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Reading Reviews for Going Back in Time
14 Reviews Found

Review #1, by Paige Weasley Looking Exactly Alike

16th March 2006:

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Review #2, by Steph Looking Exactly Alike

4th March 2006:
That story was the coolness!!! Hope you write more!!

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Review #3, by EmilyBlack Looking Exactly Alike

3rd January 2006:
please continue!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Review #4, by louisa Looking Exactly Alike

12th December 2005:
write more!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Review #5, by Fred's Gurl Looking Exactly Alike

1st August 2005:
i luv it update soon!

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Review #6, by Mandy Looking Exactly Alike

30th July 2005:
i love it! What a surprise for James when he finds out who Harry is! Please post more.

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Review #7, by tragicsleep Looking Exactly Alike

9th May 2005:
i really like the start of this story and the whole idea.so UPDATE SOON!!

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Review #8, by MoonysGirl4Life Looking Exactly Alike

27th April 2005:
Wow...I'm loving this story...please add more soon...I cant wait for the next chapter!!!!

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Review #9, by Severus Looking Exactly Alike

24th April 2005:
Wow this is amazing!!!

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Review #10, by Severus Going Back in Time

24th April 2005:
This is really good!!!

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Review #11, by Crystal Ardhan Looking Exactly Alike

23rd February 2005:
Good, but not much happened in this chapter, more should happen. Other than that, it was story, not summary, so that is a good thing. (going to use good one more time) ... so, overall, good story!!!!!!!!!!! but you should put more body in or update frequently. Much luv, Crystal ^_^

Author's Response: Well, I am trying the best I can to update but I do have other stories. I'm glad you liked it!

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Review #12, by Siriusluver Looking Exactly Alike

23rd February 2005:
I really love this story!!! It's very original. I've never heard of a back-in-time story that went back to the Marauders! Plus SIRIUS ROCKS!!! Poor Hermione!!! -Siriusluver ^_^

Author's Response: Yes, poor Hermione, but... what are you going to do? Thanx, anyway!

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Review #13, by Crystal Ardhan Going Back in Time

17th February 2005:
Great beginning!!!!!! i want to know what happens next! Also, the beginning seemed to be a lot of summary, and the words used to express it didn't fit... together that well... no offense intended, just trying for some constructive criticism. Much luv, Crystal ^_^

Author's Response: No offense taken. I'm not all that good with beginnings to tell you the truth, especially if it's a time-turner fic beginning. But, now, the words are going to fit much better from now on.

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Review #14, by timeturner Going Back in Time

11th February 2005:
Very short chapter…I’d like to see you make them a little longer. This was also very heavy on dialogue. Some descriptions, settings, and character emotions would be nice to see. You have a good handle on the storyline and your characters stay true to the original works of JKR. Just add in a little more narrative about the settings, etc. and you’ll be good to go!

Author's Response: I'll try to do that. It's a bad habit of mine: Just putting in a lot of dialogue and just explaining what hey do in a short sense. But, I'll fix it all up. Thanx for reviewing!

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