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Review #1, by AussieAnatomy627 The Seekers

27th November 2008:
It's good. You should update.

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Review #2, by the weird kid The Seekers

20th August 2005:
Very good story I tip my hat to you then take it off plz write more/another story LOL by the way u spelled share wrong and i have a spelling disability and i saw it o well u can have a little fun with a typo but for the last word thats hilarious

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Review #3, by jacob curley The Seekers

28th July 2003:
man this story rocks hurry up on the next chapter

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Review #4, by Sam The Seekers

26th July 2003:
ok this is me again for the BILLIONTH TIME asking for\'s such a good fic.....what you need to do is put another chapter\'s just cut off!!!!! there has to be a character limit or sumthin\'s not workin!! so please...respect your us out here :)

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Review #5, by Sam The Seekers

8th July 2003:
OMG do you not check your reviews? WRITE MORE. THIS IS GOOD. PEOPLE LIKE IT. WRITE MORE

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Review #6, by Sam The Seekers

6th July 2003:
My second review is...errrr... not really a\'s a request for more...this was really good and I just know that there could be more.....update it soon!!!

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Review #7, by Sam Milroy The Seekers

2nd July 2003:
That was some quality fanfic right there. You should continue that and be sure to email me when you do. That really was pretty darn good. I really liked it. lovealways/SAM

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Review #8, by Soulwalker The Seekers

29th June 2003:
That was one of the greatest pieces of fanfiction that I have ever had the pleasure of reading. You have taken what I WISHED had happened in OotP and made it reality. Please let me know if you have written anymore, because it seemed to have ended at a rather premature place. At any rate, I loved this. You are an EXCELLENT author!

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Review #9, by Sarah The Seekers

3rd June 2003:
I love it!!!! it\'s wonderful,hurry up and write more

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Review #10, by Hads The Seekers

13th November 2002:
good and can u write a other 1 with more grafic sences but its still good

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Review #11, by tom The Seekers

10th November 2002:
It was very good i all ways like harry potter romance

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Review #12, by Mell The Seekers

7th November 2002:
I was never ok with harry and cho, but I give this 2 thumbs up!

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