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Review #1, by windchaser Confessions

27th October 2007:
Poor Peter! He is seriously deranged though!

Author's Response: This was a weird stream of consciousness piece. And yes, he was a bit deranged.

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Review #2, by kim Confessions

8th October 2006:
wtf? am i the only one whose confused here???

Author's Response: Dear Kim, if you had read the summary and author's note you would have noticed that the story is a one shot stream of consciousness piece that is a companion to a full length piece that is archived on this site. The Author's note gave for warning that you wouldn't understand this if you hadn't read the other story.

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Review #3, by ant122992 Confessions

30th July 2006:
You know, I never suspected that at all, but it totally makes sense. That's freaky.

Author's Response: It was an undercurrent and in the back of my mind, but I didn't really deal with it because I didn't want to cloud the issue with a third point of view.

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Review #4, by Dark Angel Confessions

12th September 2005:
Very interesting one-shot. I would never have expected to read such an original plot as this! It was very good and I hope you write more like this one.

Author's Response: Thank you. It was a bit of self indulgence and the first of only two times I've written Peter as the central character. I flowed from the full length version of the story, In The Beginning, which doesn't focus on Peter at all. With this I just wanted to give him a chance to say what he felt. Thanks for reading and reviewing.

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Review #5, by Wiccan Confessions

23rd April 2005:
Alright, this is about me...not you. I can write a jolly piece of dialog, flesh out a character...even create a coherent plot...but I want to learn how to rip people's hearts out like you!!!!

Author's Response: I'd actually like to learn to be better at dialogue and plots. My plots are my weak point, my stuff is always character driven. Maybe you can teach me that?

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Review #6, by totsandtaters Confessions

16th April 2005:
That was extroadinary. And in such depth too. Not many people can pull this off, and obviously, you did.


Author's Response: Thanks. It was a convoluted thing, wasn't it? I hesitated posting it because it really depended up on the reader reading the other story first. Thank you for your review.

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Review #7, by centaursh Confessions

4th April 2005:
ok, peter is one twisted rat. Great story! I never liked peter, and i really don't now. wait, i already really didn't like him. R u gonna write a sequel to Beginning and Wolves? please! =)

Author's Response: In a way Wolves, Confessions and Child are, not sequels, but companions to Beginning. I would like to do sequels to Wolves and Child and have them planned, but will wait until we see what Rowling does with Snape and Lupin.

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Review #8, by AnonRommel Confessions

7th February 2005:
Running out of time, so I'm posting my note from the email: I like it! Just finished reading. You do manage to capture Peter very well, his views and personality. I love that you don't have him "worshipping" James and Sirius, or Lupin. The position he was in, sort of a tag-along, I feel would breed a lot of resentment in him even as he was too weak to break away from their protection, and endured their insults overall. I have often felt Peter was treated very badly by his "friends" and that's why I always felt he had reasons for what he did, even in canon. Add the Cassie angle from your story, and it makes even more sense.

Author's Response: Thanks for reading and reviewing. I'm glad you liked the Peter piece. I put a lot of this in the undercurrent of Beginning, but just felt like there was more he needed to say.

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Review #9, by Strawcherry Confessions

7th February 2005:
Oh my, Alpha! You took my breath away with this one! It all makes so much sense, I guess it was hidden in 'In the beginning' all this time but I just failed to see it. Thank you for enlightning me. You've created a brilliant Peter in a role that I think is more fitting for him than that of poor, dumb, mindless boy. I do think he was cunning or at least something like that, for James and Sirius would never have befriended if he was completely talentless. You've made him hungry for power, too; I think it's typical that he mentions the attraction Cassandra's power before anything else. Thank you for writing this story, for making me see Peter completely different, and for giving layers to a usually so flat character. You've done a brilliant job.

Author's Response: Thank you for reading and reviewing. I almost didn't post this because it is so dependent upon having read the other story to get it. There were pieces of this written into the story. Thank you for seeing those connections.

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