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Review #1, by Potterville Unlucky Caul

13th August 2005:
Okay but what was the weight and legnth?

Author's Response: uhh....hang on..*runs to find conversion table* she was 9 inches in length and 1 pound in weight.

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Review #2, by Tinka 4 Ever Unlucky Caul

13th June 2005:
Wow, this was absolutely fabulous, Sarah. You've stunned me, I'll tell you that ^^. I find it sad that Petunia would blame Lily for such an uncurable situation, however, I have to admit that I felt sorry for her very much. I'm glad to see that somebody has written a story such as this, with the insight of prematurity. A friend of mine was born 32 weeks premature and something alike happened to her, however, I'm glad to hear that some have made it out of such a predicament. Wonderful job ^^

Author's Response: I hope your friend has survived! thanks for reading!

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Review #3, by Sorceress Cassandra180 Unlucky Caul

7th June 2005:
Wow Sarah, I never thought I'd feel sorry for Petunia Dursley (or any Dursley for that matter). But this story really put's it in to focus. I had a cousin who was born early as well (26 weeks). We where afraid that, for awhile he wouldn't make it. Luckly he did. But I can't imagine what pain that comes from losing a child.

Author's Response: hey! Glad it had such a profound effect. I was 29 weeks. your cousin beat me! I'm glad he survived though. Preemie boys statistically aren't as strong as girls.

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Review #4, by spicyhc123 Unlucky Caul

23rd March 2005:
oh my gosh that is so sad! i would have cried if iwasnt so drugged up on cold medicine. it was soo good!! it was awesome! My cousin was born prematurly. He was REALLY early. They were surprised he lived. He had to have a tube put through his head and he was in the hospital for a long time. Thankfully he is alright now. Any ways Great job Sarah! it was great!

Author's Response: thanks Ash.

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Review #5, by MistressEva Unlucky Caul

8th February 2005:
Wow. very good Sarah, although I'm pretty sure that Petunia is older than Lily

Author's Response: oh well..I don't suppose it really matters..hehe

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Review #6, by Jaggy Unlucky Caul

8th February 2005:
omg...that's so sad. My sister was born super early too. Her lungs weren't finished developing and the doctors were scared that she would die. She didn't, thankfully or unthankfully, it depends on if I'm mad at the moment I'm not so thankfully.

Author's Response: aww Rain.i'm sooo glad you read this..

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