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Review #1, by Maddie potter Chapter Three: Memories and Meetings

8th January 2012:
Omg this story is amazing! I think I'm going to favorite it! One thing Id like to see is more of a reaction from snape. Although you kept him amazingly in character, i think it would be cool to see inside his head there. I mean, how many times do you walk into a kitchen and see the school bullies of your day completely unchanged sitting casually at the table? A snape POV or something. Other that, no comment or complaints at all.

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Review #2, by QuittidchRocks777 Chapter Three: Memories and Meetings

29th September 2007:
It was great! yeah i wanted to get to know if Harry like Ginny yet? or is it still 5th year? it would also be sorta cool to see them try to pull a prank - like past vs. future? That would be AWESOME!

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Review #3, by gosurori_ai Chapter Three: Memories and Meetings

17th July 2007:
A WIZARD FIGHT!!! Haha, I'm only joking. Cool story.

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Review #4, by gosurori_ai Prologue

15th July 2007:

It was because. Curtains don't kill people. ^^ Yes, that's it! Seriously, how do you get killed by a mirror?

Cool chapter...

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Review #5, by sheila1990 Chapter Three: Memories and Meetings

22nd June 2006:
its great keep going

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Review #6, by Polly Chapter Three: Memories and Meetings

14th May 2006:
this is a good story but ye i agree that you should finish it soon mabey have a bit with just harry and his dad where they properly bond that would be nice.

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Review #7, by Polly Prologue

14th May 2006:
hi i like the sound of this the only prob;em is i can never find the storys again so could ya add me if ya have msn and give me the link when you have put the next chapter up or either email me with the link at thanks and its great so far.

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Review #8, by k1ttycat Chapter Three: Memories and Meetings

6th January 2006:
sirius and hermione kiss

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Review #9, by Lily Evans_James Potter Chapter Three: Memories and Meetings

3rd January 2006:
hey great story since they know everthing when they go back to the past they remember everthing that harry explained and took his words wisely and They dont die and harry lives with his parents that be so cool. Hope you like my idea Well great story update asap!!!!

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Review #10, by icefox Chapter Three: Memories and Meetings

29th December 2005:
i really like the story. I'd like to see harry and prongs have a little bonding time since harry dont gets to see his dad in the future.

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Review #11, by good_luck Chapter Three: Memories and Meetings

14th December 2005:
i like it!!! write more!

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Review #12, by rachel Chapter Two: Between Then and Now

19th November 2005:
that doesn't make sense, you made the story after 5th year but sirius is still alive, you even stated that he was killed and yet here he is telling the story!

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Review #13, by Bubblechimes Chapter Three: Memories and Meetings

20th October 2005:
Eek! I forgot all about this story! I am just checking on so many other stories that there are a few I forget about . . . please do forgive me! I am so sorry! I was browsing in my favourites and I found this! Anyway . . . you did a really good job! I am so sorry once again! Keep up the good work! And I won't forget again!

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Review #14, by SadForSirius Chapter Three: Memories and Meetings

15th August 2005:
Cool story.

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Review #15, by Karissa Chapter Three: Memories and Meetings

18th July 2005:
I <3333333 this story pleeeeeease update sooooooooon i can't wait!!!!!!!!!

Author's Response: chapter four is mostly written, jsut want ot see if you guys wnat me ot write any more maruader mischeif, then i will post it. hopefuly ittls be totally complete by the end of august ( note this is the worst case scenario time frame) but chapter four will most definetly be the last chapter. sorry!

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Review #16, by Amity Chapter Two: Between Then and Now

3rd June 2005:
My pen name is AmitySoren not Amity

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Review #17, by Amity Chapter Two: Between Then and Now

3rd June 2005:
Go you. I love how you stuck to what happened in the third book and not the movie, and I love how Sirius is alive.But then agian the best fan fics have to have him in them.

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Review #18, by luvron29 Chapter Two: Between Then and Now

18th March 2005:
I really like it. I hope you continue it!

Author's Response: Ahhh! everyone keeps reviewing this story and wanting more! and everyone has to wait. curse my stupid muse! hes making me finish Sparkles first before he'll give me more ideas on this one! Sorry! but while you wait, read Sparkles and when thats done, everyone shall have a new chapter here. bye! and thanks for the review!

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Review #19, by Stacey Chapter Two: Between Then and Now

17th March 2005:
WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW wow wow wow omg its soo good... please write more!!! i love ur and ur sister's stories!!! oo i can't wait!!! im just surprised that harry didn't get all emotional when he saw james.. i mean he was his dad after all.. but otherwise its like soooo umm AMAZING.. please update soon! keep up the good work ^_^

Author's Response: Yay! more praise! that makes me so happy! and now im thinking that my sister has a note somwhere saying to read my stories cause your the second person that i've counted ..oh well it gives me more reviews adn more happiness! now if only people would read my other two stories, because everyone reviews this one... oh well. thanks for reading and reviewing!

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Review #20, by Bubblechimes Chapter Two: Between Then and Now

15th March 2005:
Hi, well, I told you I'd leave a review! AND I AM SOO GLAD YOU TOLD ME THAT STORY WAS OKAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVED it! I swear that was one of my favourites on this site! You are wonderful! ~Emily

Author's Response: Yea! another review! and ill tell Jess you said hi. i would do that now, but she's sleeping. it IS 12:34 in the morning right now and she DOES have to go to school in the morning... and on her birthday too. Happy Birthday to my sister, Jessica! She turns sixteen today, March 15, 2005. thanks for reading and again thanks for the review!

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Review #21, by Bubblechimes Chapter Two: Between Then and Now

14th March 2005:
I haven't actually read this story (sorry! I'm only twelve years old!) but I think you're probably a GREAT writer, because I read all your sister's stories! ~Emily

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Review #22, by neenza Chapter Two: Between Then and Now

4th March 2005:
awesome i love this story .... prongs is sooo funny u describe him to be exactly how i imagine he was. please update soon

Author's Response: i'm not the only one who thinks he acts this way when he was younger? cool! thanks for reading and reviewing! and that goes toward everyone who sends me a review!

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Review #23, by Miguel Chapter Two: Between Then and Now

1st March 2005:
I like it, I hope you update soon.

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Review #24, by Sophia Montgomery Chapter Two: Between Then and Now

1st March 2005:
Wow.. I don't think (sorry to ruin your hard work) that the whole entire Harry Potter history was necessary... You could have just said 'and Harry, Ron, and Hermione told them their school years, up until thier 7th year, blah blah blah.' You did a good job, though, and I like it! : )

Author's Response: Yeah, after i posted the chapter i realized that maybe i didnt need all the history, but there were parts where i wanted the reactions of the Marauders in there. and it let me put in the annoying Prongs... and thanks for the review. now if only my muse would quit feeding me ideas for new stories and give me ideas to continue the ones i've already started.

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Review #25, by Sophia Montgomery Chapter One: Who's Who?

1st March 2005:
Well... I want to find out what happens in chapter three, so I'll leave you a longer review then! : )

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