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Review #1, by MissyHufflepuff Her-story

16th December 2011:
I love it all so far! I love Nat's personality so much.. She sort of reminds me of me :L very good

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Review #2, by Grace Taking The Edge Off (And Paying For It)

2nd August 2011:
So personally I think the story doesn't need all this lovely drinking but that's just me... that's all. So other than all the crazy plastering i think the story is going great.

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Review #3, by Grace Rae

2nd August 2011:
So fyi you're doing great! I am really enjoying the story line and I like how you haven't made to chapters like hugely long or anything. I also like how you're introducing us the all the characters slowly it seems perfect. Some authors will introduce characters all at once and then the reader is over loaded with trying to remember who everyone is. So keep up the great work! :)

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Review #4, by riptide97 A Long Day

3rd March 2011:
LOVE IT TO BITS. the entire thing. i don't know why. hahas lily being drunk is kinda scary actually. oh man i dont care who nat ends up with as long as its epic. james or sirius though!
keep updating... please? (:

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Review #5, by Lallen The End of the Beginning

18th January 2010:

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Review #6, by tkcemma Getting the Stories Straight

25th January 2009:
its great but what happened to Ella in this chap
did she just go walk abouts in this one something

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Review #7, by James and sirius 4 eva I Never

25th December 2007:
thank god i found this again. i completly forgot the name and had to search for ages. (its in my favs now so that wont be a prob again)

Ok well i absolutly love this story! this would be longer but i want to keep reading so ill review when i catch up ok. bye

Author's Response: thanks a ton - i know my post are far between, so it's easy to lose track. thanks for the review~Natty

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Review #8, by sophswarb Remus

25th September 2007:
I've got to say I quite agree. I'm a Christian also and the debate of Harry Potter being 'unchristian' just seems plain silly to me. It's fictional, we know it's fictional, do what does it matter? By the by, I love the fic, it's really good! (I had myself wondered about wizards and religion too...)
Soph xx

Author's Response: thanks! glad you agree :D

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Review #9, by LivesForever Severus

10th June 2007:
what does AU mean?

Author's Response: AU means Alternative Universe. it's what they call stories that don't stick to the story line of the book. Since I started writing this story before HBP, it doesn't follow that book. it still follows everything through OotP. hope that doesn't deter you - it still rocks, but i'm biased :D~Natty

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Review #10, by LivesForever A New Day's Lesson

10th June 2007:
aww :( poor sirius

Author's Response: ;)~Natty

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Review #11, by LivesForever Part of Your World

10th June 2007:
interesting i like the story so far very unique :) btw my nick-name is Nat too (my real name is Natalie)

Author's Response: heh - cool. Every story i write, my character ends up being Natalie, so i changed this one to Natalia. I love the name though. so you rock ;) thanks for reading~Natty

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Review #12, by AnnaGoesOut The End of the Beginning

18th March 2007:
Three words: I love you

Author's Response: Thanks a ton! that means a ton. Glad you liked it~Natty

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Review #13, by don't have one The End of the Beginning

19th February 2007:

keep going

Author's Response: Thanks! - never been great at spelling, but i'm working on it :D~Natty

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Review #14, by devlyn_black The End of the Beginning

26th January 2007:
like i promised here is my long review!!
i luved Nat's charater, it was so real to me and i could see the problems and delimas she goes through ive gone through them myself. her and sirius's relationship was brilliant and i understood it and i really hope they get together cos james ill get together with lil so what 'll happen to Joce?
well anyway ur brilliant i just love how u portray sirius's sensitive side and all the other sides he has!
i hope to read the next story...stupid busy life!!
P.S. an 88 is bad, i was writing about Lewis and Clark and i had 45 mintutes u know, so i wrote a detailed desription of how they got to the ocean and when i recieved an 88 i was TICKED to say the least!!

Author's Response: thank you so much! I'm glad you liked the story (tell your friends ;) ) Everyone always waves that little Sirius/Nat flag... :D I've said it all along - I am sticking to the canon thru OotP (becuase i started this before HBP and it didn't fit in). Lil and James do end up together... eventually (7th year). And that's all I can say. Please enjoy the other storys, but be patient with me. I understand busy life (believe me) and writing can't be my first priority (as much as i'd like it to be). so sometimes it's a while before i post - but just bookmark me or something and check back every once in a while. Thanks a ton!~Natty
PS: you'll appreciate an 88 later on ;)

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Review #15, by devlyn_black Of Phaedra and Prophecy

19th January 2007:
hey, ur brilliant, i totally cant stop reading this!! i love how u've built up Nat from her charater at the beganing, and joce is cool too reminds me of one of my brothers old g-friends!!
yeah well anyay like i said ur a brilliant writer and i really enjoy ur fic...cant wiat for more!!
leave u a really long review at the end!!:-)
rOcK oN!!

