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Review #1, by EmeraldEyes_TopazTears Bad News

20th May 2011:
I just re-read this and though i dont really remember what the story was like before, the corrections have made it awesome! keep up the good work :)

Author's Response: Thanks I appreciate the feed-back and I promise I'll get new chapters out quicker, I hit a writer's block that took forever to get over. :( but I think I've got my stride back again :)

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Review #2, by tampotter Bad News

3rd April 2007:
that was awsome

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Review #3, by joslinRhae Bad News

14th March 2007:
OK, so I just realized that review I just sent made no sense at all...in fact, quite the opposite...My bad...Sorry...I'm just gonna go now...Yea, I'm annoying, sorry about that... lumos...

Author's Response: Surprising it made sense so it's ok just keep reading. Please.

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Review #4, by joslinRhae Bad News

14th March 2007:
Let me get this straight, Phoebe is her mother? I was kind of disappointed you did not mention a certain oldest sister, you remember, the one who died before Paige came into the picture? I wouldn't mention her either, Pru Haliwell was never my most favorite character...Yeah, I love Chris...so hot...I even kind of like him more than Wyatt...Phoebe, right???

Author's Response: Yes Phoebe's her mother and Prue does come into the picture in a later chapter.

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Review #5, by thegoldensnitch Bad News

21st January 2007:
have you by any chance seen Charmed??? LOL
good so far!!!
x x x x x x

Author's Response: Yes of course I have LOL thank you

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Review #6, by CharmedOne Bad News

17th November 2006:
While the story is quite interesting, I just find the narrative being written completely in present tense a bit hard to read. It's got a really dark mood, which I like, but I think it's too hard to read it with all of the present tense. I'll give it a 7/10

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Review #7, by luna_lovegood_potter Bad News

29th October 2006:
the story is good so far, but i'm a little confused though, is Amy the daughter of Sirius and Phoebe?

Author's Response: Amy's Phoebe's daughter and thank you.

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Review #8, by Froggi Bad News

17th August 2006:
This is good.

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Review #9, by wicked wiccan of the middwest Bad News

31st July 2006:
Great start for minute i thought u had killed paige and broken the porwer of 3 for good even though this isn't really a charmed fic i was still ready to call u every name under the sun but obously its Prues kid very nice twist and very good writing style

Author's Response: Actually Amy is phoebes kid and she's dead so the power of three is broken

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Review #10, by pheobepatil Bad News

8th October 2005:
hi. if u want, i could make u a banner.

Author's Response: I'd luv a banner! It's would mean so much to me!

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Review #11, by midnight_eyes Bad News

17th May 2005:
I really like Charmed and harry Potter and untill now i thought i wa the only person who had ever thought of combining them and i was afraid to post anything i had written combining the two...so do you mind if i post some of the stuff i have written combining the two???

Author's Response: Go ahead, I'd like to read someone else's story combining the two as long as it's not like my own. But sure go ahead nothing's stopping ya.

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Review #12, by secret_witch Bad News

7th March 2005:
Brilliant story so far, plz update soon.

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Review #13, by Cassy Bad News

6th March 2005:
Great Story ,Can't wait for the next post

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Review #14, by Corisande Bad News

20th February 2005:
hehehe...that was strange...I was just thinking hey why isn't darkfire04 ever online anymore...and then i get told
Hey i found a great story about whitelighters at Hogwarts
So naturally i go check it out...only to find that it's YOU!! hehehe only joking...i love the story...even though i've already read it carry on updating NOW hehehe xXx

Author's Response: But this story is actually quite different to the one on Quizilla. But I hope you enjoy anyhow.

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Review #15, by Jennifer Bad News

19th February 2005:
That "you" instead of Amy is dead annoying... i hope it doesnt continue for the remainder of the story.

Author's Response: Sorry it does continue since the story is written in 2nd person.

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