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Review #1, by anakfenty Laura's Pensive

4th September 2005:
I love it

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Review #2, by julez Laura's Pensive

7th May 2005:
pease post again this is a great story so far

Author's Response: the writing of chapter 8 has kinda come to a standstill. I've lost access to a computer at home, the library at school was closed all week for AP testing and my homework load has increased about ten-fold. I'll post as soon as possible though. Sorry for the inconvienence.

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Review #3, by julez Laura's Pensive

2nd May 2005:
Great so far keep going!

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Review #4, by yc Laura's Pensive

14th April 2005:
hey!!! i want to know what they get for their O.W.L.!!!!! Anyway, it was a nice story (i've just finished reading the entire thing)..juz dat i dun really like the fact that Laura is kind of sharing the main charcter position with harry...u noe wat i mean?

Author's Response: Yeah, I know what you mean. Laura is still going to be a major part in the story but not as main of a character as Harry is. It's just that I needed to get all the character development stuff out of the way. If anyone wants to read more about Laura's past and how she knows all the teachers and all that wonderful stuff send me an email and depending on how many I get I will either post it or send it in an attatchment to you as soon as I get it rewritten (I kinda lost the first copy) and typed up.

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Review #5, by JAM Laura's Pensive

6th April 2005:
Awsome! I was worries that you forgot about hte story! taht would be :( (sad)!!! post More SooN!

Author's Response: Yeah righ. Concidering I'm going to school with alot of people who are after my blood the day after I post a chapter for the next one, the chances of me not finishing it are next to none. Besides... not only do I hate it when people start a fic and not finish it, I actually like it. So no worries! It will be finished... eventually. Cause I'm already planning a sequal

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Review #6, by Aleister Crowley Dealing with the Dursleys

30th March 2005:
Cum on and write more!

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Review #7, by JAM The Second War Begins

29th March 2005:
COOL~! This was good. Sounds a little like how the 6th book will be. Post More Soon!

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Review #8, by sako41 The Second War Begins

29th March 2005:
wow awsome excelent twist and useing ideas that are likely to be in book 6 more please!!!!!!!

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Review #9, by JAM Harry's Birthday Surprise

18th March 2005:
Hey this is very good! I like the birhtday party! Fred and George's reaction was hiliorous!!!!! I can't beleve how they reacted! Post More Soon!!

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Review #10, by Ash Revelations to the Order

30th January 2005:
great story realy enjoy it keep wrighting.

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