Author's Response: thanks a ton! I like my writing style and it's nice to know it's not just me ;) I'll take any review I can get~Natty

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Review #16, by devlyn_black Intolerable Gits

16th January 2007:
yeah, i hope u did well on ur test, last test i did i got an 88 on it and was royally ticked at the teacher cos it was an eassay and it was DETAILED!!! hes a coach though and noone likes him...
ur fic ROCKS!! i like Natalia's(that's a really pretty name) charater she is soo realistic where she is one can find themselves in! i cant wait to read more lahtough i should be getting to sleep!
rOcK oN!!

Author's Response: thanks for the review. but please, it's Nat [wink]. I'm glad you like the story thus far. please keep reading/reviewing. i love feedback! And an 88 is nothing to be ashamed of. that's a great grade! ~Natty

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Review #17, by devlyn_black Part of Your World

15th January 2007:
hey, this is pretty sweet, i think ill try and finish it!!
very facinating!!
rOcK oN!!

Author's Response: anks a ton!~Natty

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Review #18, by SiriuslylvnSirius25 The End of the Beginning

28th December 2006:
Great story!! I loved it! HA Snape got what was coming to him! I still can't believe he did that to her...anyway please post your next one soon!!

Author's Response: thank you so much for all your reviews all along! You have no idea how much i appreciate them. i have the first chapter of the next one up. I'm glad you enjoyed it!~Natty

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Review #19, by SiriuslylvnSirius25 Tears to Smiles (part 2)

23rd December 2006:
Aww YAY!!! I'm soo happy now, but I won't get to read the next chappie for a coupla days b/c it's CHRISTMAS!! Yipee! Anyway Great Job!

Author's Response: thanks a ton!~Natty

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Review #20, by SiriuslylvnSirius25 Smiles to Tears, Part 1

23rd December 2006:
OMG! How could he do that!!??? That's awful! And she's still sticking up for him! Oh god!! I must go read the next chapter, like now!

Author's Response: heh - :D thanks!~Natty

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Review #21, by SiriuslylvnSirius25 Testing Bounds

18th December 2006:
Oh I see how it's going to be...fine...but I guess Im happy for James and Natty (but it's still not goin to be forever, muhuhahaha) Job!! And poor Sevy...but he'll find someone sooner or later...hopefully...

Author's Response: i like severus... he'll have his turn at love, i promise. thanks for th ereview!~Natty

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Review #22, by SiriuslylvnSirius25 A Long Day

18th December 2006:
HAHA...a drunk Lily is still hilarious...phew...that was a close one for them, I wonder what's going to happen between now and OWLs that Nat and James break up and he's after Lily again...hmmm...anyway GREAT JOB!!!

Author's Response: thanks for the review! i had to go back and reread the chapter to remember what happened ;) James and Lily get together their 7th year... they've got a ways to go. A LOT can happen between now and the ;)~Natty

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Review #23, by SiriuslylvnSirius25 Secrets Revealed

16th December 2006:
OMG GREAT CHAPTER!!! HAHA Lily got drunk!! Bad bad little prefect..haha...well she's gotta do something rebellious in her lifetime...and YAY Natty knows and is OK with Remus' furry little problem! And I love Peter hyper right now and am typing this really fast...haha...anyway that's the end of this review

Author's Response: and this review just made me smile... you sound like my best friend when she gets hyper :) thanks!~Natty

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Review #24, by SiriuslylvnSirius25 Saturday Night in the Hospital Ward

16th December 2006:
Aww that's cute...but there is still no denying that James and Lily are just meant for each other...but they're still young and go out with different ppl b4 they get now it's cute...and damn! That must hurt getting ur shoulder dislocated 4 times!! lol...Great Job!!

Author's Response: Glad someone get's it :) thanks for the review!~Natty

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Review #25, by SiriuslylvnSirius25 One Less Obstacle, 99 to Go

10th December 2006:
Awww.That was soo nice of Sevy...and Lily and Remus...all in one chapter! YES!! Great Job!!

Author's Response: about time, eh? :D lol~Natty

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