I'm happy you found it funny :). Ah well, Remus is the voice of reason and wisdom, but when do we ever listen to tha? :D. I am currently writing a marauder era fic now actually, 20chapters are up already; you're welcome to check it out but don't feel you have to :). Thanks for the lovely review! :)

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Review #11, by Zaphira The Case of the Fluorescent Pink Hair

19th March 2006:
Awww that's so sweet! At the start when I was reading it I liked it so much, I love your style of writing, and I was like, nooo it's only a one-shot! But it was nice and long, so that was good, and I like the ending too =). I can never write endings. I noticed you've got a long Lily/James fic, yay! More for me to read!

Author's Response: :) thank you Zaphira, that's very nice of you to say. Yes, it was an entry to a past Writer's Duel so it's only a one-shot but I'm very pleased you enjoyed it. lol, I do sometimes find it hard to wrap things up as I would like, but I actually had the ending to this planned before I began so was alright this time :D. Yep, I am currently writing a much longer marauder fic, which I hope you enjoy if you do get around to reading it. thanks so much for taking the time to read and review :).

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Review #12, by Something Wicked The Case of the Fluorescent Pink Hair

12th March 2006:
That was sweet. I'm hopeless at writing romance myself, but I like to think I can recognise a good one when I see it. I liked Lily's determination to believe that she was choosing her own destiny right up until the end as it seems very in character. The whole boys v girls idea was great. Really nice, sweet fic.

Author's Response: :) thank you. romance is what I primarily write, though in my other fics I do tend to have a bit of everything :D. yes, this fic is one that can be termed 'sweet' and someone else said it was 'cute' :D. I'm glad you think that is to Lily's character, it is my view of one aspect to her and I'm happy you think it fits her. Thanks for your review, your comments are greatly appreciated :).

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Review #13, by BJAuth The Case of the Fluorescent Pink Hair

12th February 2006:
Aww, what a nice L/J fic. I enjoyed the fact we didn't have the planning of the pink hair scam because it put the focus more on Lily and James. The boys v girls attitude is fun, with both of them planning to outwit the other, and the girls always one step ahead.
You gave Lily a determined streak by wanting to shape her own destiny, which is good. The voice you gave McGonagall was excellent, and her voice carried through in that whole Transfiguration passage as if it was actually in one of the books.
Lily's little acts to get James flustered are great fun, as are the reactions from the boys when they hear all he said was “Unnggghnn,”
But it's the last scene that was just wonderful.And to his immense surprise he found she was kissing him back. It was times like these he wished he had something like a timeturner so he could go back to this moment, make it last forever That's a lovely line to use. Very sweet.
Really it was only reflex to kiss him back, she reasoned That is good because it still gives Lily that independance and reasoning. Finally though it was this line that had me giggling. “No, wait yes…I don’t know, would you like me to believe in destiny?” he ventured. That's just all too true in my house! Wonderful writing.

Author's Response: lol, this was a fun fic to write, not my best work but I still kinda like it :). never had such a thorough review on this fic, lol, it's more one of those 'hey you're fic is so cute!' fics. :D I liked planning this around the whole girl vs. guys, it was very fun to play off.

I feel Lily is that type of girl, needing to know everything is her choice, refusing to be controlled and that, but sometimes i think I may get a little off with her character, she's the one i find hardest to write.

lol, the last scene is probably all I wrote this fic for, I had imagined that scene before I started and everything built up around it. I always wanted to write their first kiss, but at the time I didn't have the determination to write a full length L/J story (am doing so now).

:D that's my fave line too, the one thing I had written in notes before starting. I could just see james saying it you see, guys aren't cut out for the questions we spring on them ;). Thanks so much for the reviews! Lovely to hear your opinions :).

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Review #14, by dim at best The Case of the Fluorescent Pink Hair

3rd February 2006:
That was so good, including Lily's inner struggle with destiny, yet having her embracing it for the end. Poor James though... when he finds out his plan was known to Lily all along, he'll be crushed (not too crushed. After all, he's kissing Lily Evans). Great story =)

Author's Response: :) thank you! It's lovely to check your reviews and find a completely unexpected one. I really glad you liked it. The destiny thing was something important I wanted to include, kind of gave it a bit more meaning than a completely fluff one-shot (which, in all honesty, this is ;) ). lol, yes, but it gives Lily something to be smug about and I'm sure James won't mind as she's going out with him now ;). Thanks you for reviewing!

