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Review #1, by Liss_rox The Big Surprise

14th June 2006:
ok that is really wrong!

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Review #2, by nicole Discovering Hidden Feelings

27th March 2006:
i thought this was a harry and hermione story not harry and ginny

Author's Response: Keep reading. It is a Harry Hermione story, just keep reading.

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Review #3, by nicole Harry's Heartbreak

27th March 2006:
Weid Weird start maybe later you'll start a post-story to this

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Review #4, by ceann_lupin Uh Oh...

7th March 2006:

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Review #5, by Neville_Is_My_God The Battle and the Good News

5th March 2006:
how did sirius come back???

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Review #6, by Neville_Is_My_God Long, Lost Secrets

5th March 2006:
holy hell.... poor harry... so ginny did it with draco and hermione did too?

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Review #7, by jenjen Epilouge

24th February 2006:
This story rocks!!!! your a great writher. Just waithing to read your next story. Bet it will be as good as this won... this one was wierd at some places but I realy liked it. continue your good work

Author's Response: Glad you like my story. The sequel is started, and posted. Just go to my writer's page thing, and go to "Jasmine's Story"

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Review #8, by Prague The Big Surprise

21st February 2006:
Okay EW, thats is some NASTY incest!!

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Review #9, by  Epilouge

17th February 2006:
this tory is amazing do a sequal

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Review #10, by x_kutie_kitten_x Epilouge

16th February 2006:
loved it.

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Review #11, by Sapphire Nguyen Epilouge

9th February 2006: is my hotmail, I want to read your sequel! Make one!! PLEASE!

Author's Response: If you check out my author Page, I've posted the first four chapters of the sequel. Glad you like my story!

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Review #12, by freakyfinger Discovering Hidden Feelings

9th February 2006:
It could be just me, but it seems like no one cares about Hermione. When news of a death in a family (Hermione would be considered family to Harry and the Weasleys), there is always a lot of grief. I think Harry got over 'mione waay to quickly.

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Review #13, by anonymous Uh Oh...

23rd January 2006:
this is disgusting. he kissed his <<tag not allowed="red">tag not allowed="red">censoreding aunt i can't read anymore

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Review #14, by julez Epilouge

11th January 2006:
love the whole story... please please please do a sequel

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Review #15, by blackhawk_9394 Epilouge

2nd January 2006:
if jasmine potter had platinum blonde hair wouldnt it suppose to b malfoys not harrys cause harry has jet black

Author's Response: She is Malfoy's kid. You gotta read the sequel.

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Review #16, by taken luvbird Harry's Heartbreak

9th December 2005:
first chapter very poorly written

Author's Response: you know why? It was my first time trying to write a fan fic

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Review #17, by Muggle_wuggle Epilouge

4th December 2005:

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Review #18, by NachtEule (not logged on right now) Epilouge

25th November 2005:
sequel sequel sequel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Review #19, by Admin Harry's Heartbreak

25th November 2005:
So you think you can write, huh. Well, let's see if you have what it takes to take it to the top. Go to and strut your stuff. Review, read, and rate...all in one.

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Review #20, by christam Epilouge

18th November 2005:
please post a sequel i loved this story and i bet i would love the sequel even more

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Review #21, by crystalmoon Epilouge

11th November 2005:
very good story hope u write a sequal

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Review #22, by rowand Epilouge

26th October 2005:
grate story please write the sequel

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Review #23, by Princess_of_Darkness Epilouge

23rd October 2005:
Hey! That was awesome! I wanted to wait until I read the entire story b4 I actually posted, but it was awesome! A little disturbing at times, but still awesome!

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Review #24, by hermoines lover She's Back

18th October 2005:
brill fantasic

Author's Response: if you havent already read it, this story is finished.

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Review #25, by Blobo Mione's Day Back

10th October 2005:
I LOVE YOU KATE! hahaa...great review huh?

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