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Reading Reviews for Glistening Rain
25 Reviews Found

Review #1, by Kimberly Muggle

24th May 2006:
Good chapter

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Review #2, by Iris Flower Waiting and remembering

27th June 2005:
You know, that weekened has passed and you haven't updated. Please update won't you? Do it for me, my birthday's coming up in a few days and I would like to read it then. Please update!

Author's Response: omg! i'm sorry, i have been soo busy i know i said i would update soon. ntw, happy birthday!!! my b-day just passed as well! welli hope you have/had a great day! i'll try getting it up asap, it still needs a lot of work though*sigh* kk, well i gotta work on the story ttfn!!!!

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Review #3, by sour_grapes Muggle

15th May 2005:
really good story update soon.

Author's Response: thanks sooo much!! i will try to update this weekend!! i have things going on so i don't know if i will be able to but thanks for your support!! ^Rachel

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Review #4, by Iris Flower Muggle

6th May 2005:
WOW! This such a wonderful story. Why doesn't she tell her mother? Is she afraid? Well at least she got away from her horrid step dad. Please keep writing this is mostly a wonderfula nd magnificent story! Update real soon,Please!

Author's Response: thanks for the review!!! well, she doesn't tell her mother because her mother hates her too. i will try my best to update this weekend!! sorry for the wait! thanks so much!! ^Rachel

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Review #5, by psychokitten Muggle

6th May 2005:
Great job I got your story from Maggrl. Please update soon I really enjoyed all of these!

Author's Response: wow thanks! i'm sorry i haven't updated i have so many things going on but i'll try to have the next chapter up this weekend, depends on the homework :) thanks!! ^rachel

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Review #6, by silver phoenix Muggle

5th May 2005:
Yay, she's escaped! But...if she's a muggle, how can she see Hogwarts and all? Is there more to Sam than meets the eye? Now you must update so I can figure this out! :)

Author's Response: thamks for the great reviews!!! sory i haven't ben on in FOREVER, but i have lots of school stuff i will try to have the 5th chapter out this weekend, but i'm not sure if i will have time till school get out. thanks again!!! ^Rachel

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Review #7, by silver phoenix dark brown eyes

5th May 2005:
ARGH, her step-dad and so-called friends suck! What is she planning on doing? Running away, I hope...

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Review #8, by silver phoenix never ASSUME

5th May 2005:
Oh wow, she's a muggle and he...wow! LOL! I'll just shut up now. Brilliant chapter :)

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Review #9, by silver phoenix Waiting and remembering

5th May 2005:
This was a great first chapter! I wonder though, why did her eyes turn gold? Hmm...must find out! And read more! And yay, Snuffles! ^_^

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Review #10, by MagGrrl Muggle

4th May 2005:
Yay Sirius took her to the Room of Requirement! Good stuff Rachel! I really enjoyed this chapter...it was wonderful! I'm so happy she got away from those horrible muggles! :-) Moe

Author's Response: thanks Moe! sorry i haven't updated. i have been really busy and probably won't be able to update till school gets out. i might type the 5th one this weekend though. thanks agan! ^Rachel

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Review #11, by MagGrrl dark brown eyes

4th May 2005:
WOW! This was the best chapter yet! I loved it! Truly heartbreaking! I want to kill Alyssa and Megan! That's the mark of a good writer; making the reader feel involved on the story...I loved it! :-) Moe

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Review #12, by MagGrrl never ASSUME

4th May 2005:
Hey Rachel~ This is really interesting! Poor Samantha! (I love that name by the way) I feel terribly for her...your character must feel so powerless against her step-dad...it's disgusting that people actually do that! This was a great second chapter! Don't feel upset by the lack of reviews...maybe you should ask IcedCherriez for a banner. I find if you have a banner your story sticks out a lot more! Because it can't possibly be the plot! It's very interesting! Keep going! :-) Moe

Author's Response: thanks! i'm trying to make a banner, but it isn't going too well, lool. well, also i haven't had much time to work on it because i've had to work on other things, and right now i have to study for finals and other things so i hardly spen any time on except to check my email. i love the name Samantha too!! thanks for the much appreciated support!!! ttfn!!!! ^Rachel

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Review #13, by MagGrrl Waiting and remembering

4th May 2005:
Hey Rachel~ I thoroughly enjoyed this chapter...you made it easier to follow and I think it came out perfectly! Great start...I'm definately hooked! :-) Moe

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Review #14, by Xavier JX Muggle

17th April 2005:
Greetings Rachel! This is a great chapter! I’m so glad you rewrote it! You have improved so much, I am really proud of you! I can’t wait to tell all the other Hogwacks! I especially liked how you change the ending, so they sneak away from Snape, leaving him hold the bag in front of McGonagall! Excellent! Cheers! John

Author's Response: aww *blush* thanks! yes, i think i've gotten somewhat better. thanks for reviewing! looking forward to the next chapter of The Trinity Commission!! ttfn!!!!