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Review #15, by Sophia Montgomery The Case of the Fluorescent Pink Hair

28th January 2006:
The first part was so quick and unromantic, and then BANG!- we have that wonderfully written kiss and then the adorable ending to read. I like it- very cute!

Author's Response: hey! lol, this was written a long time ago, think it was the 2nd writer's duel or something, so it's good to know it was decent at least. Cute is a good word for it :D. Thank you so much for reviewing!

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Review #16, by ChizzaLazty The Case of the Fluorescent Pink Hair

26th January 2006:
Aww. Sweet. It was well-written and a bit funny. It was romantic and cosy... Just one of those fic.s you wanna read again 'cause it gives you a warm feeling=)

Author's Response: :D thank you! That was a exactly the sort of thing I wanted readers to feel by the end of this. It's a bit fluffy, but how could I not have a fluff fic when i write so much romance? :D. Thanks so much for reviewing!

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Review #17, by Kivx The Case of the Fluorescent Pink Hair

23rd January 2006:

Author's Response: :D thank Kiv, it's nice to hear people are still reading this a liking it, thank you for revieiwng!

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Review #18, by pearluna The Case of the Fluorescent Pink Hair

27th December 2005:
awesome! that was amazing. you are an amazing author.

Author's Response: :-) thank you! This is a lovely review, thank you very much for taking the time to leave one.

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Review #19, by Lilibet The Case of the Fluorescent Pink Hair

3rd December 2005:
Very cute story! ^_^ Great job!

Author's Response: :-) thank you, it's nice to know people are still enjoying this one-shot I wrote. Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #20, by padfoot and prongs foreva The Case of the Fluorescent Pink Hair

17th November 2005:
awwwwwwwww...soooo sweet...my heart went out to them...james is the sweetest thing in the whole world!! lyl lyl

Author's Response: lol, well thank you. I'm glad you thought this one-shot so sweet. I had fun writing this, especially the dynamics between James and Lily. Thanks for reviewing! :-)

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Review #21, by Serena The Case of the Fluorescent Pink Hair

20th October 2005:
Wow, do you have a way with words or what?

Author's Response: Hey, well thank you! That's a huge compliment. Not had a review on this story in a while, it is nice to know people are still reading it and enjoying doing so. Thanks for the review!

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Review #22, by Spritz The Case of the Fluorescent Pink Hair

17th October 2005:
I don't believe I ever wrote a review for this one-off. It's brilliant! I love your writing btw. (As you can tell I am bored at home- wish I was at college- never thought I'd say that really! lol)

Author's Response: lol, I'm sur eyou have given a review somewhere, you usually do. But thank you again. Yes college is pretty fun, remind me to tell you about what I've decided about philosophy (her eis not the place). So, thanks for your review and comments!

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Review #23, by lily_07 The Case of the Fluorescent Pink Hair

23rd August 2005:
that was really good. PLEASE write more.

Author's Response: hello, well I'm glad you liked it! I had fun writing this one-shot (this being the opperative word I'm afraid). However I am currently writing a full chaptered marauder fic, I should soon have the first chapter up on the site. There's gonna be quite a few moments like those in this one-shot I promise, though it will be darker, we all know how the story ends. If you decide to read this i hope you enjoy it :-). Thank you for reading and reviewing!

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Review #24, by TakeMeAway The Case of the Fluorescent Pink Hair

6th August 2005:
Great story, you have lots of talent and potential as an author! Carry on writing! Plz r/r my fic, thanx!

Author's Response: Thank you for reading and reviewing, I'm gla dyou liked it and thansk for your encouragment.

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Review #25, by LIZZ The Case of the Fluorescent Pink Hair

12th July 2005:
LOVED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author's Response: lol, I'm very glad you liked it so much and thank you for reading and reviewing!

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