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Review #1, by HP FanFic Lover A Human Handkerchief

8th October 2009:
Is Aria's mother... has she passed away?

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Review #2, by HP FanFic Lover Beyond Normal

8th October 2009:
James loves Lily! Poor Jamie. "I...I love you."
"I hate you!"
Poor, poor, James...

Oh, Remus proposed?!

LOL, Sirius is all non-chalant. Enjoying his time in the kitchen.

I wonder what Aria read...

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Review #3, by HP FanFic Lover Tears and Truths

7th October 2009:
James, James, Jamie, Jamie, James...
Lily is in her time of need, of course your reason is understandable, but... COME TO YOUR SENSES, LAD!
Lily would've loved to see you there.

Both of them are blinded, Well not James, really, and cannot see sense!
I am so dramatic.

I LOVE it still!

I put, like, 45 o's and they didn't show it.

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Review #4, by HP FanFic Lover The Meaning of Friendship

7th October 2009:
Aww... Poor James!
Poor, the Potters...

What happened to Lily?!

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Review #5, by HP FanFic Lover The Hangover & Letter, From Hell

7th October 2009:
This chapter was actually a normal, happy, day.

... Before, the letter.

Poor Sarah! She-she might not make it?!

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Review #6, by HP FanFic Lover Girl's Night Out

7th October 2009:
LOL, Carina got drunk.
I think...
She looked [or I read] like she drank a lot of drinks, there...
Aria was sucking face, LOL!
Messy hair? Oh, Lily, you're so blind.

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Review #7, by HP FanFic Lover Truths & Frikin' Slytherins

6th October 2009:
I hate Slytherin, officially.
Well, I've always hated Slytherins, but this is stupid! Slytherins suck!
Maybe that's only cause, I'm a Gryffindor, but I'll bet everyone [except Slytherins] hates Slytherins!

Snape, is...
Just, just, EW!
I just shuddered at the thought of Snape doind that to me. EW, Ew, Ew, ew!
Ew, ew, Yucky, yuck, icky!

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Review #8, by HP FanFic Lover The Ugly Woman Who Screams like a Banshee

6th October 2009:
Am I allowed to beat the crap out of the Black family, besides Carina and Sirius?

Ohmigosh, Travis is gay?
Cause he THOUGHT he was, and what if he is?

Loved it, 10/10!

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Review #9, by HP FanFic Lover Confrontations

6th October 2009:
I wish James could've just beaten the crap out of him right then and there!
Or Lily hexed him so he's so injured, nothing will repair the damage!

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Review #10, by HP FanFic Lover The Letter

5th October 2009:
THAT'S why Snape wanted to go out with Lily so much!
Either wanting to get out of the marriage, OR wanting to go out with her before he was married.

I'm pretty sure Snape willn't [LOL] marry Carina.

But I'm AM sure she doesn't marry Remus either. [Tonks]

I want to Avada Kedavra the Black family[ minus Carina and Sirius] into OBLIVION!

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Review #11, by HP FanFic Lover Back To Hogwarts

5th October 2009:
"I'm just going to be young and have fun... and drive James Potter insane while doing it."

LOL That's hilarious! I love it when Lily banters in her head!!!
Oooh, I'm thinking Seth is gonna be a problem. Especially with James.


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Review #12, by HP FanFic Lover Happy Birthday Jam... er... Potter

5th October 2009:
Oh, that was a fun chapter! Especially the ending!
I LOVED it, as usual! This part probably took their minds off of the past few day, right?

Poor James on his 13th B-day...
James seemed so much nicer before his "Prat Years". Waking her up on his birthday, singing, Let it Be?

Well now [how old is he here? 17? 18?] Lily is actually having a fun time again!

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Review #13, by HP FanFic Lover Victories

5th October 2009:
Carina is FREE!
As is Sirius!
Now everyone's a happy camper [haha, that's sounds so weird]
Even Sarah woke up from her coma!

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Review #14, by HP FanFic Lover Conflicts

5th October 2009:
Oooh! Poor Sarah! Poor Sirius, and Carina! Poor Lily, and James! Ugh, I wanna give them all hugs right now. [Sorry, I'm a hugger]

I didn't review last chapters [I'm sorry] I LOVE this story though!!!

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Review #15, by Katy Truths & Frikin' Slytherins

3rd September 2009:
Hi all. It's innocence when it charms us, ignorance when it doesn't.
I am from Kyrgyzstan and learning to read in English, please tell me right I wrote the following sentence: "Other enthusiasts can be either secret investment or play stocks, investing on how the draft pleaded those cards, perfect stock picks."

Thanks for the help :D, Katy.

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Review #16, by banana A Human Handkerchief

20th June 2009:
really really good! UPDATE!

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Review #17, by XxlizizayxX A Human Handkerchief

5th May 2008:
Wo this definatly has to be tied as one of my top three favorites just because Ilove your writing style and i can't wait for more but yes it is definatly in the VERY TOP of my favorites because well I don't know but I love it can't wait for more!


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Review #18, by angelinneveah A Human Handkerchief

1st December 2007:
Suspense is killling me!

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Review #19, by crystalClearr A Human Handkerchief

26th November 2007:
(HPdiva here) ok so i understand youve lost interest but i think its even more unfair for you to abandon it just like that..coulndt you of atleast put it up for adoption for someone else to continue following your guiline or wat-not. im willing if you need but honestly just abandoning it like that it lunacy and im very upset because i enjoyed readign this story and was so hooked :( :( so im begging you to do something to cont the story

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Review #20, by Britt A Human Handkerchief

20th November 2007:

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Review #21, by Britt A Human Handkerchief

20th November 2007:

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Review #22, by Britt A Human Handkerchief

20th November 2007:
Hp Fanatic, here

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Review #23, by hp fanatic A Human Handkerchief

20th November 2007:
hey, its me. My first revolting review

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Review #24, by Hp Fanatic A Human Handkerchief

19th November 2007:
Oh my god, why are you abondoning it? Every one likes your story, you rlly shouldnt... Im revolting, and im xtremly pissed right now..So, as my way as retaliation, im gonna sign out and review aout a million times..kay? until you say you will update another chapter.

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Review #25, by Evans_Potter_Perfection A Human Handkerchief

29th October 2007:
aw *tears* i feel so sad now well i kno that her mom's dead cuz the last line basically gives that away but OMG POOR LILY AND ARIA Lily's mom's gonna die 2 isn't she? something u rote at king's cross...poor Lily and aria their lives r F'ed up

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