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Review #1, by hannah Part Three

15th September 2005:
what!!!!! did they get maried? Well, obviously! Start typing missy

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Review #2, by Pipperstorms Part Three

19th June 2005:
Wak to Remember, very very very awsome. I'm going to end up crying...i just know it :'(

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Review #3, by adaora Part Three

10th June 2005:
oh please continue this story i so sorely want to know how it ends its so bittersweet, but perfect.

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Review #4, by apotterlover Part Three

18th March 2005:
How sweet!

Author's Response: thnx!!

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Review #5, by Axil Part Three

16th March 2005:
This is so sad!!! This reminds me of the book/movie 'A Walk to Remember' Is that where you got the idea from? This is an awsome story! Axil

Author's Response: It's not SUPPOSED to be like a friggin walk to remeber!!!!!!!!!...but it is so I"m working on the next chapter very very very very very very carefully! Thanks!!!!

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Review #6, by mimi Part Three

16th March 2005:
great beginning.I can't wait for the rest

Author's Response: Thnx!!!

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Review #7, by cg Tears Of Illusion

16th March 2005:
please, if you were going to copy a movie, WHY did it have to be a mandy moore movie???

Author's Response: wha-oh, I know it starts out a bit like "A walk to remember" but it changes...and who the censored is mandy moore...i must live in a cave, seriously because i have no clue in hell who or what mandy moore is?????

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Review #8, by Lady Kat Part Three

4th March 2005:
Update soon!! So good!!

Author's Response: thx!!!

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Review #9, by Lady Kat Part Two

4th March 2005:
*cries* so good! *goes to get some Kleenex then starts crying again*

Author's Response: aww...thanks...*blushes*

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Review #10, by hey hey Part Three

4th March 2005:
ooooh baby that really turns me on! *avoiding all hints of sarcasm*.....ha.

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Review #11, by hey hey Part Two

2nd March 2005:
u know u want me sexy!......haha.

Author's Response: oh yeah...fantasising now *insert sarcasm*

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Review #12, by ditcblonde92 Part Two

24th February 2005:
oh no! plz dont tell! waaa! uve hurt my feelings! hehehehehe! as if! muhehe! and besides i love justin but it is fine to fantisize bout eric!!!! so there! hes just so HOTT!!! ure so sweet to no worryz! no ure not telling or ill tell about u-know-who....aka, tim pierro! luv, cass the ditz!

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Review #13, by ditcblonde592 Part Two

19th February 2005:
at least u took the time to frigin tell me u updated this time u big biznitch!!!!! muheehehhe! well that was a spiff chapter!!! sad but spiff!!! i still cant ever picture gurls in dress robes!!! that are diffrent colr....for lily i just keep picture what looks like a big pale frog thing!!!! dam!!! if only they wore dresses!!!! wat the heckz!!! well, u know what would have made the stroy better??? dun dun dun.....if ERIC RIPLEY came in with me and we danced the night away!!! yes! that would have been cool! haha!!!! but id have to were a dress!!! no robe, urgh! and then we would save the day and lily!!! and then everyone would break out in aploause, and we would kiss!!! me and eric!!! ha! a gurl can only dream! byezzz! britt britt! luv, cass the ditz!

Author's Response: HOW RUDE!!!!! ...*mumbling*calling me a bitch in my own reviews! I oughta beat you! ENOUGH ERIC censored ING RIPLEY!..and your fantasy...YOU'VE GOT A BOYFRIEND...I'm Telling!

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Review #14, by Lady Kat Tears Of Illusion

15th February 2005:
Omigosh!!! What happened to her??? please update! ~Kate

Author's Response: Um...I'll tell you in the next chapter!!! Now, excuse me whilst I MURDER my friend.

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Review #15, by ditcblonde592 Tears Of Illusion

9th February 2005:
YOU HEARD WHAT THE GURL SAID BRITTANY! UPDATE NOW! oh and why do u never tell me at school when u update or make a new story??? loser, lol. i luv ya! keep going! and goin and goin and goin and goin.......luv, cassie the ditz! ps. u think u could put eric ripley in this one maybe? lol

Author's Response: YES I HEARD WHAT THE GIRL SAID!!!! ...*ahem*...and like I said to 'the girl' I am working on the second part...i forgetted to tell you in school *looks ashamed* sorry cassie. ps. NO ERIC censored ING RIPLEY!!!!!!!!!!!!! *ahem* bye

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Review #16, by mor10sen_luv Tears Of Illusion

8th February 2005:
OMG! This is really good! You must update like right now! You can't leave me with a cliff-hanger! It's not fair!

Author's Response: I'm working on the second part...I just wasn't sure if anyone would like it! New chapter should be up soon....

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