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Review #15, by Binkie Muggle

10th April 2005:
Another good chapter! Keep it up and update soon!!!!!

Author's Response: lool, i'll try to finish it by tomorrow and have it posted by the end of the week! thanks for reading and reviewing!! ttfn!!!!

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Review #16, by Allstar0028 dark brown eyes

4th April 2005:
I loe the story! Keep up the good work!

Author's Response: thank you so much for reviewing! i'm glad you "loe" it, lool. Thanks Chapter 4 will be up this week, most likely, heehee. ttfn!!!!

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Review #17, by Xavier JX dark brown eyes

3rd April 2005:
Greeting Rachel! This chapter was intense! Yes, I hate Alyssa and Megan. Her step dad John is a dirty bag (I would say worst, but this is a PG forum). I love how you ended it with Sirius watching her. Of course, Sirius is perfect. He can really understand what it is like to have a horrid family. Cheers! John

Author's Response: hola John! again, wow, thanks! Yeah, i love Sirius, and i thought that little twist would be a good cliffhanger. ttfn!!!!

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Review #18, by Sophia Montgomery never ASSUME

30th March 2005:
Oh, that's really interesting!! Cool story!

Author's Response: thank you, glad you like it, the third chapter is in limbo so it should be up soon. ttfn!!!!

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Review #19, by Sophia Montgomery Waiting and remembering

30th March 2005:
Interesting first chapter. Cool, Sirius! : )

Author's Response: thanks and yeah, he's one of my fav. characters. ttfn!!!!

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Review #20, by Lauren never ASSUME

18th March 2005:
Hey fool , whats up!?dude man i havent even finished reading it, im just skipping, IM HER INSPERATION!! (JP) JUSTY TO CLEAR THAT UP!!!

Author's Response: lool, you are the bloody best, mate!! thanks for reading it*sarcasm*

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Review #21, by Xavier JX never ASSUME

1st March 2005:
Hi Rachel! Good flash back scene and cliff hanger. Can't wait to see what Samantha does. BTW: Did you know that the name Samantha was the main character name in a TV series named Bewitched that ran in the 60's? Thanks for the mention in the A/N. Look forward to the next chapter. Cheers! John!

Author's Response: lool, yup i used to watch it, Nick at Nite, i love old shows like that, but we don't have cabke anymore, so i don't now. and no prob about the mention. and thanks, i wasn't sure about the flashback. hmmmm, i still have to figure out what to do next. kk bye! ttfn!!!!

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Review #22, by Binkie never ASSUME

28th February 2005:
I like this story a lot. Update soon!!

Author's Response: thanks for reviewing! i'll try to update soon, but it depends on my work load. thanks again! ttfn!!!!

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Review #23, by Iced_Cherriez Waiting and remembering

21st February 2005:
awww so sweet! this was very well written and i am suprised that you havnt gotten anymore reviews.. (is gotten even a word?) lol.. I'll tell you what.. maybe the reason that you havent got so many reviews is becuase it is in a 2nd person narrative.. and 2nd person narrative is not eveyones favourite. i dont car what narrative they are though, as long as they are good and exciting. if you wrote a story that was in 3rd person... you would probably have more reviews than i do.. not to brag.. but that is saying something.. this was REALLY well written! :P please update soon! lotsa love iced_Cherriez (Evelyn)

Author's Response: thanks! i probably should change it to third person because then i could write through more POVs than just hers. lool yes gotten is a word. i think saying i would get more reviews than you is a bit much because you have many stories and they are excellent. i will try to update this week, but it depends on my work load, heehee. thanks again so much! ttfn!!!! true_hermione~~Rachel

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Review #24, by Xavier JX Waiting and remembering

20th February 2005:
Very good start for a first fic. You describe Samantha’s frustration with life very well. One small mistake, the CD is slightly before its time if your story is set at the set in the time of the marauders. Keep writing! Look forward to more! Cheers!

Author's Response: thnx! heehee not that up to date with what was in that time, srry about that. i'll try to kep it in that time. i should have the next chapter up soon, i've just been really busy so i haven't gotten around to it. thank you so so much for reviewing! ttfn!!!!

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Review #25, by Lauren Waiting and remembering

4th February 2005:
HEllo Rachel , MY friend!! or my Fellow harry potter obsesser. well how goes it. ok i have to say it brilliant, so faR! so my advice to you is to keep up the good work!

Author's Response: dude! you ACTUALLY responded!!!! yay! kk, well i haven't been home all weekend, but i hope to have the second chapter up this week! so, if i dun't, blame the teachers!!! kk,thanks! ttfn, Harry!!!!

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