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Review #1, by Proginoskes Family Trip

21st September 2010:
Well, you've answered my last review. I don't like the idea that the incompatibility between the Charter and electronics can be solved with Charter magic, but a mildly irksome explanation is far better than a glaring enjoyment-preventing omission.

Your writing in general still has plenty of room to grow, but it's already leaps and bounds ahead of where it was in the first chapter.

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Review #2, by Proginoskes Unreturned Surprises

21st September 2010:
Laptop? But electronics don't work in the Old Kingdom! And a Charter-Magic laptop couldn't use electronic peripherals, for the same reason.

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Review #3, by Proginoskes Wallflower Too Shy to Cross

21st September 2010:
Death, the death realm for the dead?

Anyways, most people don't spend nearly so many words on physical appearances as they do on personalities. To describe your characters' appearances in such detail is a good way to lose readers, because it's associated with horrendous "House Sparklypoo" Mary Sues.

On the other hand, the premise has promise, and the snippets you use as chapter summaries for subsequent chapters suggest that your writing improves rapidly. I read on!

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Review #4, by BluEyedAngel Wallflower Too Shy to Cross

14th February 2008:
Interesting! I'm curious to see how this turns out. :)

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Review #5, by Alitheia Releasing Some Tension

11th February 2007:
I love this story. The Garth Nix books are some of favorites and when i first saw this story, i hoped that i would be good or it might ruin the books. This story is great, it does you justice as the amazing author you are. Keep writing and i hope you update soon.

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Review #6, by Aarchon52 Wallflower Too Shy to Cross

12th November 2006:
judging by your penname you're a girl,sooo...YOU ROCK DUDET!

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Review #7, by moiraine_lendreth Releasing Some Tension

16th August 2006:
You know, I've been reading your story for a few days now, and this is the only time I've gotten the chance to review it. I loved Garth Nix's Abhorsen series, and from the title of your story (and your name, I might add) it seems you did, too. :) Well, the plot is progressing nicely, although it could do with a bit of work on the characterization. Still, it's quite a decent read. Nice work.

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Review #8, by black-cat623 Releasing Some Tension

22nd July 2006:
best f***ing story I read in....Wow ever!

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Review #9, by Kitsune-Fox Wallflower Too Shy to Cross

22nd April 2006:

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Review #10, by Mogget Releasing Some Tension

24th March 2006:
I love the plot-combining HP and the Abhorsen Trilogy is brilliant! But, as much as I like this story, the glaring grammatical errors somewhat ruined it for me.

Author's Response: grammatical errors? hmm i must've forgotten to send this to my beta before i sent this in then...sorry about that :)

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Review #11, by Keladry Releasing Some Tension

23rd January 2006:
Oh, i love this chapter! The interactions are fun, especially the library scene and, go yuna! Luna and Ron... while I've thought of it, its not really my thing but, hey, maybe you can convince me. The only thing i think you could work on for this chap is more on Yuna's feelings and what not after she'd danced as it felt a bit unfinished but other wise, cool except for the fact that, i quoteth, "There's only about a few more until the end" AIYA!!! ><"

Author's Response: hehe...that's a bit unfinished because there'll be more so you'll have to wait for it. :)

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Review #12, by Keladry Releasing Some Tension

8th January 2006:
Hey its me. IM on holidays and the internet cafe comps are crappy and now i have to go before ive finished reading so, just to let you know i havent desertd you and your wonderful story, here's this reviewy thing. I swear ill read once i get back, k? K

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Review #13, by Ollie Unreturned Surprises

1st October 2005:
beautiful, i just love it

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Review #14, by Keladry Ancelstierre

30th September 2005:
Wow. Having a chapter dedicated to me makes me feel... special (lol). Thank you. The explaination about Sam made sense, which is good and the thing about how the Old Kingdom had been moved too made sense. Ah plaid...

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Review #15, by Abhorsen Wallflower Too Shy to Cross

15th September 2005:
Wow, she seems pretty normal.

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Review #16, by Keladry Deadening Effect

28th August 2005:
Yay! Very happy that more of the Abhorsen stuff is coming in. How come Sam isnt the Abhorsen in waiting? Having a Clayr around will certainly be interesting me thinketh.

Author's Response: i was wondering when someone would ask about Sam. lol. it'll be explained later. maybe next chapters?

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Review #17, by Andrea [THUH BETA!] Of Readers and Reviewers

8th August 2005:
I'm too lazy to log in. But be known that you are most welcome, and I apologize for not reviewing the stories, I feel that I should. But I'll make an effort to do that now. =]

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Review #18, by TakeMeAway Wallflower Too Shy to Cross

5th August 2005:
Brill fic! You're a great writer, great talent! I understood every word; I love Garth Nix's work! Carry on! Plz review my fic! thanx

Author's Response: thank you! i'm glad you like it. i'll make sure to read your fics too.

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Review #19, by Keladry Of Readers and Reviewers

28th July 2005:
I'm touched that you've given me the title of #1 reviewer! *happy dance*. I need lockhart's new book so i may live by it

Author's Response: well it's true when you've been reviewing most of the story so far. oh and lockhart's new book is so good. lol.

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Review #20, by Keladry Undefinable Pain

22nd July 2005:
I can so imagine the whole Draco/Ron stand off thing. Ron can be real frilehead, makes me want to kill him grr

Author's Response: yeah. i just thought that i'd give him something to do when confronting draco....this is how i imagined ron would be.

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Review #21, by Keladry Stupid Discoveries

15th July 2005:
Okay thanks, now I re-remember what Yuna was threatened with

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Review #22, by Keladry Best to Watch and Learn

9th July 2005:
O my golf! Yuna becoming slightly less anti social! In i think chap 23 what was the secret that the twins were threatening Yuna with? (i think i might of missed something) anyway, glad to see the 4 new chapters.

Author's Response: yes she's a bit less anti social but so far around only her friends and the twins. you can reread ch. 9 for the secret but it was more of a secret between george and yuna rather than the twins and yuna ;)

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Review #23, by Keladry Devil's Advocate

24th June 2005:
Interesting dream. What does it mean, what does it mean??? the potions tasting and stuff was a smart idea too

Author's Response: muhaha you'll find out soon enough. but really i wish i could you but then it'd be unfair to others.

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Review #24, by Keladry Troublesome Twins

11th June 2005:
"one eyed, one horn flower purple twins" muahahahaha. The never ending song is sooo annoying though where I live we have a different version. Also like the fact that Yuna put Mcgonagall in her place with her silent soldier-ness. Well, not really put in place but I dont know what else to call it. Oh yeah and also like how youve written Fred and George.

Author's Response: thank you! i didn't even know the never ending song has a another version. muhahaha i love to annoy my friends with that song. :)

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Review #25, by It's your beta, who's far too lazy to log in. One Too Many Problems

29th May 2005:
HEY! I love how it's coming so far. Sorry that I haven't reviewed in a while, it was the lack of computer. But you know that I like your story, since I'm still beta-ing. Keep up the good work & I can't wait for the next chapter.

Author's Response: thanks. lol i'll have the next chap out soon. hopefully.

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